The 20 Best Legendary Items In Destiny 2: Forsaken (And 10 That Are Ridiculously Weak)

If you've ever been interested in the Destiny series, now is the time to give it a try. I mean literally, it couldn't be more accessible currently to give Bungie's MMO a swing.

Right now, the Forsaken DLC has fine-tuned the mechanics of the game and breathed new life into its loot system.

Plus, along with that, Bungie also announced that Destiny 2 is free to play until November 18th, 2018. So right now if you download Destiny 2 through the Battle Net launcher, you're able to experience an entire freshly invigorated MMO at absolutely no charge. Deals like that don't come around often. Now personally, I've played a lot of Destiny 2. I fell off before any of the DLC came out but you can bet I came back for Forsaken. Along with a tear-jerking new campaign, the Forsaken DLC has also introduced new classes, ultimates, armors, weapons, and mechanics. Mainly it has completely changed its loot system. Previously every weapon had set stats and perks. The only thing that determined if a weapon had more power is if you got it to drop at a higher light level. But, with Forsaken, that's completely changed. Legendary weapons especially have a randomized element to them. Any time you get a weapon it has a chance to have a couple of perks equipped. These are randomly selected from a pool of perks. What this means is that every weapon now has the opportunity to at least be viable, depending on the perks you rolled. Weapons that were completely useless before, can now be PvP viable. The gap between weapons is much smaller, but there still is a gap. And to help make that gap more understandable, I'm here to tell you about the 20 Best Legendary Items In Destiny 2: Forsaken (And The 10 Weakest).

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30 Best: Abide The Return


First off we have my own biased opinion. Swords are the absolute best in Destiny 2. And you know why?

Because they're different. Swords are melee, they're in the third person, and they're brutal.

And the Abide the Return is an extra special level of brutal. Its one of the weapons from the Dreaming City, and it absolutely needs both Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind. Whirlwind especially is a crucial perk for this poking stick. But if you get the right combination in your roll, this is an unstoppable power weapon that's snazzy looking to boot.

29 Best: Trust

Aztecross Gaming On Youtube.com

Trust is an incredibly accurate name for this hand cannon. Trust that it looks amazing as an old style revolver in this space-magic setting. Trust, that it has incredibly strong power and impact. And finally, trust that with the Dragonfly or Rapid Hit perks, it's as good as any exotic.

The Trust hand cannon is my pick for the top Legendary hand cannon, hands down.

Its only flaw is that its range is a bit weak, but if you can close the distance, there is just no stopping you.

28 Weak: Twilight Oath


There are a lot of sniper rifles in Destiny 2. There's honestly quite a good number of snipers just in the Forsaken DLC. In fact, one of the Exotics, the Queenbreaker was on another list I made as an actually good sniper.

But unfortunately, the Twilight Oath is a bit unnecessary.

Out of all the stats, which would you think would be important for a sniper? Stability maybe? or how about range and impact? Yeah, too bad they're awful on this weapon. Therefore making it one of those weapons that need to be saved with an incredible roll.

27 Best: Bad Omens

Fallout Plays On Youtube.com

Power weapons are a bit weak in Destiny 2 at the moment. Seems like hand cannons and standard rifles are the way to go currently.

But for those that aren't all about the meta and would rather have some fun shooting some rockets, the Bad Omens is for you.

Now, with the new randomized perk system, it is absolutely crucial to roll either Tracking or Cluster Bombs on this bad boy. Preferably both, but Cluster Bombs are a must have. The Bad Omens has a great blast radius stat as well as being a mini Gjallarhorn with the right perks.

26 Best: Tigerspite


The Tigerspite automatically gets a gold star in my books for somehow managing to both look elegant and intimidating.

It's a weapon that is very well designed. It's also something that is primarily used in PvE.

That's not a bad thing mind you, and if you manage to roll Outlaw, you could even bring it into PvP justifiably. The biggest flaw is its weak impact, but with high impact rounds, that can be fixed. Honestly do whatever you need to do in order to use this weapon, just because it looks so dang good!

