Destiny 2: The 10 Most Important Steps to Completing The Relics Of The Golden Age Quest

Destiny 2 has come a long way since its initial release and is probably one of the best examples of a modern and still evolving gaming experience. With the next big expansion, Shadowkeep, a mere weeks away, players are taking steps to farm gear that they feel will be helpful in the transition to the next stage of the game's evolution. When it comes to high-grade equipment and synergistic builds, however, one can't forget the pairing of the exotic Sturm and the legendary Drang, one of the original synergistic pairs and rewards for completing the Relics of the Golden Age quests. This list will break down the ten most important steps in the process of completing the questline

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10 Complete The Campaign

This, not surprisingly, is the first step to any exotic quest step in Destiny 2. Thankfully, it's not that difficult of a step to complete - Destiny 2's campaign is very forgiving and at the time was designed as a guided journey to get players to about max level. Kinderguardians don't need to worry; even though the level cap is a bit higher than where it was when Destiny 2 first launched, completing the base campaign is still all that you need to do in order to gain access to the Relics of the Golden Age mission; you don't have to complete all of the other mainline missions for the various expansions.

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9 Visit Failsafe on Nessus

By now you're probably familiar with Failsafe, the NPC AI vendor on Nessus that has developed something of a split personality thanks to her long time in isolation. Post campaign, Failsafe will have some favors to ask of you, the first of which will require you paying her a visit. Thankfully there are no tricks to this part. You can just spaw into the Exodus Black landing zone and walk right in. Failsafe will then ask you a favor and give you the mission O Captain to complete.

8 Complete The Mission O Captain

For this mission, Failsafe would like for us to see if we can track down a couple of missing members from the Exodus Black. The first step involves finding a couple of audio logs, each one associated with a space-suited corpse. Once you've collected those you're going to defend a satellite array from some Fallen.  Ghost, in typical Ghost fashion, is finished only after all waves are cleared but has come to the unsurprising realization that the Vex are responsible for the fate of the Exodus Black. We now have to farm some Vex and collect some special items from them in the Glade of Echoes area of Nessus. Once this is complete the way-point will lead Guardians to a strange Vex Harpy.

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7 Complete The Mission My Captain

This mission prompts us to "Follow the strange harpy to discover what the Vex know." Sounds easy enough. This mission is a lot of following, a bit of jumping, and a decent amount of shooting too because it just wouldn't be Destiny if there wasn't something to shoot.  There isn't a whole lot out of the ordinary here. At some point a yellow-bar Vex Minotaur shows up, but take him down and the Harpy will bring you to the body of Captain Jacobson of the Exodus Black. After listening to his final audio log, we're rewarded with two things: a special weapon sidearm called Drang, and a quest step directing us to talk to the Cryptarch.

6 Talk To The Cryptarch

Now that we have Drang in hand, we're going after its partner. This step sends us back to the tower to speak with our old friend Master Rahool. Again, there's no gimmick to this one; just go to the tower and talk to him. Upon completing this step, Master Rahool will give you the next quest step. This is the one that we were after all along, a quest called Relics of the Golden Age. There are a few things we need to do to complete this step but thankfully we're free to do these steps in whatever order we want. Time to get to it!

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5 Decrypt Five Legendary Engrams

This step isn't so bad. There isn't any restriction on how these engrams are procured or what you use to get them. It's worth noting, however, that legendary drops are different. At this point in the game only prime legendary engrams require decryption. Still, weekly resets and fireteam medallions can certainly boost the likelihood of finding these. This is one of those steps that are only really frustrating if you're focusing too hard on completing it; just play the game organically if you can and this one will be done in no time.

4 Decrypt One Exotic Engram

Remember the aforementioned advice? It applies here too. Unfortunately, there's no shortcut to this one; it's all RNG. Try and have fun playing the game, taking care to pop your fireteam medallions and don't shy away from high-level activities. Most importantly, don't get discouraged; it will drop for you eventually, and will thankfully complete this step of the quest for you. This might be one of the few, if not only, quests that require this so hopefully it isn't too discouraging for Guardians with unlucky RNG.

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3 Defeat Fallen On Nessus

The key to this step is that it has to be done with Drang - thankfully, even with that stipulation, this step is the easiest one of the bunch. Fallen are pretty prominent on Nessus, particularly around the Exodus Black crash site and the Lost Sector that's right by. Not that you should need it; this step doesn't require special Fallen enemies or anything like that; any old Fallen kills will do. It's a good little exercise to help get Guardians used to their new gun.

2 Defeat More Fallen

We can consider this the second part of the Relics of the Golden Age quest. For these steps, we have to defeat multiple Fallen without reloading, for a grand total of 10. Now, this obviously doesn't have to be done in one clip and again there's plenty of Fallen around Exodus Black. This one is pretty easy. The next step requires Powerful Fallen kills with Drang. This means yellow-bars. Again, though, this isn't too bad if you're cool with doing something like farming a Lost Sector with a Fallen boss. Just remember, you have to do it a total of 10 times. This one can be a little tedious.

1 Finish The Job

After paying Cryptarch Tyra Karn a visit at The Farm, we have one more step to go: we have to hunt down a Fallen Servitor in the Exodus Crash Quest (which is exactly the same as the strike version. Once you're in the back aft of the Exodus Black, there is a servitor named Kendriks-7 that you need to defeat. Once that's done, your quest will update and direct you back to Tyra Karn and claim your Exotic hand cannon Sturm. This gun's synergy was designed to operate with Drang. Kills with Drang reload bonus precision-damage ammo into Sturm, and kills with Sturm will reload ammo into your equipped energy weapon. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and the awesome pair of weapons that comes along with it, Guardian. You've earned it.

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