8 Facts You Never Knew About Xur & The Nine In Destiny 2

Xur and The Nine are some of the most mysterious creatures in Bungie's Destiny 2. Let's start to peel the onion with some facts we DO know.

Xur and The Nine have been the subject of much debate since Destiny and the conversation about their origins continues in Destiny 2. While we haven't received a ton of lore concerning these strange beings, we do have a bit more information about their backstory and exactly where they came from.

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Why is Xur so helpful? Why is this humanoid constantly showing up to aid the Guardians with powerful weapons and gear? Is Xur part of The Nine himself, and if so, what exactly are these beings cloaked in darkness? Only time will tell exactly what Bungie has in store for these cryptic creatures, but for now, here are 8 things you may not know concerning The Nine and Xur in Destiny 2.

8 Who Exactly Are The Nine?

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One of the biggest mysteries you'll encounter during your time in Destiny 2 pertains to The Nine. You'll find this mysterious group referenced through dialogue spoken by Xur, an "agent of the Nine" that will sell you special items and weapons for specialized currency in the form of Strange Coins.

Because much of the lore of Destiny 2 (and the original title for that matter) is uncovered through specialized codex entries and discoverable items, it can be difficult to understand who exactly The Nine are. According to lore, The Nine are a group of ancient entities that have remained unknown to the world by residing in areas within the Reef.

7 What Exactly Are The Nine?

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Although there is some lore surrounding the mysterious group, you'll be hard pressed to find a lot of in-depth analysis of the group. What we do know is that The Nine were crafted by dark matter passing through the solar system. The dark matter would end up clinging to the gravity of the nearby planets (and possibly the Sun itself).

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The pull would eventually cause these dark matter "streams" to form never-ending loops of dark matter that would eventually gain consciousness and serve as the "body" to house the sentience of The Nine.

6 The Nine Rely On The Survival Of Planets

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Because The Nine would gain their consciousness after "mixing" with the gravity surrounding the planets, the survival of those planets became an instant priority for them. The Nine would cease to exist if something were to happen to their "hosts," so they make sure to ensure the safety of their world (though some suggest they're actively seeking a way to exist without the aid of the planets).

This is where Agents come in. Agents like Xur are responsible for traveling the galaxy and aiding the planet's inhabitants in any way they can. They show special attention to the Guardians, due to their penchant for maintaining galaxy-wide peace.

5 What Exactly Is Xur?

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Some players may be under the impression that Xur is "one of The Nine," but the creature is actually just an Agent or a follower. Xur itself is classified as a Jovian. The term is used interchangeably within the universe, but in this instance, it describes a group of humanoids that inhabit an area beyond The Reef.

Not much is known about this mysterious area, but it's said that the human-like creatures that lived there were given a choice to join The Nine, and it is implied that The Nine are responsible for transforming them into the creatures they appear as now.

4 Xur Is A Prototype

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To make answers even more muddled than they already are, Xur may not actually be the "final product" of whatever the Jovians were turned into. Destiny 2's Trials of the Nine introduce us to Orin, a human-turned-awoken that came in contact with The Nine and was crafted as an "Emissary" as a product.

According to her, Xur is a "prototype." While we aren't entirely sure what that entails, it could suggest that The Nine are actively crafting humanoids into something even more helpful than Xur in order to aid the galaxy.

3 The Nine May Not Be Entirely Good

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The Nine are viewed as incredibly beneficial to the solar system, because they are very interested in making sure that the denizens of each planet have a place to live peacefully and flourish. While most of The Nine's presence seems to be "behind-the-scenes," the introduction and inclusion of Xur on various planets at various times helps showcase that the entities are for peace, in a sense.

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Because Xur is constantly outfitting Guardians with powerful gear and weapons, and because Guardians are considered the protectors of the solar system and its Light, The Nine are viewed as good. However, there are some that suggest the group aren't as innocent as they seem and are out for the preservation of themselves rather than than anyone else. It's also implied that The Nine released Skolas, The Kell of Kells from his prison, as he was given to them in containment.

2 Xur's Posture And Voice Is Thanks To Orin

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Before Orin was transformed into an Emissary, she was a human-turned-Awoken named Nasan Ar. That meant she swore an oath to Mara Sov, her new Queen. When Mara Sov became suspicious of The Nine, she sent Nasan to investigate. During her journey she came across Xur within a cavern.

She mistook the creature as hostile and immediately attacked, slamming her weapon into the Agent's chest and sending it flying into a wall. The injuries it sustained to its spine and windpipe would become permanent, giving Xur a noticeable hunch and a raspy voice.

1 The Light May Cause Xur And The Nine Pain

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From the moment you first begin your journey as a Guardian, you'll immediately become aware of how important The Light is. There is a constant contrast in the solar system because The Light (which is seen as a good force) and The Darkness (which often encompasses nefarious beings). This is a common trope when it comes to heroic stories, of course, but it provides us with a strange question surrounding The Nine.

Because the group is comprised of dark matter, does that make them inherently bad? It is important to note that Xur had a quote in the original Destiny that read, "so much Light here, I suppose I feel pain." Xur is also, often, found in locations shrouded in darkness or shaded from the light itself.

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