Someone Has Reached Power Level 999 In Destiny 2 And This Is What Happened

After a difficult and arduous battle, one player faced the Shattered Throne alone. Here's what happened next.

Shattered Throne

UPDATE: Bungie has acknowledged Bagel4k's feat with a personal message on the official Destiny 2 website. It's not quite the same as breaking the curse of the Dreaming City, but it's still pretty sweet. The original story follows.

Last week, the race was on to reach Power Level 999. The front runner was a guardian named Zupah who used the seasonal artifact to gain an immense amount of temporary seasonal levels to boost his power to 984. The goal, other than simply reaching the highest number possible, was to follow-up on a piece of lore called Truth To Power that said, among other things, that if a player could reach Light Level 999 and defeat the Shattered Throne dungeon solo, they would see the “true ending” of the Dreaming City.

However, Zupah was not alone. Another player named Bagel4k had the same idea and also ground out seasonal levels and pinnacle rewards to get to 999. He managed to get there first as Zupah ran in to some unfortunate duplicates on his pinnacle drops that prevented him from reaching 999.

So instead of Zupah, it was Bagle4k that took on Shattered Throne alone. He wasn’t too familiar with the mini-raid, so he reached out to another player named Gladd to coach him through each encounter.

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Even at Light Level 999, Shattered Throne is no picnic. He managed to make it all the way to the end and defeat Du Incaru alone (save for the voice of Gladd over his headset), and when the final countdown began, everyone waited for the true ending to be revealed.

And then nothing happened.

You can see near the end of the 1:45-hour long video that the disappointment was immeasurable. But then, there was no guarantee that anything would happen. Truth To Power is filled with tons of absolutely ridiculous tales, and it was assumed by many that Power Level 999 was just another ludicrous statement. At the time, Power Level 999 wasn’t even possible and only since Shadowkeep’s arrival and the seasonal levels from the new artifact has it been an attainable goal.

Players speculate that Bungie might simply not have added the Truth to Power ending since they didn’t expect players to reach Power Level 999 so quickly, but that seems dubious. Bungie keeps a closer eye on their community than many other studios, so it seems almost impossible for them to not keep tabs on the highest player’s level.

On the plus side, this was a milestone for the Destiny community. We'll see what crazy theory comes up next season, maybe with Power Level 1,100 as the goal.

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