Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Is Currently The Best Selling Game On Steam

It’s been a wild ride since Destiny 2 first released back in 2017, but the latest expansion for the game, Shadowkeep, is currently sitting at the number one spot on Steam.

Although it received positive reviews and achieved impressive sales numbers when it launched, the player base of Destiny 2 started to dwindle as time went by. While the gameplay was fluid and engaging, there simply wasn’t enough high quality content to keep gamers hooked after a few months. Many dedicated fans stuck around, but there was speculation throughout the web that the game might be dead only a year after launch. Bungie released several expansions that helped remedy this issue, with Forsaken bringing the game to new heights and pulling back in a sizable audience.

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Now, Bungie is looking to do the same with Shadowkeep. This will be first expansion put out by the developer since parting ways with their old publisher, Activision. As of now that’s a decision that seems to have paid off in dividends, as Shadowkeep has reached the top spot on the Steam charts and is one of the top downloads on both Xbox One and PS4. However, only time will tell if the expansion can rival those of the past when it comes to quality. Players are just now digging into the plethora of content added to the game, and no one has had enough time to put together a comprehensive review of the new additions.

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Early impressions of the expansion are positive, even if there have been a few hiccups with the servers and some connectivity issues. Massive downloads and lengthy queues appear to be the only things detracting from an otherwise positive experience. Surprisingly, the Destiny 2 community seems to be completely understanding about these growing pains. It’s common to see the masses freak out in a situation like this, but if this reddit thread is to be believed, Destiny 2 might have the most level-headed community in the industry. As long as Bungie can keep listening to community feedback, Destiny 2 might be around for a very long time.

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