The 10 Best Exotics For Hunters In Destiny 2, Ranked (So Far)

Known for flashy abilities, lengthy invisibility, and massive utility potential, the Hunter in Destiny 2 is an essential part of any fireteam, both in PvP and in PvE. With a steep learning curve to master the Hunter class, many see item and weapon builds on Hunters as vital to understanding them for higher levels of play. For those guardians looking for an upper hand in any contest in the Traveler's Cosmos, here are the ten best exotics for Hunters in Destiny 2 (so far).

10 Celestial Nighthawk

Since the Forsaken trailer released in August 2018, which spawned an incredible resurgence of players to Destiny 2, Hunters have been personified by their flaming golden revolvers, known in the game as Golden Gun. With protagonist Cayde-6 flinging flaming projectiles as enemies rained down on him, guardians of all ages wanted the same experience.

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With buffs to Golden Gun in December 2018, the developers at Bungie gave them just what they wanted: high damage, satisfying super ability that Hunters could turn the battlefield with. Celestial Nighthawk evolves Golden Gun's three shots into one, high powered shot (6x damage in fact!) with over penetration, perfect for extra damage against bosses in strikes or raids.

9 St0mp-335

A classic Hunter exclusive exotic that all guardians envied, St0mp-335 are the perfect boots for besting any raid jumping puzzle (or the puzzle in the Shattered Throne dungeon).

These fashionable sneakers grant increased mobility as well as improved jumping. These are highly recommended in PvP as well with the combination of Strafe Jump and a shotgun such as Luna's Howl for sliding synergy.

8 Graviton Forfeit

One of the greatest strengths of the Hunter is the ability to use the Void subclass and go invisible. This is excellent when needing to heal in a strike, or quickly and silently resurrect another guardian without getting caught. There are also plenty of mechanics such as carrying orbs through a dangerous field of enemies that are made simple by simply going invisible.

With Graviton Forfeit, the Hunter gains the ability to stay silent for even longer, thus increasing their utility by a significant amount. It should be noted that invisibility is only available in the Void subclasses, so run Graviton Forfeit with Nightstalker and Way of the Wraith for extended invisibility in PvP while running around assassinating unwary guardians.

7 Oathkeeper

With the release of Forsaken, the new Bow weapon type was released which added an entirely new aspect to the game. An excellent bow user can snipe foes from many lengths away, easily staying silent and stealthy. Of course, Hunters have a long history of using bows, as their super ability, Nightstalker, shows: a large Void damage bow and tethers enemies surrounding the arrow.

Hunters are given another upper hand in using bows with Oathkeeper, exotic gauntlets that not only grant faster draw time, but also the ability to hold the string back indefinitely. This is an excellent advantage in PvP, where draw speed of bows can be a disadvantage to any rifle they come across. Turn corners at the ready with a cocked arrow and send quick headshots down range.

6 Sealed Ahamkara Grasps

While high utility is one aspect of the Hunter in Destiny 2, the ability to excel at long range or short range is a second vital part of their kit. The Hunter is granted an extended reach on their melee with a knife while using the Arcstrider subclass, as well as a throwing knife if using their Gunslinger subclass, both which grant bonuses for executes with their melee ability.

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Sealed Ahamkara Grasps are the knife-wielder's dream, as they grant an additional melee charge as well as a chance of reloading the wearer's weapon when damaging with a melee. The greatest synergy with these is using Gunslinger with Gambler's Dodge (reloading throwing knife on dodge) and knife juggler (reloading throwing knife on precision hit), which turns the Hunter into a Wild Western throwing knife champion.

5 Young Ahamkara's Spine

Just as its brother the Grasps had great synergy with Gunslinger, so does Young Ahamkara's Spine. The Solar subclass of the Hunters has the ability to choose tripmine grenades, which lie in wait on any surface for an unsuspecting foe to cross by. These grenades nearly execute a guardian with full shield, and are extremely potent if placed correctly.

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With Young Ahamkara's Spine equipped, the tripmines last longer and mark any foe damaged by the blast. This is an excellent choice in PvP, especially if using a sniper or a bow from a secluded spot. It will make it much easier to turn on a guardian sneaking up and stealing the perfect spot.

4 Raiden Flux

Moving into the Arc subclass, Arcstrider is an excellent choice for both PvE and PvP Hunters. With incredible mobility and adequate damage for taking out myriads of mobs, the Hunter and their electrified bowstaff can wreak havoc on any battlefield. The greatest strength of Arcstrider is its ability to take tons of enemies down in a very quick fashion, and Raiden Flux enhances this ability greatly.

With Raiden Flux, the exotic chest piece, both damage of the Arc Staff super ability and its duration is increased with rapid attacks. This is excellent because, as any guardian who has played the Arcstrider can attest to, it's impossible to have that bowstaff and not button smash to do flips and kicks and fly through the air like Dick Grayson.

3 Knucklehead Radar

For some, Destiny's PvP is a seemingly impossible battleground, where players have honed their skills for years and become unstoppable forces against less experienced players. There is sure to be an influx of new players when Destiny 2 goes free to play with Shadowkeep, and using Knucklehead Radar is an excellent way to get better at the mechanics of Crucible, while having a small advantage over others.

Knucklehead Radar is an exotic helmet that grants radar even while looking down the sights. This works on any weapon though is wasted on those with the perk such as Ace of Spades or MIDA Multitool. Once players get into higher levels, it is recommended to swap to another exotic, as the Radar perk can be seen as a crutch and hinder skill levels.

2 Gwisin Vest

Released with Forsaken in December 2018, the new Void super ability for Hunters, Spectral Blades, became a powerhouse ability for the Hunter in PvP. Immensely fun to use, Spectral Blades gives assassin abilities to the already mobile Hunter, who runs around with dual daggers and executes any enemy they see. Not only this, but once executed, the Hunter gains mobility and invisibility to continue their carnage.

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Gwisin Vest, the exotic chest piece, gives extended invisibility and extra super energy when killing an enemy before becoming invisible. This adds to the incredible fear that any Spectral Blades user gives in PvP, as they can show up around any corner and quickly innoculate their unsuspecting foe.

1 Shards Of Galanor

With Forsaken, Bungie also gave Hunters Blade Barrage, the Solar Super in which Hunters throw a huge fan of flaming knives at the enemies in front of them. This super does one of the highest amounts of damage for any super in the Hunter's arsenal, and comparable to that of the Warlock's Nova Bomb.

Shards of Galanor, the exotic gauntlets, return a portion of super energy from Blade Barrage with each knife that damages an enemy. Think of it as an energy leech from the ability, which is unlike any other item or ability in the game. Shards of Galanor is an excellent choice for PvE fanatics looking to deal greater DPS in raids and strikes.

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