Destiny 2: Where The Rasputin Armory Code Is And What You Need It For

Here's how to get the Rasputin Armory Code in Destiny 2 - and how to use it to activate the Valkyrie weapon in the Warmind campaign!

Destiny 2 is certainly picking up again. Apart from the new Season of Opulence and the now very popular Menagerie raids, Bungie also has a new expansion in store, with Shadowkeep set for release later this year.

Of course, not everyone is as advanced or even able to play Season 7, as the Forsaken campaign needs to be beaten first. This could be for several reasons. Maybe you just got the game or maybe you've had it a while but you've been paying more attention to all of your other games.

Whatever the case may be, there's always use for some Guardian schooling. The game's just that complicated sometimes and, unless you're a seasoned expert or just extremely well read, you're likely to come across something you have no idea what to do with. You're also probably going to stumble upon requirements that puzzle you completely.

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Take the Rasputin Armory Code, for example. Maybe you've picked it up on Mars and aren't sure what its use is. Or, maybe you've seen an opening that doesn't allow you in unless you have it.

So, what is the code exactly? Well, before we get into that, we'll have to do a quick run through the Warmind expansion as it's everything to do with that.

The Warmind Expansion In Brief

Warmind released as a purchasable DLC for Destiny 2 last May and takes around three hours to finish, depending on your skill level, of course.

The campaign revolves around Anastasia "Ana" Bray and most of it takes place on Mars. Ana, your main ally who's also the one dishing out the quests, is a former Guardian and a Battle of Twilight Gap hero. Keen on discovering the history of her past life, she's come to Mars to find answers and contacts you to help.

So mainly, the Traveler's awakening has apparently caused shifts everywhere, triggering the boot of an ancient AI called Rasputin. Unfortunately, loads of Hive - specifically "Frozen Hive" - are awake too, along with a giant worm named Xol.

Ana asks you to find her at the Clovis Bray Facility, but of course, you must fight your way through hordes of Hive before doing so. The mission requires you to find Rasputin's core and, given the difficulty, he hands you some help with an exotic javelin called the Valkyrie, which can be activated and picked up at various points during the mission. Sadly, you don't get to keep it, but the game would probably be way too easy if Guardians were allowed to run around brandishing a weapon that could cause major damage by it simply striking the ground.

The DLC also came with Escalation Protocol, a summonable public event available all over Mars. It was the most difficult activity in the entire game upon release but has since been made easier, as fireteams were staying away.

What Is A Rasputin Armory Code?

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So, back to that code. A Rasputin Armory Code is a consumable item that allows you access to the Valkyrie mentioned above by letting you through a trapdoor.

How To Find Rasputin Armory Code

The Rasputin Armory Code isn't all that hard to find when you're on Mars, as they drop during public events or from yellow-bar bosses' loot boxes in various locations on the planet. They're also found in chests and are earned from the elimination of high-value targets. All you really have to do is spend a bit of time roaming around or going on a few patrols.

What You Can Do With It

If you've gotten your hands on a Rasputin Armory Code but aren't sure what to do with it, don't feel so bad. There's a reason this guide has been written, as it's actually a widespread question.

First, you'll have to fire up the Escalation protocol mentioned earlier. Once that's started, look out for the metal trapdoors that emerge from the ground. Each of these entrances can be accessed using a single Rasputin Armory code and once inside, you'll find that mighty Valkyrie.

The Valkyrie could be thrown at enemies or simply slammed into the ground. It wreaks havoc either way, but it does run out after a while since it comes with a time limit. If it does run out and you have more codes, you can keep running into different hatches to get more.

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The Rasputin Armory Code comes in pretty handy, but unfortunately only on Mars. The Valkyrie is quite the powerful weapon too and would probably have you run through all missions, quests, and adventures with ease, as well as expansions - but what fun would that be?

Players would probably be fine with hatches popping up in random locations regardless of the planet they're playing on, but we doubt Bungie's about to be that generous; it's not like they aren't nerfing a new weapon every week...

Shadowkeep And The Future

Meanwhile, the developers, who've broken away from Activision, have the Shadowkeep expansion set for release on September 17. This one will take you back to Earth's moon, where more Hive will become available for shooting up, but there'll be a new threat as well.

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Bungie has also revealed that it isn't sure how it'll be going about things in the future as it relates to releases. Hardcore fans will probably want a Destiny 3, and that is a possibility, but there are players who are fine with expansions (which are cheaper).

The devs say they will rely on player feedback in order to decide which path to take, so whether they launch a whole new game or just continue with the addition of expansions depends on you.

Well, it is probably contingent on Shadowkeep too. If that does well and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, then it might seem like players are leaning towards the expansion side of things.

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