Destiny 2: How To Complete Relics Of The Golden Age And Get Sturm And Drang

Destiny 2 has been around for a bit, but the constant updates and the release of expansions make it a great game to buy even now.

Having regained its reputation as one of the best looter shooters available, the Bungie title has amassed a great player base. However, it could seem a bit complicated to newbies and, while gathering the best weapons seems simple enough as some great stuff comes to you via random drops, there are a few quests that could leave you with some pretty high-end loot.

Take the Relics of the Golden Age, for example. It's a quest step that, upon completion, hooks your Guardian up with one of the best weapon combos in the game - the Sturm and Drang.

The Relics of the Golden Age Quest

These are a special pair of weapons that directly influence each other when they're both equipped. The Drang, a Legendary sidearm, triggers a quest to unlock the Sturm, which is an Exotic Hand Cannon.

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The weapons look a bit similar, but the real catch is the perk that makes it so that the weapons complement each other. The Sturm reloads your energy weapon with a kill while the Drang reloads the Sturm when you kill an enemy with it. This means that you can keep switching between the two and never have to reload.

How To Get Sturm And Drang

To get both of these weapons, you need to complete Destiny 2's main story, and then take on the Nessus story that comes after. You'll also need to be at level 20 and above. The Black Exodus missions on Nessus need to be completed and, after finishing the last of them, you're rewarded with the Drang.

You'll also be in receipt of a quest item that requires you to speak to the Cryptarch, Master Rahool, in the Tower. It will become the Relics of the Golden Age quest and will need you to complete the three objectives listed below:

- Decrypt Legendary Engrams (5)

- Decrypt Exotic Engrams (1)

- Defeat Fallen on Nessus With Drang (10)

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You could complete these objectives while doing any unrelated activities so you can go ahead with missions and various events on Nessus if you please. It will probably help to do so to get Engrams, as there's no solid formula for that. Faction rewards could count towards the first objective, however.

When you're through with those, head back to Master Rahool so he can send you to Tyra Karn at The Farm. That will get you a second Relics of the Golden Age item.

Tyra will have you go back to Nessus for two more objectives. Firstly, you're to defeat multiple Fallen with the Drang (x 10) without reloading and then defeat a powerful, yellow-bar Fallen with the Drang (x 10).

A pair of Fallen counts as multiple, so you could just kill two or three of them, reload, and keep it going till you clear the objective. As for the powerful Fallen, you're the one who needs to get that final kill so let the folks on your Fireteam know if you have other Guardians with you.

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The Exodus Seige adventure, south of the Exodus Black Zone, will put you up against a yellow-bar Fallen enemy right away, so you could blast through it 10 times to fulfill the second objective.

You could also head to the Glade of Echos region on Nessus, where you'll come across a yellow-bar Servitor. Kill it, leave the area for a bit, and then head back - there should be a new Servitor waiting. You could do this as many times as you like.

Finishing The Relics Of The Golden Age Quest

After that's done, you head back to The Farm for a chat with Tyra for the final Relics of the Golden Age quest step, which requires a face-off with a Servitor called Kendricks-7 in a special version of the Exodus Crash Strike back on Nessus. The quest will be marked on your map.

You must go to the map and select Relics of the Golden Age. It's recommended that you're at a light level of 140 and that you take a Fireteam with you. You can also complete it solo if you'd rather do that, but only as long as you're good enough. After that, shoot enemies up until the point that you reach the Fallen Walker, then head into the darkroom, where you'll find Kendricks-7.

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You can simply take cover behind the box near the entrance and fire at the Servitor from a distance, so a Power weapon should do the trick.

The Golden Age Engram And How To Use It

Finally, pay Tyra another visit at The Farm and she will present you with a Golden Age Engram that decrypts into the Exotic Sturm Hand Cannon. Pair that up with the Drang and have some non-reloading fun.

To add to what was mentioned at the beginning, the Sturm will reload any energy weapon, so you can pair it up with whatever you want. However, the Drang only reloads the Sturm.

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