10 Things That Make No Sense In Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is getting its time to shine. However, feelings about the game are mixed. Many critics and gamers have praised some of the new gameplay and technical mechanics. Yet, some feel that Shadowkeep has borrowed too much from previous installments, and as a result, pales in comparison to Forsaken. Whatever your feelings about Shadowkeep, it is the latest popular game to hit the digital and physical shelves, so let's talk about it.

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For this list, we are going to highlight some of the unreasonable and odd things that don't make sense in Shadowkeep. So, if you have bought the game and trying to decide if it meets your expectations, or are wondering if you should invest in Shadowkeep in the first place, take a look at this list to determine if the game is for you.

10 What's With All The Grinding?

Well, first and foremost, let's get one of the most obvious things out of the way? What some players are having an issue with, and are not understanding is the game's dependence on grinding. There are a lot of repetitive tasks that gamers are having to deal with, and many aren't excited about it.

While this game is providing a polished experienced that introduces some cool new mechanics, it still requires much grinding to get the gear that you want. Considering the decent balance between grinding and progressive gameplay of Forsaken, why couldn't the same have been done here?

9 Is There Going To Be A Catch-Up For New Fans?

For five years, Destiny has captured the imaginations of many gamers, and with this new installment featuring Eris Morn, old school fans have a lot to dig into. However, there is a lot of information and lore for new fans to catch up on.

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Much of the story has gotten so complicated that it can be challenging for any new fans to truly jump in and enjoy what Shadowkeep has to offer regarding the storyline. Who is the Darkness? What's the next chapter? Who knows?

8 Lingering Major Glitch Issues

As with any new major title, Shadowkeep was not without some preliminary problems. So, anyone who started Destiny 2 before the September 30th maintenance, and then booted up Shadowkeep on October 1st were introduced to a traumatic sight. Gamers saw their players within the game with zero power.

Bummer! So, Bungie advised players to delete the character. Why did this occur, and is it still happening to players? For a large title like this being put out to the masses, this kind of glitch doesn't make sense.

7 Specific Achievements Can Only Be Unlocked With Forsaken

What if you didn't purchase Forsaken, or what if you just weren't interested in playing that installment? Well, it turns out you are out of luck when it comes to specific achievements and trophies.

In Shadowkeep, particular things can only be unlocked if you own Forsaken. While we get that Bungie may want to foster cohesiveness between the story of Forsaken and Shadowkeep, requiring gamers to have the previous installment to get specific items is a bit weird.

6 Why Are We Returning To The Moon?

As Bungie prepares for the rest of Year 3, some would have thought the developers would have gone all out to set the stage for the next installment. However, many are disappointed about the recycled material and repetitive nature of the expansion.

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The Moon has already been the site for other missions, while many of the "new" enemies are just older enemies with a red mist surrounding them. Why didn't Bungie change up the environment and start on a new foot?

5 You Might Not Be Able To Use One Of The Best Exotics In The Game

So, this is where the prior game content situation comes into play. If you had your eyes set on Izanagi's Burden, an exotic sniper rifle, then you may be out of luck. In a baffling move, the developers have made it next to impossible to get the Key Mold necessary to acquire the rifle if you haven't completed the "Rekindle the Flames" quest, before the release of Shadowkeep.

Why in the world was this not foreseen ahead of time? Hopefully, the developers will figure this situation out and quell the frustration of gamers.

4 Not Being Able To Use Old Mods

While the Armor 2.0 system is in full swing, some curious things about it may not make sense to some individuals. Unfortunately, you can only use 1.0 mods with old armor. So, if you like something from your old Destiny romps, you won't be able to bring these old mods forward.

While cross saves are excellent, and Armor 2.0 seems impressive, it is a bummer that we cannot upgrade functionality where we can use 2.0 armor with old mods. In fact, if this is the case, why are the old mods allowed to be used in the first place?

3 What's Up With The Deathbringer Rocket Launcher?

So, for many, the real fun begins after the primary campaign. That is when many opportunities open up to be able to grab more advanced weapons, namely, Exotics. However, there is one that is going to give you a run for your money. The campaign to get the Deathbringer rocket launcher requires to you take on a horde of Hives.

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However, the part that doesn't make sense is not with the mission, but the weapon itself. You are going to have to be an ace physicist to get the best out of this weapon. Unlike many of the other rocket launchers, you are going to have to shoot indirectly to hit enemies. You have to aim a bit over the target to make contact. Why isn't there a direct hit?

2 What's The Sudden Change in Behavior For Eris Morn?

In the Destiny universe, Eris Morn is portrayed as a savvy and powerful Hunter and vendor. She is an expert on Hive lore and has made a lot of calculated moves. In various other games, her knowledge and ideas have taken out bosses and have allowed her to be successful in her new life of a Hunter.

However, in this game, instead of her savviness, a mistake she made let to the release of the Nightmares. Knowing how smart and talented she is, why would she commit an error like this one? This act seems out of character for the powerful Eris Morn.

1 Wouldn't It Make More Sense To Have A Standard Monthly Subscription?

The price of the deluxe issue of Shadowkeep is approaching $60, with the inclusion of three additional season passes (at $10). While this may seem like a good deal, it is striking that an expansion pack is approaching the cost of an actual game release with new content.

While some may prefer to pay upfront, others may want the option to pay a subscription fee. Other MMO titles have done the same. Why has Bungie not considered this?

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