30 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Destiny 2: Forsaken

Well, it’s been over a year since the original Destiny 2 launched, and while initial attitudes toward the game were intensely positive and hopeful, the reviews were not as spectacular as expected as gamers spent more time with the primary campaign. The game improved on some of the missteps of its predecessor, but raids were still a bit repetitive, and the story could have been a bit more innovative and engaging. Fast forward to the Curse of Osiris and Warmind, the two following DLCs, which were entertaining but not exactly memorable in their own way.

At a crossroads, Bungie had to do something to increase interest and engagement back into the Destiny 2 story. They seemingly hit the jackpot with Forsaken. The story is darker, and it focuses on a revenge story centered around finding the Barons who were involved in the elimination of Cayde-6. It is smarter and sharper storytelling; something Destiny 2 should have been in the first place. So, now that you are hyped for Forsaken, how do you ensure you are enjoying it to the fullest? There are a lot of secret locations, loot, and missions to be had in this DLC which make up the backbone of the experience. However, they are incredibly easy to miss. That is why we are here to help you navigate this new world of Forsaken. So, here are 30 things everyone likely completely missed in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

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30 Locate Secret Vendors For Loot

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Who knew that you could receive some sweet gear from weird-looking skeletons? Within the Dreaming City, there are skull-like structures that act as vendors to give you specific items if you present them with Baryon Bough you find around the map.

Everyone seems like gifts in this game, even skeletons.

Once such valuable item players have said they have received are Tinctures of Queensfoil. These vendors are located in a portal that is in the Harbinger’s Seclude. Now, the location of these vendors may change from week-to-week, but always be on the lookout for them throughout your travels.

29 Find A Secret Key On The Mindbender Quest

via youtube.com (Gamescore Lore)

While playing the Mindbender Baron mission, after you defeat all the enemies (including the main boss), you will be directed to go through a portal. Instead of going into the entrance, players can head to the right and go around the gateway to a set of platforms they have to travel through. At the end of the collection of platforms, players will get a key that you can take through the portal to capture a new secret treasure emblem. It is hard to see these platforms, so this reward is easy to miss.

28 Use Explosives To Gain Loot Against The Trickster

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The Trickster Baron is right after the Mindbender, and this enemy does have some manipulation up her sleeve. On elevated parts of the map, some doors seem to be hidden away that players can open with an explosive.

Hmmm, maybe the Trickster is, in fact, an intergalactic Joker.

Behind one is a chest that seemed only to carry low-level items. However, with the boss being known as the Trickster there is a possibility someone can eventually “hit the lottery.” There are so many secrets to this game, and because Destiny changes so much, these secrets are never stagnant. So, always be on the lookout.

27 Do Not Miss Out On The Ascendant Chests

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There are chests located around the Dreaming City that are nearly impossible to find if you do not possess a Tincture of Queensfoil. The Queensfoil allows you to see items and platforms you would not be able to locate without it. It is perfect for gaining some new loot that could help you in your Forsaken journey. There see various locations in the Dreaming City where Ascendant chests reside. Each one will also appear at the end of glowing platforms you can only locate if you use the Queensfoil.

26 A Pretty Awesome Back To The Future Reference

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Gamers are noticing many easter eggs located in the dialogue of significant characters. One of those is associated with Cayde-6. At the end of the cutscene, right before the first mission, Cayde says “Ok so Cayde riff in 6, watch me for changes, and uh... try to keep up.”

Arrogance and a love of film…we dig it!

This quote is a direct reference to Marty McFly’s direction for the Under The Sea Band in the first Back To The Future movie which said “All right guys listen, this is a blues riff in B, watch me for changes, and uh... try to keep up” Pretty cool!

