Destiny Will Be The First MMO Speedrun At Awesome Games Done Quick

Destiny 2

For the first time, Awesome Games Done Quick will have an MMO in its lineup. And that game will be Destiny 2.

In the past, speedrunning has been mostly limited to single-player games with a predefined story mode. You basically do the campaign as quickly as you can, using glitches, exploits, and just plain skill to breeze through hours of content in a matter of minutes. And then you post your time for the world to see.

And that’s good, but it’s a bit limiting. These days, there are TONS of games out there that aren't following the simple story format. Games like Destiny 2 have multiple campaigns that can be played with multiple people, so what if you wanted to speed run that?

In the modern era of MMORPGs, a new type of speedrunning has emerged that focuses on raids. So instead of racing through a story campaign, the player (or in MMORPGs, groups of players) picks a single raid boss and tries to defeat it as quickly as possible. And now, Awesome Games Done Quick will allow that with Destiny 2.

AGDQ released its official games list for the Orlando convention in 2020, and on that list is Destiny 2’s Last Wish raid. Released with the Forsaken expansion, Last Wish will often take a skilled team an hour or more to complete--and that’s with a guide already telling them what to do.

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The fastest time for completing the Last Wish raid so far is just over 20 minutes. You can see the elite fireteam completing that raid in the video below.

There are five teams registered for completing the raid in less than 30 minutes. We’re not sure if the names listed are the team names or the name of the team leader, as Last Wish is definitely not something that can be done solo (or at least, not done quickly).

Destiny 2 raids have become something of a competition among players. The World's First Raid competition recently concluded with Bungie awarding Clan Ascend the first-ever championship belt for completing the Garden of Salvation raid before anyone else. Now the competition will turn to who can beat that same raid the fastest. Who knows? Maybe next year, that will be the raid featured in Awesome Games Done Quick.

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