Destiny 2 Is Increasing Drop Rates Of Rare Items In Next Update

Destiny 2's 2.2.1 update will see to it that drop rates for rare items are increased.

The announcement, made by Bungie through their weekly blog, tentatively sets an April 9 date for the patch, which will bring "a variety of quality-of-life changes and bug fixes." However, the update could be delayed if any issues are discovered during development.

If everything goes according to plan, though, players will get to enjoy increased drop rates for the Dreaming City Ghost Shell, ship, and Sparrow. That should come as a huge assist for players looking to earn the Cursebreaker title and Bungie has said that the chances of having them drop will be "doubled, tripled, or more for their respective activities" with the Ghost shell, ship and Sparrow from the Last Wish raid getting the same.

The One Thousand Voices exotic, found in one of the chests in the final room of The Last Wish Raid, will continue to be rare and chances won't double nor triple. However, the drop weights will be tuned so chances of players getting their hands on it will be slightly better.

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"This Exotic will continue to be rare among players, but we’ve tuned the drop weights to give slightly better chances than what are currently available," Bungie reports.

Some of the lore books will be more easily found too as drop rates for Cayde's Stash, Dreaming City and Tangled Shore will be increased. For most players, it's nothing to get excited about but it should still come as good news to those keen on getting as much lore as they can.

Bungie also noted some other upcoming changes to the game and their preview has highlighted the chance for players to have more time to complete the weekly Invitation of the Nine.

"Currently, players must complete an Invitation of the Nine by Tuesday reset in order to have a new invitation appear on Friday," the notes read. "After Update 2.2.1, players have through Thursday’s reset at 10 AM to complete the invitation."

It has taken quite a while for Destiny 2 to regain its popularity after falling way short of the standards set by its predecessor, but things look to be falling well into place now.

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