25 Solve A Stone Puzzle For A Chance At Double Loot

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If players go to the Divalian Mist and go to palace entrance, they can clear out enemies to see three rock formations (a grouping of rocks that make a circle). The collection of stones are in a triangle shape on the map. Players need to have two other people with them so each can stand in the middle of the rocks. Each stone formation has to be glowing for this to work. Once the players stand in the middle of each structure, a giant secret boss (Paradii the Vigilant) will make his way to the center of the area for a fight. Once players defeat him, two chests with some valuable items will appear.

24 The Secret Room In The Tower Of Opened Eyes

via youtube.com (Barbie)

The YouTube gaming community is relentless when it comes to finding glitches or hidden rooms. A gamer on YouTube found a path in the Tower of Opened Eyes that led to a secret place.

Nothing can keep a relentless gamer with time on their hands from discovering secrets.

The room was originally behind a giant statue, but the gamer and his crew found a back way to get to the room through a set of caves. Once there they saw a glowing plate that could potentially present an exotic. Now, this could have been discovered and patched by Bungie, so keep that in mind while you are searching.

23 Solve A Puzzle For Some Extra Goodies

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Bungie has allowed players numerous chances to grab many resources throughout this DLC, but there is one chest, in particular, the developers are going to make players work for. In the Dreaming City, there are chests filled with loot that players can find. One chest is located on the southwest edge of Rheasilva. Once players see the chest, they have to quickly find and place three orbs inside holders that are strategically placed around the location to open it. We cannot help but be reminded of the rune chest challenges in God of War.

22 Visit The Blind Well

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While The Blind Well is not necessarily hard to find, activating it may be difficult if players are not aware of how to do it. Gamers have to find Dark fragments around the map to start The Blind Well event.

Finding items to start a fight? Wow, developers are really having gamers put in work.

Once they do, enemies will spawn, and players will have to go back and forth between two wells to finish the challenge. At the end of the battle, a huge boss will appear to give off some of the best loot of the game.

21 Access Ascendant Realms

via imgur.com (StoneBrawlJaxon)

There is a lot in this game that is easy to miss if you do not have certain items. One pretty cool feature of this game is the secret portals that can only be seen and accessed if players have a Tincture of Queensfoil. Players can pick up this item throughout the map or from a hidden vendor. Once players use it, they can access secret portals that will take them to specific challenges. There are numerous portals located around the map, and they all lead to a challenge with the likelihood of loot at the end.

20 Go On A Worm Chase For Secret Loot

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In the garden area, which is located in the Dreaming City, players have to identify and eliminate ten worms throughout the region. Some of them are hard to find, and a couple are pretty far away (so a long-range shot is required).

The sound they make once you hit them gives you an undeniable clue you hit your mark.

However, what makes this mission difficult is that there are other enemies around this location that players have to fight off during the search. Once the player finishes this task, they can then open the Wormhost Chest for some loot.

19 Take Advantage Of Secret Stashes

via youtube.com (HarryNinetyFour)

On Io, players can head into The Wraith Minds to find some secret loot after they defeat enemies in the area. Once inside they should head upward toward the boulders to see a path to some of Cayde-6’s hidden loot. This is the first of many locations for secret stashes around the map, and doing this first search gives players an idea of where else to look while moving through the Forsaken campaign. They are not always easy to find, so gamers need to keep a sharp eye out for high platforms and deep caves.

18 Get Baron-Specific Gear

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Forsaken is all about the Barons, so there is much Baron-specific gear that players can pick up. However, these items are easy to miss if gamers are not on the lookout for it. Each class of play can pick up Baron-like helmets, robes, vest, or plates.

Wait, isn’t looking like a Baron a lowkey betrayal to Cayde-6? Hmmmm…moving on.

These items are specific to their type. Players can pick up this gear if they participate in Daily Heroic Story Missions that include Barons or the Fanatic Strikes. Also, if gamers hit level 50 and want to go back and play the campaign again, the helmets can also drop.

