Destiny 2 Player Discovers Exploit To Easily Take Down Garden Of Salvation Raid Boss

Garden of Salvation

A Destiny 2 player has figured out how to cheese the first boss in Shadowkeep’s new Garden of Salvation raid.

As with every new raid in Destiny 2, this thing is an hours-long tour de force of death and destruction. The first team to beat Garden of Salvation took over 6 hours to complete the raid. A deaf team recently took 35-whole-damn hours to beat it. Sure, they were fighting with a slight handicap, but this just goes to show that these things take a lot of time and effort (and occasionally a rotating cast of Guardians while some of them go do things like eat and sleep).

However, one Destiny 2 player has found a way to make the first boss of Garden of Salvation trivial. In other words, a cheese has been found.

This all comes from YouTuber Cheese Forever, a Destiny 2 player who specializes in finding cheesy tactics for defeating some of the game’s toughest encounters. He reports that this latest cheese was accidentally discovered by several fireteams before him, and he just helped refine the idea and make a YouTube video out of it.

The general idea comes from a similar tactic used against Atheon, the final boss encountered in Destiny 2’s first raid, Vault of Glass. Generally speaking, you trick Atheon to falling off a cliff to his death. It’s the same process for Garden of Salvation’s first boss, the Consecrated Mind.

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In Garden of Salvation, the first encounter involves splitting the fireteam up. One team chases the Consecrated Mind through a series of tunnels while later solving a puzzle, and the other team focuses on removing the Consecrated Mind’s shields. The cheese involves the first team having a Hunter that can throw a smoke bomb and trick the Consecrated Mind into falling to his death.

You can see the whole thing in action here.

The cheese doesn’t always work, so you might need to try it a few times. Also, Bungie eventually patched out a similar exploit in the Atheon fight, so don’t expect this cheese to last forever. Best get some Garden of Salvations runs in now before it’s back to doing things the hard way.

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