10 Facts You Never Knew About Oryx In Destiny 2

Fans of the original Destiny definitely remember who Oryx is, and fans of Destiny 2 are starting to hear more and more about his influence through the "lore" within the game. For those unfamiliar, Oryx was the God-King of the Hive and a threatening force that sought to "snuff out all the Light in the solar system." His Taken hordes were a force to be reckoned with and the showdown with the king himself in the Kings Fall raid were some of the best moments in the original title.

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Just in case Oryx finds his way back (and it's seeming possible in Destiny 2), here are some facts and info about him that many fans may not be aware of.

10 Oryx Founded The Hive

Many players will recognize Oryx as "The Taken King," but historically he was once the leader and partial founder of the Hive species. Along with his two sisters, Savathun and Xivu Arath, Oryx was originally placed upon the Osmium-Throne and was called The God-King of the Hive.

The race would flourish under the leadership of Oryx and the Hive would become a deadly force that would sweep through the Solar System. Guardians were often at odds with the creatures, who used brute force, melee weapons, and "magic" over traditional guns and weaponry.

9 Oryx Had Two Sons

During his rule on the Osmium Throne, Oryx was responsible for siring two sons: Crota and Nokris. Guardians would get a first-hand look at Crota during the Great Disaster as the prince would mercilessly end the lives of thousands, cleaving his way into the history books and presenting a placing a dark stain on the galaxy.

Nokris wasn't nearly as beloved by his father and would instead end up estranged, finding himself a fanatic to the Worm God, Xol. Oryx often disrespected Nokris for his lack of strength, causing the lesser-son to hone magical skills and collect knowledge as an alternative to "impress his father."

8 He Used To Be Female

Oryx wasn't always known as the imposing God-King of the Hive. In fact, before he became "the God-King," Oryx was actually "the God-Queen." Oryx was born as Aurash and given the moniker Auryx, which meant "Long Thought" to the Hive. Along with her sisters, Aurash created a devasting trio of witch-like entities which were powerful enough in their own right.

It was only through a wicked and powerful pact with the Darkness itself that Aurush would be reborn as Oryx and begin a long and devastating reign over the galaxy.

7 Aurush Was Forced From Home At A Young Age

The Hive Race wasn't always as powerful and imposing as it seems. Aurush and her sisters were actually forced from their home for a long period of time due to an invasion from another species. At 10 years old, Aurush's father, the Osmium King, began to go mad pertaining to an upcoming prophecy. The "Sterile Mother," sensing the King's weakness and feeling as if there were no suitable heirs, decided to have a group known as "The Helium Drinkers" invade and take over.

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This struggle led to the destruction of the Osmium King and Aurush and her sisters were forced to flee their homeland at only two years old.

6 Aurush Crafted The Hive Via The Worm Gods

After being exiled from their home, the three sisters (Aurush, Xi Ro, and Sathona at the time) took off to locate a set of mysterious Worm Gods. They would succeed in their mission and the Worm Gods themselves would imbue them with mystical powers, transforming Xi Ro into Xivu Arath, Sathon into Savathun, and Aurush into a male named Auryx, giving him "right to the throne" or what would soon be the race known as the Hive.

Upon returning to their "land," the siblings would set out to craft and transform the Hive by spreading worms throughout their people.

5 The Taken Were Born From Desperation

We don't mean they were born directly from the "embodiment" of desperation, but they became a menace to the galaxy when Oryx found himself in trouble. After his son, Crota, was eliminated by the Guardians, Oryx set out in his massive ship, the Dreadnaught, to seek revenge. He ended up in a skirmish with Mara Sov and the Awoken near Saturn and was forced to unleash a blast that would not only put a hole in the ring of Saturn, but also disable all the fighters from each side (his own included).

Oryx then unleashed his "Taken" in an attempt to make up for all the support that he had lost.

4 Oryx's Spirit Lives On Even After Defeat

Oryx was a fearsome king and very confident in his abilities. After all, his Taken scourge had decimated a majority of the Cabal and were swiftly moving through the system, collecting a massive army. Still, even with all of this rolling momentum and a stranglehold on the galaxy, Oryx was not convinced that he could stand up to the might of any foe. Because of this (according to The Book of Sorrows) Oryx intended his spirit be transformed into a powerful weapon upon his defeat, a weapon that would allow him to "corrupt its bearer" and then once again take control of the Osmium Throne.

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The weapon would become known as the Touch of Malice and would actually "feed" on the enemies it defeated. Unfortunately for Oryx, the weapon was wielded by the Guardians, so although he "lived on in spirit," he wouldn't be reclaiming his throne.

3 Oryx's Legacy Lives On Long After His Defeat

Although the Guardians were successful in breaching the deepest parts of the Dreadnought and finally destroying Oryx, the Hive God-King still lives on in terrifying memory. Players would soon learn just how imposing Oryx was to most of the "world" after the Drifter showed up the Destiny 2: Joker's Wild event. The charismatic light-bearer was so terrified of the Taken King that he considered him one of the most horrifying Hive ever and used his likeness to create a special Primeval for Tier III of Reckoning.

2 Oryx's Voice Actor Is "Unknown"

There are a lot of great voices connected to the Destiny franchise. Lord Shaxx has his own cult following thanks to his killer accent and dulcet tones that echo throughout the Crucible. It also helps that his scripting is top notch. But some actors prefer to live the life of secrecy and that's exactly what the voice actor for Oryx requested. Although the voice is booming and one of the most imposing in the game, the actor prefers to remain "anonymous" to the community at large.

1 Modeled After A Moth

There is no denying that Oryx is one of the most terrifying enemies that Guardians will encounter in the Destiny series. He's massive, powerful, and commanding. But it turns out that Oryx's original concept may have been modeled after a creature that's a little less scary and a lot fuzzier.

The original Destiny produced some concept art for a group of "Moth Men" and judging by the shape of Oryx's head and his overall "bat-like design" it's definitely possible.

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