25 Weak: Subtle Calamity

Cursing Mushroom On Youtube.com

The Subtle Calamity isn't a bad weapon, it's just not the best option for a bow. If you can wait until you pull an exotic, the Oath Keeper is incredible.

But if you'd like a Legendary bow that's better for you, the Arsenic Bite is your choice.

The Subtle Calamity's main draw is that you can hold the arrow for longer and it'll do more damage the longer it's held. But that's for someone who can charge up an arrow, in PvP, it's pretty chaotic and you don't get the time to charge anything up much.

24 Best: Crooked Fang


The Crooked Fang is a downright intimidating Linear Fusion Rifle. The barrel has a great design and the touch of green is classy.

The Crooked Fang is on this list because with the right rolls it's just the absolute best Legendary Fusion Rifle.

With Liquid Coils, it'll do tons more damage in the same amount of time. And if you're lucky, give it High Impact Reserves and Boxed Breathing. You'll then have a weapon that'll never let you down.

23 Best: Ancient Apocolypse Set

Shadow57 On Youtube.com

So this is the oddball entry into this list, but the Ancient Apocolypse Set looks really good. It's actually a poor set considering each of its pieces gives Mobility (the worst stat for a Titan). But, it just looks so great!

Personally, I think it looks like a Halo armor set with a bit of Dead Space mixed in.

The helmet is by far the best part of the set and if you use it in combination with a mixed armor set, it's still completely viable. So yeah, this is on the list purely on its appearance. But can you really blame me?

22 Weak: Claws Of The Wolf


The Claws of The Wolf is a disappointment because it's probably the best looking Iron Banner weapon.

And yeah, it fires real darn fast, but the damage is incredibly poor.

That'd be fine if you could easily land every shot, but it's accuracy isn't great either! Overall there are higher RPM weapons in this article alone that do more damage. It seems like Bungie was building a niche weapon here, but they built more than one, and this version ended up at the bottom of the list.

21 Best: Misfit

Razed By Wolves Gaming On Youtube.com

And speaking of rifle's that shoot fast and do the job, here we have the Misfit. Honestly a pretty poor name, considering it fits in my loadout so well.

The Misfit shoots absurdly fast, especially for an Auto Rifle.

It's essentially an SMG in disguise. But unlike an SMG its power is strong, and with the right mods, it can get even stronger. Armor piercing rounds definitely help, and it's accuracy isn't bad either. Overall it's like the Claws of the Wolf, but better in almost every way.

20 Best: Smuggler's Word


As far as Legendary secondaries go, you can't get much better than the Smugglers Word.

It's a Kinetic Side Arm that quite honestly, looks like It's made out of Legos.

But if you love shooting real fast all the time, well then it's a perfect choice. It has an absurdly fast reload, fast RPM, and can be full auto. It's best perks are Outlaw, Rampage, and Ricochet and overall it's just a great weapon. Secondaries like this are almost as overpowered as hand cannons at the moment, so it's a great pickup either way.

19 Weak: Swarm Of The Raven

TheGamesEntertainer On Youtube.com

Just use the Edge Transit instead. With all the jokes going around the Destiny 2 Reddit about how often people are getting Edge Transits, just use that instead.

The Swarm of the Raven is weak in it's two most important stats.

Grenade Launchers need two things, Blast Radius (of course) and reload speed. And the Swarm of the Raven is lacking in both. Honestly a good portion of the Iron Banner weapons in Forsaken come up short. Maybe Bungie was really pushing the Gambit or Dreaming City weapons instead.

18 Best: Duke MK. 44


Oh hey, look its another great hand cannon. Man if you were a fan of big old pistols, then Destiny 2 has you covered. hand cannons are just really strong with the current patch and the Duke is proof.

With the right combination of Rapid Hit, Outlaw, Kill Clip, or Rampage it can literally 1 shot in Crucible.

You can't say that about a lot of hand cannons. You'd think with such a strong impact and damage, it's range would be weaker, but you'd be wrong. Its range isn't amazing, but it certainly isn't poor, and that's great.

17 Best: Reverie Dawn Tabard

SirJames On Youtube.com

Probably one of the best looking Warlock Armors in the game, next we have the Reverie Dawn Tabard.

