Destiny 2 Offers Secret Exotic Quest In New Patch: How To Attain Outbreak Perfected

A secret Exotic quest appeared in Destiny 2 with the new patch, here's how to complete it and get the Outbreak Perfected reward.

Destiny 2 was recently patched with version 2.2.2, and players were quick to find a hidden surprise. A secret Exotic quest was revealed and leads to the acquisition of Outbreak Perfected.

Longtime players of the franchise will recognize the name, as Outbreak Prime was first available in the Rise of Iron expansion of the original Destiny. There, players needed to open a series of doors using binary, and if successful, were awarded the weapon.

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The mystery began to unfold as players located a secret door in the Heroic Adventure "Bad Neighbors", which revealed a Fallen Transponder. Opening the Transponder gives the player a view of a panel with six nodes, meaning that there is a bit of a search needed to unlock each one. Two quick caveats need to be addressed before venturing forth to acquire the weapon: First, the questline "Enemy of my Enemy" must be complete on Titan in order to unlock the door, which only becomes available once a player completes the main game campaign. Second, the enemies you will face are no pushovers. Having gear lower than 680 is likely going to make the task difficult, or even impossible to complete as there is a timed component to the final step of the mission.

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Node 1

First you need to travel over to "The Drain Lost Sector" in the EDZ, eliminate the Metal Captain, and continue on far past the Lost Sector chest. Eventually you will reach a large cavern with Fallen flags above. Inside you will find two boxes draped in purple sheets. Checking those boxes will reveal a SIVA icon between them, allowing you to pick up the first node.

Node 2

Still in the EDZ, you should go to "Whispered Falls Lost Sector". Once there, head into the pit. To the right will be a small area with a glowing green light. Head inside, turn your back to the skulls, and you will be able to pick up the second node.

Node 3

In the EDZ you will next go to the "Atrium Lost Sector". Hussle down the steps at the church and then continue along the path. After clearing the first room, leave and head to the left until you see a small alcove. Node 3 will be available behind a pillar.

Node 4

This will be the last spot to seach in the EDZ, as you head to "Widow's Walk Lost Sector". After clearing all enemies, you will want to locate the chest. To the upper right there should be a small landing in the ruins of a building, and inside awaits the fourth node.

Node 5

Now go to Nessus, to "The Carrion Pit Lost Sector", and eliminate the boss there. Past the chest, look to the right where you will see a place to jump down. Jump as far right as you are able and then turn back around. Jump back upwards, through a hidden wall, to locate the fifth node.

Node 6

Go to "The Rift Lost Sector", still on Nessus. Locate a large, red light in the center of the Lost Sector arena, and from there, look left of the main chest. There is a storage container that looks as though it could tip over the edge of a ledge. Navigate the platforms and jump until you land into the open side to acquire the last node.

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From that point you will find a message in the Fallen Transponder with all nodes acquired. Back on EDZ, head to "The Farm". Once there, turn to the right and locate an open cellar at the big barn. Eventually you will locate Mithrax, the Fallen Captain. With your team assembled, get ready for a good fight.

The final step is the previously-mentioned mission constrained by a 20 minutes timer. Defeating the boss will award players with Outbreak Perfected. Best of luck to you in your quest!

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