Destiny 2 Players Have Collectively Spent 25 Years Just Deleting Shaders

Bungie released a set of statistics to ring in the first year of Destiny 2. Among them was the fact that players spent 25 years deleting shaders.

Shaders are the bane of Destiny 2 players, and now there are numbers to prove it. Bungie just released a series of statistics for the game, and among them was the fact that players have deleted over 800 million shaders since the game first released. A fan did some calculations of their own, and concluded that the number equals about 25 years worth of throwing shaders in the trash.

To back it up for those who don't follow Destiny 2, shaders are cosmetic items that allow a player to repaint their armor or weapons a different color. Each individual shader contains one shade, as the name implies. The first Destiny had shaders as well, but they were a permanent item. Destiny 2 made them a one-time use thing. This means that Destiny 2 players can collect multiples of the same color shader, and their inventories become flooded with these copies and colors they don't want.

The only thing to do with unwanted inventory is to delete it, and that's exactly what Destiny 2 players have been doing. Bungie, the game's developer, just released a series of statistics (via Eurogamer). Among these numbers was the fact that players have deleted 807,635,124 shaders. That's since launch, about a year ago.

via: bungie.net

The process of deleting shaders is a tedious one. They have to be deleted individually, and the actual act involves watching a one-second long progress bar fill up. One Redditor decided to do the math. They took the 807,635,124 given by Bungie and turned that into seconds, based on one second per deletion. They then converted that into years, making for 25.6 years players have collectively spent deleting shaders.

Fortunately, a solution is on the way. The August 28th update to Destiny 2 will include an option to delete shaders en masse. Praise be.

via: bungie.net

Other stats from Bungie are revealing but not as amusing. Dead Orbit is the most popular faction with Hunters. Over 800,000 have pledged to it while the other two factions only have around 580,000. 194,000 players use Whisper Of The Worm, and 8,700 like Redrix's Claymore.

As Destiny 2 gears up for its second year, players are excited for new weapons and new challenges. But perhaps the biggest thing to hype over is that they'll finally get valuable minutes of their life back from deleting shaders.

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