It doesn't suffer from the same negatives as the Ancient Apocolypse set, it's stats are pretty desirable.

It also can be rolled with some "enhanced" perks. Overall I included it in this list because, well I wanted some armor in here. But also the Tabard is just a great middle of the pack armor for Warlocks. Plus because of how it's designed, you can play with it a lot with shaders. So the color is definitely not a mandatory part of it.

16 Weak: Ether Doctor


The Ether Doctor is just alright. It's not an unusable weapon, but there are just so many other rifles you could use that are better. I mean yeah sure, with Zen Moment and High Caliber Rounds it becomes usable.

But without those two perks combined? Complete waste of your time.

The Ether Doctor ends up on the weaker side of this list primarily because of the sheer amount of Auto and Scout Rifles. You have so many options, and the Ether Doctor shouldn't be anywhere near the top of your list.

15 Best: Luna's Howl

True Vanguard On Youtube.com

Wow, what it's a hand cannon? Crazy. Yeah yeah, it's another hand cannon, but what do you want me to do? Not include them?

This one is called Luna's Howl and boy is it stylish.

It's a bit of a polarizing one because it's incredibly strong, but only for those with great aim. Probably one of the most pinpoint accurate weapons in the game, if you can land those precision shots, you'll be at the top of the leaderboards for sure.

14 Best: Great Hunt Sets


Forsaken actually has a pretty wide range in the design of its armors. All of the different exotic armors have radically different designs and the Legendary sets are all quite different.

This one is the Great Hunt set and I'm primarily talking about the Warlock version of it.

That's because again, yes, it has mobility as it's bonus stat, but its other stats make up for it. Plus boy howdy does it look great. This has to be one of the more elegant sets in the game.

13 Weak: Edge Transit

laser5mw On The Destiny 2 Reddit

The Edge Transit is on here because of it's over saturation. The weapon has become the butt of any joke made in reference to the Forsaken DLC. Apparently, there was originally a bug with its drop rates that caused it to become so common.

Overall Power Weapons are a bit weak at the moment, and the Edge Transit needs some pretty good rolls to make it to the top of anyone's list.

That said, you'll have plenty of chances for rolls according to all the angry commenters getting it so often.

12 Best: Arsenic Bite


There are actually four different legendary bows. But among them, I arguably think that the Arsenic Bite is the best. First of all, I really do love what Bungie has done to the weapon system. The RNG in the weapon drops makes the game even more grindy sure, but it also reinvigorated the entire player base.

That said, anything that has guaranteed perks gets a bump up in my book.

And the Arsenic Bite comes with both Archers Temp and Rampage, two inherently amazing perks. It's great for Crucible, does amazing critical damage, and its fast draw makes it completely viable in PvP.

11 Best: Better Devils


So Better Devils is by far one of the best looking hand cannons. It has its own paint job, an amazing color scheme, and is bulky without looking awkward.

It's suffered from a few odd bugs here and there and isn't the most well-known hand cannon.

But, like everything else on this list, it depends on the rolls. With Outlaw and Kill Clip this weapon is unstoppable. But it completely needs you to masterwork its range. Its range is poor but with Rangefinder or master working it can become quite strong.

10 Weak: Horror Story

KackisHD On Youtube.com

Grinding is essential in Destiny 2. The game makes no efforts to hide that it's gameplay loop revolves around the grind. Grind weapons to grind Legendary shards to grind more weapons and so on and so forth. It's an endless cycle but the gameplay itself is fun enough to justify it.

But adding any more grinding on would be well, a Horror Story.

The Horror Story is an Auto Rifle obtained from the Festival of The Lost and requires 120 fragmented souls. It's mediocre weapon obtained from a large amount of grinding. And believe me, the payoff is not worth it.

9 Best: Go Figure

Mr. Fruit On Youtube.com

Turns out a Pulse Rifle with Headseeker is good, go figure. 

The Go Figure is a Kinetic Pulse Rifle that has earned a reputation as the go-to PvP Kinetic Pulse.

First of all, it looks great. It has a pretty simple design, but it succeeds in its simplicity. There's a couple of things this weapon needs to be absolutely amazing, such as a short scope or the Kill Clip Perk. But honestly, by itself, it's a great choice and is a ton of fun to use as well.

