Destiny 2 Is Now Offering Level Boosts For $20, But It's Totally Unnecessary

Sure, you could just pay to get your Guardian to level 900, or you could do this simple trick to get there just as fast and without spending a dime.

Destiny 2

You can now level boost your secondary characters in Destiny 2 for $20, but you really don’t need to.

So you’ve gotten to level 950 on your main Destiny 2 character and you want to start a new one. You could begin the grind over again at level 750 like some kind of sucker, or you could pay Bungie 2000 silver (the equivalent of $20 USD) to skip it and start your toon at level 900 right away. This still means you’ll have to grind up to 950 the hard way, but it’s better than starting all the way at 750.

Only you really don’t need to pay Bungie at all. There’s a totally free way of getting your secondary characters up to 900 that doesn’t involve shelling out $20 and is almost as fast.

We’ve got Reddit user AWellPlacedYeet to thank for this Destiny 2 life hack, which we must stress is NOT a hack and is totally something that anyone can do.

First, you’ll need a main character over level 900. This should be pretty easy since Bungie doesn’t offer level boosters to players until they’ve got a toon over 900. Next, start a new character at level 750. It doesn’t matter which one, but Bungie provides players with three character slots for a reason, so pick a class that you don’t already have.

Next, transfer over a set of level 900+ weapons using the vault. You should have some already from your main character as you get literally hundreds of weapons just by walking outside and sneezing in Destiny 2. This will get your new toon’s level up to the low 800s or so, which is already quite the boost, but we’re not done yet.

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Now comes the fun part. Go to your inventory and then go into the Collections tab. This is the spot where you can recreate old, non-Legendary gear if you’ve got the right materials. Select the “Leveling” category to bring up a bunch of leveling armor, and then make some armor. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, but pick a blue one so that it provides half-decent stats.

Power Booster
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Each time you create one of these leveling armors it simulates what would happen if the armor were to drop in the wild. Since your new toon is in the leveling zone between 750 and 900, each armor will be created several levels higher than the one before it. This will cause your character’s Power Level to increase all the way up to 900.

The only real expense to this method is Gunsmith Materials. Each time you make some armor, it costs 250 Glimmer and 3 Gunsmith Materials. If you don’t have a lot of Gunsmith Materials, you’ll have to dismantle a few items until you’ve got around 50-60 Gunsmith Materials. That should be enough to get you to 900.

Best part is this method doesn’t cost any real cash and only a minimal amount of in-game materials. So when it’s time to start a new character, just keep this in mind and ignore that offer to Power Surge to 900 right away. You don’t need it.

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