Destiny 2 Iron Banner Brings Zero New Weapons, And Players Are Pissed

Iron Banner players are a bit upset over the lack of new weapons in Destiny 2's PvP seasonal event.

Iron Banner Rewards

Destiny 2 players are not happy about the recent Iron Banner event.

Normally, the Iron Banner is a pretty big deal in Destiny 2. Players all pile into the Crucible for a few special rounds of PvP for their chance to get unique rewards, including weapons and armor that can’t be found anywhere else.

Each season usually adds a few new weapons to the multitude of Iron Banner designs, but this season is different. While the new Iron Will armor set is new and fully obtainable as part of the Iron Banner pursuit, there are no new weapons added to the Iron Banner rewards table. And some players aren’t too pleased about it.

"No new Iron Banner weapons is bull!@#$," reads one extremely succinct post on the Destiny subreddit. Most of the comments responding to the topic are in agreement, although a few point out that you can always just ignore the Iron Banner. It’s not like there isn’t a ton of other stuff to do in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

Another post used a bit more prose to explain their dissatisfaction with the Iron Banner’s current offerings, also pointing out that the new Iron Will armor set is mostly a reskin of the Iron Banner armor offered during the Season of the Drifter.

Iron Banner Guns
via Bungie

However, it’s the comments that followed that post that seemed to be just a deluge of gripes against the changes made to the Iron Banner event. The new pursuit is a frequent target as it forces players to compete in a PvP match using weapons that they aren’t proficient with in order to complete the quest. Worse, Iron Banner faction rewards are locked behind this pursuit, preventing the player from turning in their Iron Banner tokens until it’s completed.

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Others took the time to complain about the Iron Banner’s lack of classic maps. Bungie has since tweeted that this was intentionally done in order to showcase the newest Crucible maps and that older maps will be added to the event going forward.

Still, and as many players pointed out, the Iron Banner bounties provide Pinnacle Rewards, making their completion the best way to advance a character beyond the 950 “soft” power level cap. If unique armor isn’t enough of a draw, then Pinnacle-tier rewards should be more than enough.

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