Destiny 2: How To Complete The Floor Is Lava Challenge

Destiny 2's Floor Is Lava challenge can be found at the Tower and gives you some incredible perks. Here's how to get through it.

Destiny 2's Tower is the place where nearly everything gets triggered and you can't avoid it, although some wish players wish they could, as it's sometimes a drag due to the annoying fact that you can't sprint. Of course, the Fast Travel ability does a lot to placate impatient Guardians, but you have to go to some places on foot.

Fortunately, there's a really cool Easter egg over there that helps in that regard as well. The Floor is Lava Challenge will make it so that you glow blue. It also hands you a Quickness buff upon completion, similar to what the Sentry 4 challenge does at The Farm. On the not-so-bright side, once you're out of the Tower, it's gone. While you're there, though, it should be fun not having to move around like you're wading through chewing gum while other Guardians stare at you in awe.

How To Find The Challenge

To get through The Floor is Lava, you have to go above where you spawn at the Tower then go up the slanted wall near the Postmaster. You'll find an object in the middle of the catwalk going from left to right. Said object has the instructions: "Don't Pick Me Up." Ignore that and pick it up. Yes, pick it up.

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The warning is there for a very good reason, however.  When you do pick it up, the ground deals major damage to your Guardian, but not before you get off the catwalk. You're safe while you're there, but as soon as you step off, you start taking damage - a lot of damage. So, the main objective therein is staying off the ground as much as possible while trying to make it to a beam of light that shows up after you pick up the forbidden hot potato.

Jumping in Destiny is much easier said than done - especially in the Tower - so this present's quite the challenge.

The beam of light, on the other hand, could turn up in one of three places at the far end of the Tower, closer to the Traveler. So simply avoid the ground as much as possible, get to that beam and then you'll be good to go.

The Rules

So, here are a few quick rules:

- You can walk along the metal walkway until you get to the end of it, which is where the pain really starts.

- You could use railings and boxes to make your way across to the light as they aren't the ground. You don't have a choice really.

- You could survive touching the floor briefly while moving from railing to railing but anything more than a few seconds will result in you dying.

- The light may switch places if you do die, but that could probably work in your favor if you're having difficulty on one of the paths.

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What You Get (And Where To Go Next)

After completing the mini-game, you'll get the Quickness buff that allows you to move faster and jump higher through the Tower. This will make exploration and discovering other Easter eggs a lot easier, as you will be better able to access certain spots. The buff wears out after some time, as well as when you leave the Tower.

Another cool find in the Tower comes in the shape of a secret room. There are a few side rooms to check out at the Tower but the one we're about to tell you how to find is pretty interesting.

To find it, go to the Hangar then behind the Dead Orbit and take the stairs two levels up. You must jump off of the ledge to the right and onto some pipes, then head into a ventilation area. Follow that to the end and you'll find a room with an audio log about Ana Bray. The log seems to have something to do with the enemy group from Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion, SIVA. Not a bad find, right?

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