Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

So you've completed the Shadowkeep campaign. You got your full set of Dreambane armor, entered the black pyramid, confronted even more ghosts of the past, and after a rather abrupt ending you're back in orbit asking yourself that age-old question: "What next?" Well, before you put down that controller and start considering ways to become a contributing member of society again, don't discount the fact that you're playing Destiny 2and with this game, it's always about the endgame content. In fact, the campaign is more like a formality in this series than anything else. Now that the rest of the expansion is your oyster, here's a list of  ten things you can do after you beat the main campaign.

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10 Lectern Of Enchantment Weapons

In an aspect somewhat similar to the first few steps of forge weapons from Black Armory, Shadowkeep has the Lectern of Enchantment weapons. These quests, taking the form of randomly dropped essences on the moon, will lead you to an arsenal of themed weapons. Each quest has certain requirements that need to be completed first. For example, the Loud Lullaby hand cannon will have Guardians completing the Essence of Brutality quest. Activities have to be completed on the moon, achieve 50 kills with hand cannons, and locating a particular item required to craft your new weapon. It may seem like a lot to do, especially for randomly rolled perks, but for the collectors out there these quests are a must.

9 Vex Offensive

Destiny has been doing well with its horde modes lately. Forges, the Menagerie, and more recently Reckoning from Season of the Drifter which kept everyone busy on the wait til Shadowkeep's release. The latest horde mode in the current Season of the Undying is the Vex Offensive; a romp through the Black Garden that sees you fighting a lot of Vex. Word around the Destiny 2 community is that this mode is very generous with loot; that, of course, is exactly what players are after. Again, there's an entire arsenal at the disposal of players here so enjoy hunting down your own personal god rolls. It doesn't take too much to get the mode unlocked, either. In fact, if you've stopped to take on some Vex on the moon during your play through the campaign you probably collected enough for the path into the Black Garden to be available for you.

8 The Garden Of Salvation Raid

This one is pretty easy. Love end game PvE content? The raid is for you. Form up with five other Guardians and head into the Black Garden in order to deal with the never-ending Vex problem. While this raid seems to be pretty moderate compared to the other raids of Destiny 2 (The very first completion took about six hours), now that the race is over there's no reason to not take it at a reasonable pace. With an abundance of guides available, go ahead and get the raid done, pop as many chests as you can, and collect all of the weapons and armor. Nothing says dedicated than a full raid armor set, after all.

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Be warned, though; it's still a raid. You'd do well to make sure you gear up and level up first. That should go without saying, though.

7 New Exotic Weapons

While not all of Shadowkeep's exotics are live just yet, there is still a handful that players can pursue. Deathbringer, for example, the exotic rocket launcher that explodes in mid-air and spawns mini enemy seeking missiles, is probably going to be great for add clearing in the raid or Vex Offensive.

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If you're feeling really gutsy about your RNG the original Destiny exotic Monte Carlo is now in the Shadowkeep loot pool, and it's still pretty fun to use. It may not be the most fun thing to try and actively pursue, but again, if you're confident in your RNG, there's nothing stopping you.

6 New Exotic Catalysts

Again, this is very RNG based but there are a number of new catalysts that are live in Shadowkeep now too. These catalysts are dropping for Forsaken exotics now; this includes guns like the tried and true Ace of Spades. Despite the nerf to Orbs of Light in the new expansion, catalysts are still nice to have for their orb generation and the additional enhancements that they provide to the weapon they're applied to. Ace of Spades, for example, gets Funeral Pyre; an enhancement to the Firefly perk when Memento Mori is active. In the right situations, this hand cannon can be incredibly useful in a number of PvE situations. If you aren't lucky enough to have exotics dropping, maybe you'll have better luck finding a catalyst or two to complete.

5 Ritual Weapons

If your primary focus upon Shadowkeep's release was to race through the campaign, you probably haven't paid too much mind to this season's Ritual Weapons; Bungie's new offering in place of Pinnacle Weapons from seasons prior. Ritual Weapons don't offer unique perks as Pinnacle Weapons did, but instead, they offer versatile and synergistic perk combinations. Another plus is that they don't require as much of a grind to get as Pinnacle weapons did; that means that Guardians can jump into Strikes, the Crucible, or Gambit and make good progress just playing.

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To some, the idea of Ritual Weapons may not be the most worthwhile of Shadowkeep's offerings, these weapons may be helpful for filling some gaps in your loadout.

4 Climb To The Level Cap

The new level cap in Shadowkeep is 960, and those last 10 levels from 950-960 are only achievable through pinnacle activities according to Bungie, but at that point who wants to be doing basic things anyway? Part of the excitement of getting new content in a Destiny game is the climb to max power level. It's not a requirement by any means, but there's something about being there that just makes players feel good. Another benefit to being max power level is the ability to start using gear that you like. Granted you can do this regardless and skilled players may not rely on power level to dictate their playstyle, but still, there's something to be said about being able to climb to the top within new content.

3 Upgrade Your Artifact

The artifact is a way to blow well past the power level cap which is great; essentially there are no limits to how much your artifact can be upgraded. That in and of itself is great, however, there is also the added benefit to the artifact being integral in creating new and unique builds thanks to the brand new armor 2.0 system. With an endless combination of mods to apply to your artifact it's definitely worth it post-Shadowkeep campaign to spend time upgrading your seasonal artifact. Keep in mind, too, that artifacts are seasonal. That means after the Season of the Undying is over it'll be on to a new artifact and new builds to explore so enjoy what this season's artifact has to offer while you can!

2 Nightmare Hunts

These new challenge modes will have guardians returning to square off against those ghosts of the past. Similar to Nightfall Strikes, these missions come with challenging modifiers to make the jaunt down memory lane that much more interesting. Guardians are pitted against familiar opponents, too: Skolas, Omnigul, even Phogoth from the Summoning Pits strike in the first Destiny. Guardians should definitely give the Nightmare Hunts a go, because they're likely to give up some pretty sweet loot. At least, for what Eris and the Vanguard are asking of us, they had better.

1 Revisit Previous Content

When a new expansion drops it's hard not to get serious tunnel vision. Often times players think themselves into thinking "If I'm not doing new content then I'm wasting my time." Destiny, however, is an organic game: there isn't such a thing as being punished for playing content from previous parts of the game. In fact, a lot of what's new in Shadowkeep is super encouraging for such things. Go for it and have fun. That's what the game is all about, after all.

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