Destiny 2’s Mars Event: Everything You Need To Know About The Community Challenge

It's an exciting time to be a Guardian. Bungie freed Destiny 2 from the iron grip of corporate authority when it split from Activision. The idea was to allow the team to take their time with development rather than rush out content to meet a quota. To celebrate this freedom from the machine, Bungie is, ironically, putting out DLC and going free-to-play. It's all good news for players, however.

The upcoming Shadowkeep DLC will be more like an MMO-style expansion than a small offering of new characters or a short story. The free-to-play is nice too, as it only covers the base game and comes alongside the cross save feature. Now fans can invite friends from any platform to join them. And these friends can dip their toe into Destiny for free. It all serves to create a healthy ecosystem of players who feel they're getting value from their purchases.

The one unfortunate note to all of this is that Shadowkeep was delayed until October. Bungie was candid in saying that the month delay is for the team to get the content out in its best form without submitting to crunch. To make it up to players, they will extend the current Moments of Triumph and have a special Iron Banner to give us something to work on while we wait for Shadowkeep. More importantly, they're going to introduce Community Challenges.

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What Are Community Challenges?

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Community Challenges are just what the name implies: every player works together to complete a set of tasks. For a game like Destiny 2, that takes cues from MMOs, the challenges usually involve meeting a numerical goal of killing certain enemies. Anyone who is active during the challenge period is considered participating, and everyone who participates gets a reward if the community meets the goal.

How Do I Participate?

To take part in the Community Challenge, you have to play sometime during the period of September 3rd to the 10th. You also have to go to Mars to do the required tasks. Once you're on Mars, you have to complete any of these activities Bungie laid out

-Defeat 175 thousand Wave 7 Escalation Protocol bosses

-Defeat 300 million Hive on Mars

-Mars Nightfalls

-Defeat Nokris 150 thousand times

-Defeat Xol 100 thousand times

-Use 300 thousand Override Frequencies

It goes without saying that you're not personally responsible for defeating all of these thousands or millions of enemies. Everyone's totals are added up. Still, with a goal of 300 million Hive kills, you will want to be active and do your part.

What Are The Rewards?

via: Bungie

Events are fun, but we really do them for the loot. Bungie announced two rewards for those who take part in the Mars Community Challenge. First is the unique emblem pictured above. If players succeed in all of the challenges, then those who took part in a Mars Nightfall will get this emblem.

The more general reward is the favor of Emperor Calus. If all the challenges are met, Calus will give additional rewards for successful Menagerie completions. After the event, if players succeed, we are guaranteed two rewards when slotting runes and opening chests. Also, a freebie rewards will be granted every Friday for the remainder of the Season.

Gear Up And Get To Mars

The Mars Community Challenge begins on September 3rd, so you have some time to get some friends together and prepare. To that end, the new cross save feature will help you. It's live now, so get all your console and PC buddies together and spread the love. And the Hive guts. Spread those everywhere because you need to kill 300 million of those guys.

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