Destiny 2: New Light Takes Players Back To The First Game, For Some Reason

Destiny 2 is going to be a live game for some time to come, at least that's the way Bungie's planned it.

The developers have released the much-anticipated Shadowkeep expansion as part of their efforts to keep things going for the Destiny franchise. And for gamers who aren't necessarily looking to purchase Destiny 2 and its expansions, there's also a brand-new free-to-play version called New Light that actually boasts lots of content.

New Light isn't your regular free download that's only as good as a demo and it takes players back to the original Destiny 1 with its opening mission.

Starting it up will take you back to the first mission from the 2014 game. It's a bit different, but only a bit, with a few things such as Ghost's dialogue altered. The original Ghost was voiced by Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage but Nolan North took over in The Taken King expansion.

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Completing that mission will take your Guardian to the Tower from Destiny 2. The change makes the introduction to the game more seamless given that Destiny 2 started players off as experienced Guardians before they were made to start from scratch in a quest to reclaim the Light and free The Traveler.

If you want to play the older missions, you could start those off by consulting Amanda Holliday in the Tower. Per the patch notes, new characters will be given a "New Light' quest to go through "most ritual activities, Year 1 seasonal content, and Year 1 destinations."

New Light will start new Guardians off at a power level of 750 and players get loads of content for free. All of the Exotics from Year 1 are also available and missions from The Red War, Curse of Osiris and Warmind could be played out, with ranks and rewards for seasonal events also there for the taking. Players can jump into any Free Roam mission as soon as they start the game.

As for Shadowkeep, the expansion hands out a new Exotic weapon from the very beginning but servers still appear to be under some pressure given the heavy engagement so a bit of patience wouldn't go amiss.

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