Destiny 2: How To Get Through The Pit Of Heresy Dungeon And Defeat Its Bosses

Welcome to Destiny 2’s latest dungeon, the Pit of Despair. Please note that accommodations are available, but are quite uncomfortable. There’s a lot of spikey bits and bottomless pits with evil, soul-sucking aliens everywhere in between.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so there’s really not a lot of time to sit and smell the worm-infested roses. Head to Sorrow’s Harbor and enter the Scarlet Keep. Enter via the front door and head straight to the circular pit that you normally couldn’t enter until last week’s patch. You can now head down into the Pit of Despair, the brand new dungeon in Shadowkeep.

You’ll first be dropping down the pit onto a path that you’ll follow for some distance before hitting a vast chasm with what appears to be a Hive castle built into the side of a cliff. Welcome to the first challenge.

Part 1: The Sword Is Your Weapon

Pit of Heresy
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The first challenge of the Pit of Despair looks rather intimidating since you'll basically be rock climbing up and down this giant edifice the whole time. Your task is to find and eliminate three mini-bosses: a Wizard, a Knight, and a Shrieker. All of them can only be killed by a special relic sword dropped by Accursed Knights, and only using a very specific method.

However, you gotta find 'em first. To do that, head to the highest tower. You might have noticed that each of the towers has a symbol - the first tower will tell us which towers contain the targets. The Hive symbols are chained to the wall just opposite of the entrance, so they'll be hard to miss. Write them down and don't forget.

Next, head back outside and track down an Accursed Knight. They have big swords that you'll need to steal in order to kill your targets. They hit like a truck, but aren't too difficult to dispatch with a bit of effort.

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Now that you have a sword, head to the tower with the first symbol. Inside will either be the wizard, the shrieker, or the Knight. The Knight can only be killed using quick attacks from the sword. The Wizard can only be killed using power attacks that shoot out a wave of green magic. The Shrieker can only be killed by blocking and reflecting its own projectiles back on itself.

Head to each of the towers with the three symbols from earlier, using the elevators in each tower if you need to go back up. If you need a new sword, wander around until you find another Accursed Knight and grab it off its corpse.

After all the mini-bosses are defeated, one of the towers will shoot a big green beam into the sky. That’s your path to the next challenge.

Part 2: There Are Many Paths And All Lead To Death

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In the next area, you'll find a whole bunch of doors. Only one of them is correct, so you must choose wisely.

Just kidding: none of them are right. The actual path forward is a tiny sliver of light coming out of a crack in the wall just below the path. Jump there to continue to the next area, which is just as obtuse.

Now you’re in a vast underground cavern system with three ogres wandering around. You can’t kill the ogres, so don’t try - you can only evade them using the many secret tunnels that connect each of the three main paths in the cavern. Inside each of these secret tunnels is a knight you must kill to steal their Void Orb. With Void Orb in hand, you must then make it to the end of each of the three main paths to slam it into an altar in order to proceed to the next area.

This part is basically a giant game of cat and mouse. Titan barriers and Hunter invisibility are both very helpful to avoid the ogres. See below for a decent map:

Tunnels of Despair
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After that comes the final part of Part 2, which is a big encounter in a large room. Floating above a plate is a big Hive altar that will slowly descend. If it touches the plate, then the fireteam wipes and you have to start over. To prevent its descent, someone must be standing on the plate at all times.

In addition, everyone is given a debuff curse. If it reaches a high enough number, that person dies. To get that curse back down to a single stack, you’ll need to find a Heretical Knight and steal his void orb to dunk back on the altar beside the plate.

Every dunk of an orb will spawn knights in the balcony section upstairs, so keep a sniper rifle handy to deal with them. A bubble Titan or a Well of Radiance Warlock will also help keep the team alive as they’re forced to stand on the plate.

Dunk enough orbs and you’ll be given access to the next section and a checkpoint.

Part 3: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

The Harrow
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Remember that Pit of Despair trailer? Well, this is the part with all the moving spikes and whatnot. You want to drop down the hole without hitting any of them, otherwise you die. You also don’t want to go to the very bottom, as it’s actually bottomless and you’ll die. There’s a ledge around the side at the bottom you want to drop down to, so do that instead.

Next is a big room with three symbols. Again, those symbols denote where you want to go to kill three wizards and progress to the next area. This area is another maze, so refer to the map in order to see where you need to go. We hope you’re good at jumping puzzles and shooting from midair.

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Part 4: The Final Battle

Pit of Heresy
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After that, you finally arrive at the final encounter. In the middle of the circular area is a big flaming Knight that is mostly invincible. Surrounding it are three smaller towers, which each contain the same mini-bosses from Part 1: a Knight, a Wizard, and a Shrieker. Swordbearers will spawn and you must steal their swords in order to kill each of those three mini-bosses in the same way as before. The order doesn’t matter here, so get to it.

Each of these mini-bosses will drop a Void Orb. Take the orb to the center area and dunk it while avoiding the big flaming Knight’s attacks. Do this for each of the mini-bosses to make Mr. Flamey vulnerable to attack, but only if you stand in the middle circular area. You’ll get a buff that allows you to damage it.

Unload all your best DPS but watch out for the Knight’s counterattacks. At some point, the Knight will slam his sword into the ground which is your cue to leave the circle, otherwise, you die.

All the mini-bosses have respawned and you need to go kill them and dunk the orbs again for the next damage phase. Do this twice more and you’ll kill the Knight and defeat the Pit of Despair.

You’ll get a pinnacle reward for your trouble, so the Pit is definitely worth your time. Now, if only they had a timeshare down there. Real estate on the moon is getting pretty insane, or so I hear.

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