17 Get Cayde-6’s Ride

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Players can obtain Cayde-6’s old vehicle, The Gambler’s Palm. Players can get this from completing specific bounties given by Spider. However, it has also been found that players can get it the same way they can acquire Baron-specific gear mentioned in the previous entry. In fact, most activities can lead to grabbing this thing if gamers are patient. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be on the search for this guy’s old ride? It looks like it has been through the ringer and stood the test of time.

16 Up Your Sidearm Game By Grabbing Death By Scorn

via youtube.com (xHOUNDISHx)

It is not always easy to plan to grab specific types of loot because most drop at random. However, players may want to make sure they do side missions and take on extra battles, and here is why: there are a lot of powerful weapons that are up for grabs.

Sometimes you need a hand canon to do the job.

One, in particular, is the Death by Scorn sidearm gun. It is 500 in attack, powerful enough to be considered a small canon, and is perfect for PvE situations. This particular weapon is not to be missed.

15 Venture Into The Batcave

via artstation.com (Serg Souleiman)

Bungie is all about nodding to other popular gaming franchises. One player noticed a possible reference to Mr. Bats himself. As players travel through the caves of the Dreaming City, they should come across Aphelion’s Rest. There as gamers fight enemies, the gunfire will disturb a group of bats who fly toward the camera. Looks like “someone else,” could have been living there. The styling of it seems a lot like Batman’s entrance into the cave. So, players probably just stumbled on Batman’s intergalactic cave.

14 Increase Triumphs By Visiting Ghosts

via allgamers.com

There is a lot of lore attached to Destiny, and the second game DLC is no exception. Players can increase their triumphs by visiting various points throughout the areas in Forsaken to find and read the stories of ghosts.

Nothing like a little ghost hunting to liven up the campaign.

There is a total of 23 ghosts to see in this DLC, and each one gives players some exciting stories to read in the lore tab under “Ghost Stories.” If you are into video game back stories and additional story information, this is the perfect thing to check out.

13 Search For Treasure In The High Plains

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Again, loot is one of the most critical aspects of this game. Knowing where to look will give you an advantage in participating in raids and other missions in Forsaken. One place where players will not likely be disappointed is in the High Plains. They can head there and take a leap to the next part of the area. There, players can find a cave where a chest is hiding in plain sight. Gamers can dig in for some good loot.

12 Farm Boss Fights For Extra Gear

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Many players have discovered an easy way to get more mods and gear. Currently, the game allows users to wipe out a boss victory, and then go back and fight the boss without replaying the whole mission.

Wonder how long before Bungie hears about this…

It is also said this can be done on the Daily Heroic Mission story where the player can eliminate the Fanatic. However, while this can be an effective way to get more things, this glitch could be patched at any time. It is likely that Bungie developers watch YouTube too.

11 Find Another Secret Area In Divalian Mist

via youtube.com (DopeyGamez)

Destiny 2: Forsaken is turning out to have a lot of hidden areas players can take advantage of. In the Divalian Mist, players can visit a secret area among the cave routes. If they head to the large stone door on the hill and make a left, they will come to a network of caverns. If they continue on, they will see a giant statue (with a cat next to it). The statue is glowing and looks like it could be a door to somewhere else. It is just a matter of time before a player figures this one out.

10 Grab A Legendary Chest

via youtube.com (Ryan Butler)

While we have covered Ascendant chests on this list, this particular one is easy for someone to miss even if they have the Ascendant view on. There is a lot of to see in Harbinger’s Seclude, but players would regret not taking the time to check this one out.

The name alone should make you want to take a look. Who still uses the word “seclude” anyway?

In Harbinger’s Seclude, if players go to the center of the area, they can traverse a large number of rising platforms to get to a Legendary chest with some valuable loot. Players just need to keep a watchful eye for enemies.

9 Secret Swords In The Dreaming City

via ishtar-collective.net

How cool is it to find secret weapons hidden around a map? Bungie is being pretty generous in this DLC, so the gifts just keep on coming. If players take a trip back to the secret area described in entry seven, players can shoot at the rock right near the statue. Upon doing this, they could be awarded the sword “Abide the Return.” It is 500 in attack and gives off considerable impact. If players are in the market for a close combat weapon, they should head to this area.

