Destiny 2's Lord Of Wolves Is Getting Nerfed, And Shadowkeep's Roaming Supers Might Be Next

Bungie will be nerfing the Lord of Wolves exotic shotgun in Destiny 2.

The weapon has been causing carnage all over the game's PvP lately, especially on PC, leading to complaints about it being too powerful.

The shotgun spits fire, but instead of shooting in a normal spread, it releases multiple bursts, just like a pulse rifle. Its signature perk is called Release the Wolves, which fires double shots after a kill.

Bungie lowered the weapon's damage with the recent Season of Opulence patch, but made Release the Wolves a toggle option, something that makes it extremely powerful in PvP, as the perk can be accessed at all times. It can take out opposition supers in no time, or kill in a single shot from a great distance.

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Destiny 2 director, Luke Smith, revealed that the shotgun will be nerfed during a recent Twitch stream. It won't be done with much urgency and the weapon won't be turned off, but it will be rebalanced in time, with Smith having admitted that it was accidentally made stronger.

In addition to the nerf, Smith says anyone who plays Iron Banner this week will receive a special Triumph and emblem to commemorate the Lord of Wolves dominating the Crucible and Iron Banner event. Those will also be added to the same update as the shotgun's nerf.

Roaming supers should also be getting nerfed when the Shadowkeep expansion is released this fall. Anyone who plays Destiny 2 PvP should know just how difficult it is to deal with an opposing super, so Bungie is looking to balance those out as well, as they hardly give players a chance to fight back.

The Lord of Wolves, however, evens the playing field when supers are used, but there will be some tweaking and balancing happening soon enough.

Currently, the supers in the game are Stormtrance, Nova Warp, Arc Staff, Golden Gun, Sentinel Shield, Sunbreaker, Spectral Blades, Fist of Havoc, and Dawnblade.

There's been no clarification on exactly which supers will be getting tweaked. However, Spectral Blades and Nova Warp have already been weakened, while Golden Gun's damage resistance is already low, so they're very unlikely to get nerfed with the new expansion.

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