Destiny Community Manager Taking Time Off To Recover After Heart Issue

Destiny Community Manager dmg04 is taking some time off ahead of Shadowkeep's launch to recover fully from a heart issue.

The Bungie employee is well-known and well-liked among Destiny players and it appears that he has spent very little time away from the Destiny project over the years. Last April, he tweeted a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed along with the revelation that he had undergone a procedure to correct an abnormal heartbeat.

With new Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep set to launch on October 1, it would be safe to assume he's been pulling some crazy shifts. The manager sent a tweet out this week letting fans know he will be taking a step back and will likely be missing his first Destiny release since the House of Wolves expansion that released well over four years ago.

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This comes in the wake of several reports pertaining to the crunch factor plaguing the gaming industry. So far, 2019 saw an influx of blown whistles as it relates to staff being overworked at major game development studios and any reported health issues where devs are concerned will likely raise eyebrows.

Of course, it would be unfair to attribute dmg04's heart problems to a possible Bungie crunch, especially as he seems to really love what he does. But there's no doubting that he would benefit from some more rest.

Despite his ordeal, dmg04 has hinted that he might not be able to stay away from the job or playing Destiny 2, the latter being no surprise.

"Until I'm back at the office, feel free to tell me to get off my phone and stop working if you see me commenting on bugs or issues," he added in a thread. "You bet your ass I'll dip my toe in for some games between now and then, but I'll also be seeing doctors and spending time with family."

TheGamer would like to wish dmg04 a full recovery and we'll join him in urging the Destiny community to hound him if he's spotted commenting on any forums. Get well soon!

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