Destiny 2: Leviathan's Breath Exotic Bow Guide

Every week of Shadowkeep so far has provided new pursuits, activities, and challenges in Destiny 2, and this week is no exception. While we'll have to wait until next Tuesday for the return of the exceptional Festival of the Lost event, this week provides both Master Nightmare Hunts and a new exotic weapon to pursue: the first bow for your power weapon slot, called Leviathan's Breath.

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Unlike some of the most hidden exotic quests you'll find off the beaten path, the Leviathan's Breath quest is fairly straightforward. It begins with the gunsmith Banshee in his vendor stall that you'll need to access from a secret entrance and, after that, it's a pretty straight forward grind to unlock the exotic bow.

Step 1: The Back Way

Banshee wants to give you a weapon to help against the Vex invasion on the moon. He asks you to go find it in his workshop, but he won't tell you how to get in. Surprisingly, all he mentions is that Cayde will show you the way.

Head to the Hangar (Cayde's old haunt) and you'll find a new passage has opened up in the Datto room. If you're unfamiliar, this is a secret room positioned directly above the entrance to the hangar. Head down the stairs and immediately head left all the way until you see the stairs. From here, work your way up and back towards the center of the room and look back towards the entrance to the hangar, you'll see a platform you can jump to from the right side.

Hop over the railing and walk to the end of the pipe then jump, clearing the gap onto the opposite platform. Follow the path up the stairs and through a pipe. Hook right through a vent and you'll find yourself in the Datto room

From here, head through the only door, drop down into the vent and then jump back up into the next room. Go through the open door. In the next room, immediately go left down the stairs and head for the back left corner. Look up and you'll see an open vent above a shelf.

Climb on the shelf, jump in the vent, and then follow the path until you drop. Head straight to the end of this path and turn left into a pipe. Once you get to the vertical section, you'll need to make a death-defying jump up to the next vent.

Follow this vent, drop down, then jump back up into Banshee's workshop. You made it! Investigate the Bow and you'll find that unfortunately, the case is locked. Open your map and teleport back to the main hub area of the tower to continue the quest.

Step 2: Where Are The Keys, Sir

When you get there, you'll find the weapon is locked in its case and inaccessible. Return to Banshee immediately and feel free to exclaim "I need to speak to the manager!"

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Step 3: Intro To Safe Cracking 101

You'll need to generate a key code in order to unlock the case. Luckily, this is Destiny, and we solve problems here by shooting things. You'll need to run either strikes or gambits to generate combat data and seed a new key generator. Nightfall Strikes and Gambit Primes will provide more progress towards this step, so you can kill two birds with one void grenade and knock out your 100k Nightfall while you generate the needed combat data.

Step 4: Safe Cracking 201

Now that you've got the key code generator working, you're going to need to give it some more focused data to generate the correct code. To do this, you'll need to use a bow to land 75 precision blows against Vex and Cabal. You can run the Inverted Spire strike or the Arms Dealer strike for this. There are also some easy lost sectors you can run, such as the The Quarry in the Sunken Isles on EDZ for Cabal or Ancient's Haunt in The Tangle on Nessus for Vex. However you tackle it, this step should be pretty quick.

Step 5: Economics Of War

Now the real fun begins. In order to recreate the exact conditions under which Banshee first created the original (now lost) key code, you'll need to complete a reprise of the Arm's Dealer strike on EDZ. Once you get to this quest step, you'll see a blue quest marker on the EDZ map. Head there and start the mission.

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This version of Arm's Dealer strike has been amped up for Shadowkeep power levels. As such, you'll want to bring a full fireteam that knows what they're doing. Barrier and Overload mods on your auto rifles, submachine guns, and hand cannon's are essential to get through the champions you'll encounter throughout the strike. Against the boss, Bracus Zahn, Whisper of the Worm, Outbreak Perfected, and Sleeper Simulant are all great long range choices.

Step 6: Applied Cryptosecurity

Once you've completed the strike, your code generator will have all of the data it needs to create the unlock code for Leviathan's Breath. Head back to Banshee in the tower for his authentication. You're almost there!

Step 7: Martial Archery 401

That's it! Head back to Banshee's workshop and claim your prize. The Leviathan's Breath is a bow for your power weapon slot. Time will tell if this bow will become part of the meta (or if everyone will just keep using Recluse for every activity), but the good news is that Nightstalker hunters can now run bows in all three slots, plus their super. Four bows, baby!

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