8 Don’t Forget About Lore Fragments

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Much like the “Ghost Stories” lore, players can make the game even more real by taking advantage of the scannable fragments. Forsaken includes a lot of informational tidbits that players can pick up throughout their play through.

Nothing wrong with a little D&D Destiny-style.

If players scan enough lore cards, they can become a “Loremaster.” If gamers enjoy learning more about Destiny and want to fill out the story, this is the way to go. Other than Dead Ghosts, players can scan Crystals, Fallen Devices, and Skull Piles.

7 Follow The Signal Of Corsair Down

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In the Dreaming City, players can pick up an item called “Corsair Down.” The item gives players a signal of different places to go to around the City. It may seem like a hassle, but there is a reward for those diligent enough to follow. One takes players under Petra’s location to scan a dead body that summons a mob of enemies. Once players take down the mob, they can then gain the “Corsair Badge” to trade to Queen’s Guard NPCs for items.

6 Don’t Forget About The Purification Rituals

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Once players complete five Blind Well events, players will receive an offering they can take to the Observatory area to complete the Purification Rituals. Players either have to fight knights, battle the Plague of the Wells, or finish the Corrupted Strike while Ascendant to complete the rituals for the mod “Transcendent Blessing.”

Basically, you have to put in a lot of work to get to the real work.

So, even after gamers complete the primary campaign, extras like this show that Forsaken has so much to offer. Just when players think they have seen it all, Forsaken still has secrets to discover.

5 Revisit The Taken King Armor

via cablelinenetwork.com

No one can deny how cool the Taken Mob looked in the first game’s DLC, The Taken King. Players who were taken with the DLC can relive the feeling by getting the Desolate Armor set in this game. They can equip Reverie Dawn Armor that drops from the Dreaming City and use some Tincture of Queensfoil to make their character look like part of the Taken Mob. Bungie has done an excellent job allowing players to revisit the old and become acquainted with the new.

4 Receive Free Loot From Cat Statues

via gameranx.com

According to some players in the game, players can receive some pretty sweet raid gear from odd-looking cat statues littered throughout the Dreaming City. The rewards appear to be set around a cap of 500 but have been known to give players swords, guns, cloaks, and power weapons.

Maybe all those internet cat videos finally got to Bungie.

Players can receive the gifts by giving the cats an item that “smells like mint.” Otherwise, players will receive a curt message from the kitty saying, “You Lack Something.” Basically, don’t come to these guys empty handed.

3 Check Out An Inter-Galactic Party

via destructoid.com

The developers are always good at including game details that excite players. A recent fun event that players stumbled upon is the “alien dance party.” If gamers go to the area called “Tangled Shore,” players can go to a club called The Tank that is filled with seedy characters and opportunities for some good loot. If players go down a semi-secret hallway, there is a window they can look through to see a group of Fallen dancing to a four-armed DJ.

2 Hear McCartney’s Lost Destiny Song…Again

via gamerant.com

Paul McCartney had a hand in creating the first game’s theme song entitled “Hope For The Future.” Most forgot about it after the release of the game, but it keeps coming up in other ways. In this new DLC, players can find the song again in the Lost Sector bar.

The jukebox on this planet must be pretty limited.

Players will have to clear the room, but once they do they will be rewarded with the voice of the former Beatle. This song seems to travel right along with the Destiny lore.

1 Bungie Included A Pretty Cool Overwatch Reference

via alpha.wallhaven.cc

Destiny could not pass up an Overwatch reference as they showed their admiration for the game by including a homage to Hanzo. Players may have missed the reference to this character, but it is plain as day. There is a challenge in this DLC that involves a Bow and Arrow (the two primary weapons Hanzo chooses to use). The challenge states “Simple Geometry: While in the Crucible, defeat ten enemies with a Bow.” Maybe the guy might make an appearance.

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