Destiny 2 'Festival Of The Lost' Arrives On Time For Halloween

Bungie announced a Festival Of The Lost for Destiny 2 beginning October 16th, featuring a costume party and a mystery quest.

October means Halloween, and Halloween means every live service game gets spooky content. Destiny 2 is getting into the mood by reanimating an old favorite: the Festival Of The Lost. The event hasn't been since since the original Destiny, so there's sure to be plenty of treats, and possibly tricks, in store.

The Festival Of The Lost will be returning on Tuesday, October 16th. Aside from that, Eurogamer reports, details are quite scarce. Fans can expect the usual things like special quests, limited-time cosmetic items, and some festive changes to the Tower.

The official announcement from Bungie says that the event is "a celebration of lost heroes and a new challenge to tackle. It includes a costume party, and you're all invited. It ends with a quest to solve a murder."

via: Bungie

In case you forgot, the last time the Festival Of The Lost ran was 2016. That event was focused around a rather morbid Trick or Treat session and collecting masks. Players could also find secret spooks, like a ridable broom that replaced the Sparrow and emotes that let you dance like a zombie.

The twisted take on Trick or Treat had players destroying enemies and getting candy from their corpses. Once enough candy was gathered to fill a bag, you could trade it in for the daily mask or special mystery box.

The masks were neat cosmetic items. The featured faces ranged from Halloween staples like a werewolf to Destiny characters like the Ghost. Wearing the masks allowed players to take part in special quests that unlocked even more masks.

via: Eurogamer

There were plenty of smaller treats as well. Special emotes let players howl at the moon or do the 'Thriller' dance. Consumable items changed your character in frightening ways, like having an eyeball for a head. Even the Ghost got in on the fun...

via: Eurogamer

It would be cool to see any of these things return for this year's festival. One thing that I find very interesting is Bungie's mention of a "costume party." Could we get more than just masks this time? And what of this murder mystery? Could 2018's Festival Of The Lost be taking more cues from Dia De Los Muertos by focusing on honoring the lost?

We'll soon find out...

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