Destiny 2: Latest Trailer For Gambit Prime Mode Reveals New Perks And Armor

Destiny 2 developer, Bungie, has released a trailer for the new Gambit mode that reveals the armor and perks players can earn by participating. The trailer also includes more details on how Gambit Prime will be played and what makes the new mode different from traditional Gambit.

Today marks the start of season six for Destiny 2 players, a.k.a. the Season of the Drifter. The new season promises lots of additions to the game's lore, as well as a new mode for the PVP game, Gambit. Bungie has already promised that Gambit Prime will be a shorter, but much more intense version of Gambit with more well-defined team roles.

The Gambit Prime trailer, which released on Destiny's YouTube channel yesterday, reveals that Gambit Prime will feature only one round and a much more difficult final boss, called a Primeval. Defeating the Primeval will require more coordination and strategy between teammates, and utilization of the new, distinct player roles.

There will be four roles for players to choose from, each with its own unique armor set. The armor sets not only help players easily identify what role team members are playing, they also provide perks that help players fill their roles more effectively.

The Reaper wears a green set that helps players take out as many enemies as possible. Their set perks include weakening targets with higher values, generating special ammo when players make multi-kills, keeping motes on the ground longer, and recharging grenades when more powerful enemies are killed.

The Sentry, wearing yellow, counters the enemy offensive and protects the team's bank. Their set buffs damage against the Taken when players kill multiple enemies, regenerates health when players are near the bank, marks Invaders for allies, and buffs allies in the Well of Light.

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The Collector wears a white set that helps with collecting motes and sending Blockers. Their set drops motes when the player dies, makes motes grant an overshield, generates ammo when motes are deposited, and can send a giant Blocker when players hold 20 motes.

The Invader sports an eye-catching red set that helps players steal as many motes as possible while taking out enemy players on their home turf. Their set generates ammo while players are invading the enemy team, increases the power of their overshield while invading, grants bonus damage when players kill enemy guardians, and locks down and drains motes while invading.

For color-blind Destiny 2 players, Bungie has released a handy chart showing what the different sets will look like in the game's different color blind settings.

Unlocking the different perks for each role will require players to move back and forth between Gambit Prime and another new PVP mode from the Drifter, called the Reckoning. Bungie hasn't provided more information on how players can unlock perks for their gear sets with the two new modes.

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