Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Iron Banner: Everything To Know About Rewards And The Seasonal Pursuit


The Iron Banner returns this week in Destiny 2 with new rewards and a new seasonal pursuit.

It's that time again! Lord Saladin is coming back to The Tower to start handing out guns like some sort of homicidal Santa Claus. This season will see a few changes to how things get done in the Iron Banner, starting with a brand new seasonal pursuit.

Unlike previous renditions of the Iron Banner, where players just needed to play Banner matches to get Banner tokens and then trade them in for loot, this season's Banner will lock handing in tokens behind a quest called Spectacle. This new seasonal pursuit must be completed before you can hand in Banner tokens, but on the plus side, it will reward you with the brand new armor.

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We'll get to that armor in a second, but first the pursuit objectives. There are four things to do to complete the pursuit: Pulse Rifle final blows, Fusion Rifle final blows, Submachine Gun final blows, and Grenade Launcher final blows. Get enough of all of them and you can turn in the pursuit to start getting goodies.

The good news is that this pursuit is seasonal, so the objectives get tracked even if you haven’t officially acquired it yet. Each step of the pursuit rewards new Iron Will armor set, which is the big draw for this Iron Banner.

Iron Banner Rewards
via Bungie

As you can see, the Iron Will set will make you look like a knight in shining armor. Besides that, there’s the usual assortment of Iron Banner weapon rewards which you can obtain by handing in bounties, completing matches, and purchasing via Banner tokens.

A couple of other changes to note: the previous seven bounties offered during the Iron Banner have been reduced to four, but they now offer Pinnacle-tier rewards. Also, the Heavy Weapon ammo spawn rate will revert to pre-Shadowkeep levels due to Iron Banner Control maps being different from the regular Crucible ones. This should make it a little easier to grab ammo for that Grenade Launcher pursuit.

The Iron Banner is on from 10 AM PDT October 15th to 10 AM PDT October 22nd.

Source: Bungie, Light.gg

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