Destiny 2: Festival Of The Lost Guide

It's time for every good Guardian to collect candies and Chocolate Strange Coins for sweet loot in Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost!

Festival of the Lost

The Festival of the Lost has arrived in Destiny 2, and we’ve got the low-down and how to get the most candy. Because it’s all about the candy.

Welcome to the Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2's analog for Halloween. It has all the hallmarks of a good Halloween festival, including spooky costumes, scary masks, candy, witch's brooms, candy, pumpkins, chocolate, candy, and more candy.

Did we mention candy? 'Cause there's a lot of it.

But you might be wondering just what the heck this limited-time event is all about – at least, other than a tribute to the best non-holiday the world has ever known. Glad you asked! Because there's a bunch of stuff that will only be available during the Festival, which runs from October 29th to November 19th. Let's take a look.

How To Get Started In The Festival Of The Lost

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First, head to The Tower. Immediately upon spawning in, you’ll notice that it’s night and people have really spruced up the place. No longer is it the busy hub of military-like industry, and instead The Tower is a spooktacular scene of spookiness.

There’s a big tree in the middle with a lovely Hispanic grandma hanging out beneath the canopy. Her name is Eva and she’s there to give you candy just like the old couple down the street. They don’t ask questions like “aren’t you a little too old to be going Trick or Treating?” They just give out candy. It’s what they do, and it’s what Eva does.

But Eva will make you work for it. First, she’ll hand you a quest to go check out the Haunted Forest. More on that later, but after that you’ll be confronted with her store of oddities. To get started, you’ll need to buy a mask--pick one in the element of your choosing and then equip it. Most of the bounties Eva hands out will require you to be wearing that mask, so put it on.

A note on that mask: you’ll be able to equip one of three Festival of the Lost mods to make your personal build more effective. One gives you grenade and melee ability regeneration, one gives you health regeneration, and one just gives you a lot more damage. All of them give you more Heavy Ammo drops, so pick the one that works best for you. Also note that most of those abilities only work in the Haunted Forest, and you can unlock more as the event continues.

Candy, Chocolate, And Strange Coins

Festival of the Lost

Now let’s talk about the big draw for this event: candy. Candy is the main currency for the Festival of the Lost’s goodies, and it will drop from pretty much everywhere like its… well, candy. You will not eat it. Instead, you will bank it. More on what to do with Candy later.

Getting Chocolate Strange Coins is a little trickier. Eva will hand out bounties that will reward you with XP, Glimmer, and Chocolate Strange Coins, but they will also be awarded at the end of almost any activity you perform in the world of Destiny. Do a public event, complete an adventure, do a Nightmare run on the moon, or pretty much anything you can think of, and you’ll get between 1 to 4 Chocolate Strange Coins.

This is a good thing because you’ll need a lot of coins to get the next thing you’ll want as part of the festival: masks.

Dare To Be Spooky For A New Gun

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Your first task in the Festival of the Lost is to acquire all the masks. Masks are available from Eva in exchange for 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 Chocolate Strange Coins, which will end with The Drifter’s mask. There are, however, masks from earlier renditions of the Festival of the Lost that will randomly drop in the wild. You can acquire those to add to your repertoire of scary costumes.

After you’ve gotten all the masks and acquired the “Master of Disguise” Triumph, you’ll be allowed to purchase the Breytech Werewolf Assault Rifle for 1,000 candies.

The Werewolf is basically the same as the Breytech Winter Wolf Assault Rifle that Ana hands out on Mars, but has a new spooky skin and an extra perk attached. The one you buy for 1,000 candies comes with the Zen Moment and Multikill Clip perks, plus it will arrive fully Masterworked. That’s a pretty sweet deal, but if you’d prefer to roll your own, you can purchase extra Werewolfs from Eva for 250 candies as well as some glimmer and legendary shards.

Other than the Werewolf, Eva offers two other rewards for your consideration. The first is the Mystery Grab Bag that you can grab for 150 candies. Inside is a random rare item, which is pretty boring. The other is the Epic Mystery Grab Bag which will provide you with a random legendary item for 300 candies as well as 4 Chocolate Strange Coins.

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Prepare To Scare In The Haunted Forest

Haunted Forest
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By far the easiest way to accumulate candies is in the Haunted Forest. A good run can net you between 200-300 candies at a time plus a few Chocolate Strange Coins that you can turn into Werewolf rolls or Epic Mystery Grab Bags.

The Haunted Forest is a pretty simple dungeon crawl. It’s based on the Infinite Forest on Mercury, but has been spooked-up by festive decorations and has renamed the enemies scary things like “demons.” You’ll have 15 minutes to clear as much of the Haunted Forest as you can, with each branch ending in a small boss fight. Save your heavy ammo and super abilities to deal with the boss while crossing the Forest.

After the 15 minute point, you’ll be informed the Forest is collapsing. What this means is that a new branch won’t spawn and instead the current branch will end with slightly tougher enemies and a redesigned look. After that will come a boss fight followed by a path to a final chest filled with Chocolate Strange Coins and candies, but only if you can reach it.

Oh, and one other thing. There’s a giant unique Hive Knight that’s walking around. You’ll know when you’ve found it because it’s completely immune to all attacks. Don’t bother fighting it--just run.

Besides that, the Festival of the Lost has also brought a ton of new cosmetic items to the Eververse, so check those out if you’ve got some spare Bright Dust to spend.

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