Destiny 2: How To Unlock The Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage

Destiny 2's Shadowkeep's Dungeon, Pit of Heresy, has introduced a new exotic machine gun. Here's how to unlock Xenophage.

The release of Destiny 2's Shadowkeep's Dungeon, called Pit of Heresy, brings a new exotic weapon to pursue: the explosive-round firing Xenophage. Unlike Wishender from the Shattered Throne Dungeon though, you'll need to acquire the quest for Xenophage outside of the dungeon and complete a series of puzzle-focused quest steps before you can enter the dungeon and collect the machine gun.

Step 1: Starting The Quest "The Journey"

The Journey can be found in the chamber where Eris watches over the pyramid. You'll recognize this as the area you go to each week after completing the memories of Eris' fire team quest. You can complete this week's quest, the memory of Eriana, to open the portal, or you can take the long way.

Start by landing in Sorrows Harbor and head towards the Crimson Keep. After passing through the large gate, head left toward the caves. Normally, you'd drop down a pit and continue to the pyramid, but you can actually take a shortcut to the overlook by jumping into a semi-hidden tunnel up and to the right just before the caves.

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Once inside, notice the four statues; two on the left and two on the right. Interacting with any of the statues will cause some of them to light up. Your goal is to get all four statues lit. Here's the solution:

  • Standing at the entrance to the room, interact with the first statute on the right.
  • Next, interaction with the statue right next to it.
  • Then, the statue far left from the entrance.
  • Finally, the statue next to it on the left.

A chest will appear rewarding you with the quest "The Journey." Your next step, called "emerged from the darkness," takes place in Anchor of Light.

Step 2: Emerged From The Dark

Once you've made your way to Anchor of Light, look for a small building on the west side. Behind a pillar inside, you'll find a glowing orb you can pick up. As soon as you do, a timer will start and you'll need to find six places to interact with before the time runs out. The first point is in the same room.

Next, run straight out the door north towards the large building in front of you. Just past it, you'll see a rocky wall on your left. Jump up it to find the second point.

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The third is inside another small room in the center of the area and, after that, you'll find number four in the large building next to where you first picked up the orb. You need to jump up the scaffolding from the outside to find it. Number five is in the large building near where you found number two on the cliff, and finally, number six is on the roof of the large circular building. If you're having trouble finding any of them, here is a marked map courtesy of Reddit user u/EM1Jedi.

via Reddit (u/EM1Jedi)

Once you've hit all six, the timer will end and you'll see a marker on your HUD. Go to that point and interact with the pillar there to update the quest to the next step. Now, you need to clear out each of the four lost sectors on the Moon and complete a puzzle at the end of each one.

Step 3: Finding The Lost Sector Fragments

At the end of each lost sector, a door will open that leads you back to the start of the zone. Beyond each door, you'll find a puzzle on the wall that looks like this:

Your goal is to match all nine symbols to the symbol at the top. Shooting a symbol will change it and all of the symbols in its row and column, so, if you shoot the middle left symbol, all of the symbols on the left column and middle row will change. There are four symbols that will rotate.

Here is the solution for each one, just make sure you don't shoot any out of order or you'll need to leave the lost sector to reset it and start again:

  • Archer Line - Top Left, Bottom Left, Middle, Middle Right
  • Anchor of Light - Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Middle, Top Middle
  • Sorrow's Harbor - Right Middle, Left Middle, Middle X2, Left Middle, Top Middle, Bottom Middle, Middle
  • Hellmouth - Top Right, Middle Left, Middle, Bottom Middle, Bottom Right X2, Bottom Middle X2

After each one, a chest will appear awarding you with another fragment. If you picked up the weekly moon bounties from Eris, you can double dip here and do the lost sector in the Hellmouth last to get the extra reward. Finally, it's time to do the dungeon!

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Step 4: Pit Of Heresy

After finishing the first encounter in the dungeon and collecting the chest, you'll find yourself in front of a row of doors. You're looking for the door that has no symbol on it. You'll find it above the door where the bridge ends. Here's a picture courtesy of ajwags647 on Discord:

via Discord (ajwags647)

That's all you need to do for this step. Make your way to the next encounter where the Ogres block the halls

Step 5: Defeat The Secret Boss

To reach the secret boss, you'll need need to finish the second encounter with the ogres before heading back towards the left side where the path is on a cliff. Jump off the cliff and land on the platform beneath it. There's an interact here that will make some platforms appear. Jump across the platforms and grab the relic. You need to take this relic to the right hallway and light the urn on one of the doors.

You won't be able to interact with the other doors, so it isn't difficult to find the correct one. A door will open that leads to the secret boss. You can find the boss strategy in our Pit of Heresy guide. Simply finish the dungeon and return to Eris for your reward!

The Xenophage packs a serious punch and has the added benefit of being a solar machine gun, so if you want to grind out Edgewise, this is a great tool to use for it.

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