Destiny 2 Nerfing Automatic Shotguns & Adjusting Gambit In Season 6 Update

Bungie is ringing in the changes for Destiny 2's Season of the Drifter, with less two weeks to go between now and the March 5 launch that will see the Joker's Wild annual pass DLC become available as well.

Not much is known about the Joker's Wild at the moment but many other changes have been announced ahead of the start of season 6.

According to the newest This Week At Bungie, Gambit has been altered, a change which sees the third round become a sudden death primeval rush and makes the game shorter. Blockers will also be rebalanced to make Light of Motes and the saving thereof more valuable. Small blockers will be Taken Goblins with less heath than the previous Phalanx, while medium blockers will be Taken Captains with more health than before. Large blockers will be Taken Knights with more health than the old Taken Orges.

Another change will come in the form of the Queenbreaker Exotic fusion rifle getting nerfed. The gun made life quite difficult for gamers in Gambit as, apparently, it was accidentally fixed with over twice the intended aim assist. As a result, Linear Fusion Rifle aim assist values will be tweaked to reduce effectiveness at very long ranges.

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Shotguns will be nerfed as well, and even more so. The rate-of-fire boost which came as the result of the Full Auto perk in PvE is being reduced from 100 percent to just 10 percent on shotguns. The weapons will get rate-of-fire boosts and significant PvE damage boosts to make up for this but they'll also see ammo reserves toned down and effective shotgun range will also be slightly reduced in the Crucible.

Additionally, Bungie has announced that the One-Eyed Mask will follow suit. Players had been pushing for it to be nerfed ever since it launched and they're finally going to get their way.

The blog notes that the mask has been "too effective" but will still prove useful if manipulated properly. The duration of its Mark of Vengeance has been reduced from 15 seconds to eight seconds, it will no longer trigger during Supers and health will refill over time alongside the overshield instead of being fully restored right away while the overshield refills over time.

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