Destiny 2: How To Use The Tribute Hall Glitch To Get Infinite Super Energy

Players in Destiny 2 have stumbled across an interesting new glitch that grants infinite supers from within the new Tribute Hall. This allows for retaining infinite energy for the roaming super moves, and those can be taken into “The Other Side” mission related to the exotic Bad Juju rifle. This is not the first time a glitch has been found by players, and it is likely only a matter of time before Bungie moves to correct and remove it from the game.

A quick note is that the glitch can be performed on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, it is far easier to do it on the PC. On consoles, players will likely need to employ the Arcstrider, but this restriction is not present on PC, where any of the sub-classes with roaming supers should be fine in replicating the glitch.

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The reason that PC has more leeway in which sub-class to choose is due to faster loading times. As such, any roaming super can be kept up by entering the Menu towards the end of the super move, swapping out any gear they have, and that will in turn refill the super instantly. Because of the difference in loading speeds, console players would likely take too long in this step and lose out.

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First, players will need to access the Tribute Hall and “The Other Side” after earning Bad Juju, and they'll also need to unlock the Tribute that provides super energy inside the Tribute Hall. Without those prerequisites, the glitch is not possible. Assuming a player has taken these steps, they then need to head to the Tribute that provides the super energy and toggle it with the action button. Cast the super move and stand at the crystal until the sound of another super becoming charged is heard. From there, if a player has selected the Lethal Current perk, for example, all dodges will activate its ability to refill super energy all at once.

For now, players have only discovered how to take the super to “The Other Side”, and it is unlikely that it can be taken elsewhere. However, as “The Other Side” mission contains a secret Triumph for completing the content solo without a single death, this might provide the appropriate edge to do so. Otherwise, the glitch is more a neat piece of trivia than a useful exploit.

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It was only recently that a more serious glitch existed in the Menagerie, whereby players were able to farm the final rewards chest over and over again. This had more serious implications to the balance of power among players, which is relevant in both PVP modes as well as the race to complete raids before others at the start of seasons.

The glitch was also powerful because in this current Season of Opulence, the items in that chest contribute directly to the upgraded weapons and gear players create in their Chalice. This meant that unlike random chests, the contents of the Menagerie loot tables were determined by the player to an extent, at least in a minor way.

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Update solved the glitch, making the chest work as intended. Curiously, Bungie did not comment on the players who exploited the glitch. Often in cases like this, developers revert any awards gained through the use of improper game mechanics. In this case the rewards could be a significant power boost, but there is no word on consequences for those who worked the glitch to their advantage.

For now, players only have this far less game-breaking glitch. There has been no word from Bungie about a potential fix for the most recent glitch, but considering how little it helps players outside of one specific area, they may not see any need to rush and release a patch.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and soon for the Google Stadia upon its official launch.

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