Next Destiny 2 Update Will Nerf Luna's Howl & Not Forgotten Hand Cannons

The Luna's Howl & Not Forgotten Hand Cannons, two weapons that dominate Destiny 2 PvP, will be nerfed in the next update.

Bungie has announced that it will be nerfing the Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten hand cannons significantly in Destiny 2's Season of Opulence, which is set to kick off in June.

The weapons, available from crucible manager Lord Shaxx, have been dominating PVP for some time now. However, Bungie will make them weaker in an effort to make other weapons more relevant.

Luna's Howl and Not Forgotten will see their rate of fire drop from 180 to 150 but they will still count as precision hand cannons, the only 150 RPM precision hand cannons in the game. And, while the nerf will lower their time-to-kill, it won't affect their smooth recoil and in-air accuracy.

The bespoke Magnificent Howl perk that gives these weapons their power will be tweaked as well. As things stand, the perk increases the impact of your next shot when you land two headshots in quick succession but the nerf will make it so that only body-shot damage is heightened. The best time-to-kill options with both these guns will be two headshots and a body-shot finisher.

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Bungie announced as much via its weekly blog on Thursday.

"After significant amounts of feedback, internal discussion, and playtesting, we’ve decided to adjust how these Hand Cannons work," the devs reported. "For some players, these weapons can represent a significant investment of time and the personal improvement needed to acquire them.

"Magnificent Howl (the unique perk on these weapons) is too effective. It works in a neutral setting and rewards players for getting precision shots—something they would have done naturally. As a result, the time to kill of the game shifts to meet this new benchmark, and players feel that the majority of primary weapons in Destiny 2 cannot compete with these pinnacle weapons.

"Our current plan is to make Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten the only 150 RPM precision Hand Cannons. They will maintain some aspects of their current behavior while taking on the firing speed and damage of the 150 RPM Hand Cannons. Magnificent Howl will also be adjusted so that it increases only body-shot damage, resulting in a two headshot/one body-shot kill. Magnificent Howl will still give an advantage due to requiring less precision hits for optimal time to kill."

The response to this update has been understandably mixed. There were always calls for something to be done about the two hand cannons because they were basically forcing other weapons outside of the Crucible, yet a section of the Destiny community remains unconvinced a nerf will make play better.

Let's wait and see.

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