Destiny 2's Chamber Of Starlight: How To Find The Lost Sector

In this guide, we'll be covering the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Forsaken expansion for Destiny 2. We will tell you where to find the Lost Sector, how to get to it, how to complete the Lost Sector challenge, and the potential rewards available for braving the Chamber of Starlight.

Destiny 2's Lost Sectors are mini-dungeons scattered throughout the many planets that offer short challenges that can be repeated indefinitely. There are many reasons to complete these Lost Sectors, and the Chamber of Starlight in particular, as it is a location for one of the Dreaming City's Ascendant Challenges.

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Lost Sectors are marked by a cave symbol on the map as well as by a cave symbol somewhere nearby in the world. In Forsaken, you can hover over any Lost Sector symbol on the map and its name will be revealed. Then, simply fast travel to a nearby waypoint and make your way to the cave marking. Enter, defeat all the enemies, and open the locked chest to receive your reward.

Now, let's get into where to find the Chamber of Starlight, how to get there, and what you can earn for defeating the boss.

Where is the Chamber of Starlight?

The Chamber of Starlight is one of three Lost Sectors located in the Dreaming City. You will only have access to the Dreaming City if you have purchased Forsaken and progressed sufficiently far into the story. The Dreaming City is the home of Petra and was the location of the end game loop between the release of Forsaken it the next expansion, Black Armory. 

The Chamber of Starlight is almost at the center of the map, located in between Rheasilvia and The Strand. To get there, it is best to fast travel to the waypoint in Divalian Mists, which happens to be the west-most waypoint in the Dreaming City.

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Once there, hop on your sparrow and head north-east up the hill. You will eventually come to a narrow, windy tunnel you need to pass through. Once on the other side, you will find yourself in the northern section Rheasilvia near one of Petra's main hangouts.

Take the path to the right, then, before you reach the bridge, take the hidden path down the hill to your left. This path winds around for a bit and eventually forks into a cave on your right or a narrow land bridge on your left. Take neither, instead continue forward until the path ends in a sharp drop off. Dismount your sparrow, and look straight ahead: you will see the Lost Sector symbol on the wall in front of you. You'll need to jump across three small platforms to reach the entrance, which you will find just to the left of the Lost Sector symbol. Enter, and prepared to face off against an army of Taken scum.

How do you beat the Chamber of Starlight?

Once inside, you will enter a long hallway filled with Taken Hobgoblins and Taken Acolytes. The recommended power level for this Lost Sector is 560, though it is possible to finish at much lower levels. Anything below 510 however, will make the enemies immune to damage.

Sniper rifles, auto rifles, and scout rifles are recommended for this first section, as there are long sight lines in this hallway. Taken tend to try to overwhelm you with numbers, so if you can thin the herd at distance, it is best to do so. Also, take special care to eliminate the hobgoblins as soon as you see them, as they have great range and accuracy with their sniper-like attacks. You don't want to start taking a lot of hits from them, so cut them down as soon as possible.

Once you have cleared the hallway, the next section is where the real challenge begins. In this massive circular chamber, Taken Thrall will swarm you while Hobgoblins and Taken Eyes attack from a distance. The boss, Inkasi, Disciple of Quria, will also be lobbying nastiness at you periodically.

Stay behind cover at the entrance and let the Thrall come to you. Swords are great for clearing them out quickly and you won't have to worry about the Hobgoblins and Eyes taking cheap shots. There is a circular platform with a locked chest to your left and above it is a tall platform where several enemies will be standing and firing at you. Try to take them out next with something long range, as they have a sight line on you from almost anywhere.

Eventually, the lumbering Ascendant Taken Knights will make their way over and it is important that you eliminate them quickly, as their attacks do massive damage at close range. Use grenades and rockets to take them out as fast as possible.

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Move from cover to cover, favoring the entrance to the chamber, and eventually, only Inkasi will be left standing (or floating, rather). Inkasi has a purple shield, so hit her with your void ammo to melt her down and claim your prize.

Chamber of Starlight Prizes and Ascendant Challenge

Like all Lost Sectors, the locked chest will reward you with two rare or legendary items, some credits, and some local currency. In the Dreaming City, that currency is dark fragments, and you will need to trade these fragments with Petra for charges of light used during the Blind Well event. Completing Lost Sectors is also usually a daily and weekly challenge for Petra, and completing all of these challenges will reward you with an upgrade every week, so there are many rewards for visiting the Chamber of Starlight.

This Lost Sector is also the location of one of Dreaming City's Ascendant Challenges. The Ascendant Challenge is on a six-week rotation and will change location every week. During the Chamber of Starlight week, you can find the portal to the challenge on that high platform located on the left behind the locked chest. Simply use a Tincture of Queensfoil and jump up the side of the platform to reach it and enter the challenge.

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