Destiny 2 Might Be Coming To Google Stadia With Cross-Save Support

Destiny 2 is set to be a launch title for Google’s upcoming Stadia console, according to multiple sources. On June 6, developer Bungie and Google are hosting a live-stream presentation during which the announcement is set to take place. Bungie is also expected to reveal cross-save functionality between the Xbox One, PC, and Stadia.

Right now, switching from console to PC means that Destiny 2 players need to start over with new profiles, as there is no shared progress between accounts. Now, with cloud saving services, the only reason for this limitation is due to the war between console preferences. However, it seems that players will finally have more options.

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As usual, we need to wait to hear about the PS4, since cross-play seems to be a hot topic at Sony as we saw with Fortnite and other titles. Sony has been hesitant, and at times downright stubborn about the idea of cross-sharing profiles, so the lack of confirmation that it will be a part of this initial announcement is unsurprising.

Google, meanwhile, will be revealing long-awaited details about the Stadia, including information about its streaming service, a launch date, and pricing for the console upon release. The potential for a launch in the near future comes at an interesting time, as both the PS4 and Xbox One are soon to be replaced by their next generation consoles. This means that the current generation is at or soon will be at their lowest prices, so the Stadia will need to compete with both.

There is also a chance for there to be some form of promotional event between Bungie and Google, as the next Destiny 2 expansion titled “Shadowkeep” has already been leaked ahead of its livestream tomorrow. Perhaps one of Google’s initial strategies will be related to the new expansion, and if cross-save is a real feature, then players would be able to purchase a Stadia and play Destiny 2 games without any loss of progress.

For now, we must take this information with a grain of salt. Google will present details for the Stadia today at 12 PM ET, and Bungie will follow up one hour later.

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