Now You Can Get The Destiny 2: Forsaken Annual Pass For Free

Following a change in how Destiny bundles it broad range of content, Bungie has adjusted how it will sell Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. They have stated that from now on, all the expansions and season passes will be made available on a standalone basis. Since this affects the previous pricing for some of newest content, Bungie has made the three-part of the Year 2 Annual Pass free with Destiny: Forsaken. 

This might sound a bit confusing, but the logic is sound. Forsaken was the expansion that launched with Destiny 2 Year 2, and the Annual Pass offers what can be considers seasonal DLC spread out over the following nine months. In this way, players would be seeing fresh content added every three months, providing consistency and moving away from the model hammered out by Activision in the previous partnership between the two organizations. At the time of its release, Forsaken was priced at $40 USD and the annual pass sold at $35 USD in addition. Now Forsaken includes the Annual pass and is available for $25 USD.

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The initial price point was made to organize and sell all the content before Shadowkeep in a single bundle that was simple and friendly to new users who might be checking out the game for the first time. October will bring a change to the game, in that everything in Year 1 will be free for all users, which affected the bundle in terms of the value of everything inside. Keeping the higher price after October would be charging players for content they already own.

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Year 3 is looking fantastic so far in terms of the upcoming content, as well as the thematic elements that the developers seem to have taken to heart with regards to where the series goes following Year 2. Check out the video before for an in-depth look at what to expect in the coming months.

Anticipation is also rising for the release of the Google Stadia in November of this year, as Destiny 2 was one of the first big names to associate itself with the streaming console. With that in mind, some players are wondering how successful the Stadia will be, at least in terms of using it for Destiny 2, because at launch the player base will be confined to only Stadia players.

While the wider PC and console communities will not be playing with Stadia owners, at least at first, there is clearly a desire to make cross play a fundamental aspect of the game, after cross saving is perfected, of course.

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For now, anyone who already was playing Forsaken but did not purchase the Annual Pass should have it for free. Get in there and check out the content!

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