8 Best: Scored Baron Robes


The Scorned Baron armor is a bit of predicament. The chest pieces give the Primary Ammo finder perk which is great for PvE, and they have great stats.

But, only the Warlock version of the chest piece should be used, because the other two look like straight up garbage.

For some reason, the Warlock variation known as the Scorned Baron Robes look amazing, while it's siblings don't. This chest piece looks like armor straight out of a From Software game. So with its perks in combination with the appearance, it's a no-brainer for any Warlock to use.

7 Weak: The Militia's Birthright


This weapon definitely gets the award for "most thrown together" looking out of anything else in Forsaken. The Militia's Birthright is a Nightfall exclusive weapon that is a lightweight grenade launcher.

It's quickly been ignored and is honestly not worth the effort of grinding a Nightfall.

Plus, apparently it's curated god-roll is awful and there are just better grenade launchers to use in general. If you're looking for a mediocre weapon that looks like it was bought from a Pawn Shop, then this is for you...I guess.

6 Best: Hazard Of The Cast

JMPDoubleX On Youtube.com

The Hazard of the Cast is by far the most boring looking weapon on this list.

Honestly, it's benefits are pretty boring as well, it's just pretty decent.

It has Iron sights, is easy to obtain, and becomes good with any combination of certain perks. Its most individual trait is that it has a huge magazine that gets even large if you manage to roll the Triple Tap perk. It's the most standard looking weapon in a game about wizards from the Moon.

5 Best: Bygones


Much like the Hazard of the Cast, the Bygones Pulse Rifle isn't much to look at. It's a bit bulkier, but it follows the same sort of design as the Hazard.

But, what it lacks in appearance, it makes up for in stats.

It does need a certain mix of perks, such as Headseeker and Rampage. But with its abnormally high impact even with poor perks, you'll do great damage. Plus, if you fully commit and masterwork it in combination with good perks, it'll carry you through most Crucible matches

4 Weak: Ten Paces

Razed By Wolves Gaming On Youtube.com

I'll be honest, with a name that implies an old-fashioned flintlock pistol duel, I didn't expect the Ten Paces hand cannon to look so odd. It's a weird weapon that's for sure.

Aside from its design, it is essentially a slightly worse Better Devils.

The Better Devils is probably at the bottom of the "Good hand cannons" list, And if that's the case then the Ten Paces at the top of the "Worst hand cannons" list. Its range is alright and while it does have higher handling, Better Devils has higher stability. It's a comparison in which the Ten Paces ends up a couple steps short.

3 Best: Bad Reputation

The Unknown On Youtube.com

This is the Legendary SMG to grab. We've talked about rifles that had incredibly high RPMs but now we're talking about an SMG.

The Bad Reputation actually has a great reputation for being good in the new Gambit mode.

It's essentially the Antiope of energy weapons. It benefits greatly from either Kill Clip or Outlaw (like most other weapons) and tears through enemies. Its looks aren't much, but I think it has a knife on the front, right underneath the muzzle. And I guess that's pretty cool?

2  Best: Parcel Of Stardust


And now like the Bygones or the Hazard of the Cast, we come to another painfully boring looking weapon.

This time it's a shotgun and honestly, that kind of gives it a pass in my book.

Classic shotguns just look so good, I'm able to forgive this lackluster appearance. The Parcel of Stardust is actually a light shotgun which is surprising when it looks like it does. It shreds higher tier enemies in PvE and if you manage to roll a slideshot then it'll become your best friend. Al in all it's just genuinely dependable.

1 Weak: Sleepless

Sire The Rizen On Youtube.com

The Sleepless honestly shouldn't be on this list. It's a pretty decent Rocket Launcher that can be absurdly strong with the right rolls.

This is more of a commentary on rocket launchers in the current meta and how crucially they need Cluster Bombs.

Without Cluster on the Sleepless, it's honestly not worth using. But that also goes for all the other rocket launchers too (save for the Two-Tailed Fox). It's sad that Power Weapons have fallen to the bottom of the meta and even worse than a great looking weapon like the Sleepless isn't all that great.

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