Destiny 2's Next Chapter To Be Revealed Next Week

Bungie has posted a tweet teasing the reveal of the next chapter for Destiny 2. The timing of the announcement seems to coincide with the post-release of the Season of Opulence that launches on June 4th and the short window of time in which players will be scrambling to complete the new content.

Bungie recently clarified that players will have their power levels scaled down to a certain level during the race to the World-First completion of the new raid content, named the Crown of Sorrow. That will be in effect for 24 hours after the patch goes live. Thematically, June 6th appears to be the most appropriate time for the developers to speak about what lies ahead for the game.

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One thing that is all but certain and is that by calling this “The next chapter of Destiny 2,” players can stop in their speculation that Destiny 3 will be announced anytime soon. Considering the recent break away from Activision, the message has been clear that the developer is free now to release content in a way that is more to their liking, rather than the strict schedule imposed during the previous tenuous partnership.

As the Season of Opulence brings forth a new raid and other content, as well as a number of balance updates that have angered the community in the past weeks, the most likely announcement will be for some upcoming DLC. How players access content in the future will also be at the forefront of discussion, as current players use an annual pass. However, both the content up to this point and the pass itself were part of the Activision and Bungie partnership, so that may be replaced by something else entirely.

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As this is the first real opportunity since the split between the two to showcase what exactly Bungie sees as the vision for the future of the game, players should be excited.

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Now, if you are into tinfoil-hat theories like we are here, then the announcement can only truly be one thing: all of Destiny 1 is being placed into Destiny 2. If we examine the reaction here to the question, we can clearly see the leads for Destiny 2: Forsaken, Steve Cotton and Scott Taylor, avoid the question and lose their cool.

All jokes aside, this is an exciting time to be a fan of the game, and June 6th cannot come soon enough to learn exactly what lies ahead both for the players and the developers now that they are free to mold the game towards a vision that is no longer bound by contractual restrictions.

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