10 Weapons In Destiny 2 Forsaken You Need To Win In Crucible

Activision and Bungie's sequel to the original game added numerous weapons, adding to the replayability of Destiny 2. Destiny 2's Crucible is now more immersive with added game modes.

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With varying stats, some weapons prove to be more effective than others. A shotgun is useful for defending territories on Control, but a hand cannon helps to capture them. At first glance, one can see why the weapons below deserve a place on this list. Their stats and perks are fitting for their weapon type, and they are excellent complements to your super. You may find your weapon match on this list, as long as Destiny 2's developers don't nerf it first. These are ten weapons you need to win in Crucible.

10 Bygones

Players who are new to Crucible matches may want to start with a pulse rifle like this one. Bygones boasts heightened stability to ensure your shots land. A remarkable RPM of 390 offsets low impact. It's not the best overall weapon for Crucible, but it is well-suited for beginners. Bygones is a weapon that drops randomly. This legendary pulse rifle is well-rounded for adaptive players. You can use this weapon is PvP or PvE. It has low difficulty, which is why it's a desirable weapon for anyone.

9 Chattering Bone

Its impressive stats make it a potentially devastating pulse rifle. At a medium-long range, it is capable of decimating opponents in a flash. Handling and stability are high, which is ideal for pulse rifles. The stats blend nicely with the weapon, and it can be demonstrated in the Crucible. Pulse rifles like Chattering Bone are ideal for Clash, Control, Supremacy, Survivor, or Countdown. User Hagun0086 from light.gg praises Chattering Bone for being a "foes cleaning up machine." Chattering Bone provides players with a competetive edge in Crucible.

8 Whisper Of The Worm

If this weapon were in Call of Duty, it would be the Barrett .50cal from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Whisper of the Worm's high impact and range will deter players from entering the crucible. It has a magazine of 3 shots, which is not bad, but less than other sniper rifles.

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Intermediate players should wield this weapon if they can control it. The handling of Whisper of the Worm can be improved through upgrades such as Polygonal Rifling. DPS for this rifle is through the roof. It's first-rate for raids and other PvE maps.

7 Sleeper Simulant

It can be difficult as there are more than seven steps to unlocking the Sleeper Simulant, but it's worth it for an above average fusion rifle. You might remember the Sleeper Simulant from the original Destiny game. Now, it is revamped as an intense exotic linear fusion rifle. Since the release of the Taken King expansion, players have acquired new weapons such as this one, which can be used in Crucible. Beginners and intermediate players can wield this all-around beefy weapon.

6 Dust Rock Blues

The legendary shotgun "Dust Rock Blues" is exceedingly popular in PvP modes because of its absurd stats. Range and impact are high, which is exactly what a shotgun needs. You'll be surprised by this shotgun. It has a low rate of fire, but it makes up for it with high damage, extraordinary range, and ridiculous RNG. Players who had issues with their first few Crucible matches may discover a new sense of confidence while equipped with Dust Rock Blues, a robust legendary shotgun.

5 QuickFang

When in doubt or in a crucible rut, switch to a melee weapon like Quickfang. A sword can catch opponents off-guard while you cut them down to size. The swing speed of the Quickfang is quite high, and the damage is as well. Quickfang is undoubtedly one of the top dominating legendary swords in Destiny 2. Melee is much more a part of Destiny 2 than it was in its predecessor, so you may as well get in on the hype by using a grueling melee weapon like Quickfang.

4 Ace Of Spades

By merely glancing at the Ace of Spades stats, one can tell why it deserves a spot on this list. Impact and range are almost maxed out— and it's not even a sniper rifle! RPM (rounds per minute) are lower than other pistols on this list, but that won't stop professional Destiny 2 players from dominating the Crucible. Due to its high impact and reduced rate of fire, you'll want to make each shot count! "Folding was never an option." -Cayde-6. The addition of Ace of Spades to Destiny 2 Forsaken is what the community needs.

3 Trust

Trust that the weapon named "Trust" will allow you to prosper in the Crucible game mode. Hand cannon Trust offers high impact and above average range, stability, and reload speed. It looks like a revolver at face value, but it is more than that.

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While leveling your character, you might receive Trust as a chance reward for level ups and bounty or it can be acquired as a gambit reward. You can't go wrong with a pistol whose stats can be seen in the above photo. Upgrades to handling will ensure the pistol wages a fair fight in the Crucible. At medium range, the Trust hand cannon is virtually unbeatable.

2 Luna's Howl

It's a matchless 180 RPM weapon for PvP. It is classified as a "precision hand cannon" because of its remarkable stability and good range. However, Luna's Howl is something that needs to be experienced as stats cannot express its magnificence. If you rarely place first and want to improve your game, then give Luna's Howl a chance—it will make a night and day difference to your standing results. Luna's Howl is overpowered in the Crucible and is a close competitor to Trust.

1 Not Forgotten

In most cases, opting to use a hand cannon will work to you’re advantage in Crucible. Your first experience using the Not Forgotten hand cannon will be not forgotten anytime soon. Unlike other legendary pistols, Not Forgotten exercises high impact and range, making it one of the top weapons for Crucible on this list. Handling is low, but after you get used to its low handling it outmatches other hand cannons like Luna's Howl and Trust. RPM for this weapon is 180, which is another reason for why it's a top tier hand cannon.

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