Destiny 2: DON'T Buy Xur's Fated Engram While Telesto Is Disabled

You should maybe avoid getting Xur's Fated Engram this week while Telesto is disabled. Unless you want to have more than one Telesto you can't use.


Now that Telesto has been disabled, it might be a good idea to avoid buying that Fated Engram, lest you wind up like one unfortunate player.

Last weekend, Xur returned with his usual assortment of Exotic rewards for Destiny 2 players to spend their accumulated Legendary Shards on. He had quite the selection this time around, with armor pieces for enhancing speed on Titans and Warlocks, as well as a Fusion Rifle called the Telesto.

That last item caused a bit of a stir. Soon after, players started noticing an odd interaction between Telesto’s projectiles and the Ashes to Assets mod. Apparently, the game considered the Telesto’s glowing purple projectiles as an “enemy”, so when you shot the ground a few times and then used your grenade to explode them, it caused players to instantly refill their Super energy.

This is obviously pretty busted, especially for a game that is currently hosting a PvP-focused event. Bungie did the only thing they could do and disabled the weapon so it can’t be equipped while they figure out how to fix the exploit.

Unfortunately, this meant all those recently acquired Telesto Fusion Rifles were now completely useless, doomed to sit in a player’s vault until an eventual patch. Bungie is sure to fix the issue eventually, but it’s still a big disappointment and especially for new players to Destiny 2 that have very few Exotic weapons.

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But not as disappointing as one Redditor, who posted their sad tale to the official Destiny subreddit. Apparently, after just purchasing the Telesto and finding out that it couldn’t be equipped due to the aforementioned exploit, they tried their luck with Xur’s Fated Engram, which provides guardians with a random Exotic. Guess which Exotic they got?

via Destiny 2 Wiki

The image has since been removed from Imgur, but rest assured, it was official confirmation that yes, they did in fact get another Telesto. Normally, Xur has an algorithm that will supposedly prevent his random reward from providing a duplicate Exotic, but either that algorithm is as bugged as the Telesto, or it doesn’t get properly implemented if the item is disabled.

So if you’re going to buy that Fated Engram, do it before you get the Telesto. Otherwise, you might end up with two Fusion Rifles you can’t use.

(Source: Reddit)

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