Destiny 2: How To Get The Truth Exotic Rocket Launcher

Destiny 2 has added Truth, an Exotic Rocket Launcher, into the game right on schedule. Fans of the first game will recall that Truth was an exotic weapon from Destiny and that its perks look almost identical to what they were before.

For the unfamiliar, the weapon excels in player-vs-player combat where its Exotic perk is Prototype Trueseeker, which make the rockets seek out its enemies. It also has both the Grenades and Horseshoes perk, meaning that detonation happens in close proximity to a target, allowing for imprecise shots to still work, and with three rounds of rockets like in the first game, you can be a bit more spammy, if you like. The questline for the weapon arrives as expected by players, forming part of the Season of Opulence Roadmap announced months ago. The quest should take a player only a few hours to finish if they are able to complete certain events quickly. Newer players may be in for a longer quest as a result.

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Get to the Menagerie

Step one is to get into the new Menagerie event where there is a new Ogre boss for the week. The boss is not too challenging, with an immune shield that goes down once you have eliminated enough of its helpers. Completing this will award you with “A Scrap of Paper,” that begins the quest for Truth inside the final chest.

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Find Petra Venj and finish an Ascendant Challenge

In the Dreaming City, you will find Petra Venj. Players will need to use a Tincture of Queensfoil to get into the challenge, but completing it will provide the drop: “A Map Asunder.” Keep in mind that players are going to need a good amount of these Tinctures in their inventory, since they will need the Ascended buff for most of the upcoming parts of the quest. Grab a bunch to avoid having to make a supply run in the middle of your search.

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Finding Four Map Fragments

As usual, the player is now on a scavenger hunt to find the pieces needed to continue. First, travel to The Bay of Drowned Wishes in The Dreaming City. The Ascendant buff needs to be active still for the platforms to appear.

Second is the Tangled Shore, where the Mindbender boss occurred. At the end of the corridors, there is an Ogre who drops the next fragment. There is nothing special about this Ogre, so drop him quickly and move on.

The third task requires the completion of a Nightfall event. Any will do, but since you need to keep running these Nightfalls, pick the shortest or easiest one.

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Our last fragment is at the Cistern on Nessus, where a player must navigate the platforms over the lake of Vex Milk. The Ascendant buff is still needed here as well, and any Ascended chest will suffice.

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Grind up – Map Fragment Challenges

Each fragment has an objective tied to it in order to mark it as complete. Some will take longer than others. Players can either collect all the fragments and then start the challenges or do them one at a time, it makes no difference. For example, one challenge will ask you to attain 50 rocket launcher kills on Nessus while affected by the Ascendant buff. This is one of the quicker ones, if you kite the mobs into a group and go for multi-kills. Next up is the Tangled Shore, where you will need 100 Hive kills.

Following this, players will need to complete three Nightfall events with a handicap of 100 or higher and get 60 rocket launcher kills. This one is not as bad as it first sounds, since it only comes out to an average of 20 kills per run, which should be no problem. It will simply feel longer than the other map fragment objectives because you need to complete three Nightfall events. Note that you are free to repeat the same Nightfall event three times and do not need to do three different ones, so choose the shortest or easiest for you and grind it out three times.

Finishing up the map fragments means heading to acquire a Corsair Down badge in The Dreaming City by killing Scorn. Doing so will show where the Corsair is located, and there you will find the body of an Awoken guard, spawning a boss. When finished, turn the badge into any Corsair in the area, usually around the Devallian Mists. If you are newer to the game, you may need to first do public quests in The Dreaming City for this to be possible.

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Nearing the End: The Warden of Nothing Strike

The final bit of the quest involves completing a Warden of Nothing Strike, which can be done by speaking to the Director.

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Here, you will need to use one final Tincture of Queensfoil at the start of the strike to be able to see and activate five holograms that resemble a planet, and then engage and defeat the boss.

At the end, there is a bit of pressure in terms of a time limit. Normally, you have 30 seconds to muck about and loot a chest after a boss, however here you are given 90 seconds. After the boss chest spawns, then you will see the platforms materialize in front of you. The jumping is not too hard, and you will have plenty of time, if careful.

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Use the time to jump to the back of the platform where the boss was positioned and onto the Ascendant platforms. There lies the chest, and within, the Exotic Weapon, Truth.

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Congratulations! You should now be in possession of a great new Exotic PvP weapon that should satisfy new players and veterans of the original Destiny. If you need additional visual clues for where to look, check out this great video made by KackisHD.

Destiny 2 is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and soon, the Google Stadia.

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