TheGamer's Destiny Holiday Gift Guide

Destiny is more popular than ever, so there's a lot of great Guardian merch for the holidays. Here's TheGamer's top picks.

Now in it's sixth year, the sci-fi shooter/MMO Destiny is bigger and better than it's ever been. With the introduction of the free-to-play model called New Light in October, the player base has grown massively and there are many more new Guardians this holiday season than ever before.

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If you're shopping for a Destiny fan this holiday season, the Official Bungie store offers a ton of really great merch to chose from, but that isn't the only place to get awesome Destiny gifts! Here's our guide to the coolest Destiny gifts this holiday season.

6 Destiny Grimoire Anthologies

Fans who've been around since Destiny 1 are surely familiar with the Grimoire, a series of lore documents collected in game through progress and achievements. The Destiny Grimoire Anthologies are beautiful hardcover books that collect the Grimoire entries. There are currently two volumes available and the third has just been announced for 2020, with pre-orders available soon. These are a must have for anyone interested in the deep and complex lore of Destiny, and they look beautiful on a shelf. They even come with an exclusive in-game emblem, and if there's one thing Destiny fans love, it's an exclusive.

The Destiny Grimoire Volume 1 and Volume 2 are available at the Bungie Store as well as on Amazon.


The death of Cayde-6 left a void in not just the Vanguard, but in all of our hearts, too. What better way to honor Cayde's memory than with this adorable Cayde-6 plushie? It may not capture his wit and cynicism per se, but I'd like to think Cayde wouldn't mind being remembered for his more warm and cuddly characteristics. Sure, he may have had a strange, somewhat Gonzo-ish relationship with chickens, but everyone loves an animal lover, right?

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This Cayde With Chicken Plush is available at the Bungie Store. If you're looking for something cute but not that cute, there are plenty of Destiny POP! figures available on Amazon, including Cayde-6, as well as Ikora, Lord Shaxx, Xur, and even Hawthorne with a little hawk!


4 Numskull Destiny Ugly Christmas Sweater

Numskull is storefront for fan merch that offers a ton of cool and unique Destiny apparel, keychains, and hats to check out. Tis the holiday season after all, so we're highlighting Numskull's line of Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and their Destiny sweater is one of the best.

There are a ton of great details for fans in this sweater. From the traveler icon on the chest to the Destiny logos on the sleeves, to the ghost symbol around the cuffs and waist and even the emblem logo that fans will surely recognize, this is actually one of the most tasteful ugly Christmas sweaters we've ever seen. You could probably wear this one out unironically and really only be noticed by other Destiny fans. This is the ugly Christmas sweater you always wanted Grandma to get for you.


This officially licensed stationery set from Insight Editions is probably the most beautiful Destiny gift out there. It comes with a journal, a tricorn wax seal, two wax sticks, 20 sheets of paper with envelopes, and it's all packaged together in a beautiful, collectible box.

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The journal is a fantastic keepsake on its own, marked with an image of the Traveler in shiny gold and bound in leather-like material. Imagine sending a wax-sealed letter to someone in your Fireteam after a successful raid night. There isn't anything more wholesome, nerdy, and delightful in this world.

The Destiny 5th Anniversary Stationary Set is available at the Bungie Store for only $39.99

2 Razer Destiny 2 ManO'War Tournament Edition

The Razer ManO'War has been one of Razer's most popular gaming headphones, and the Destiny 2 Tournament Edition gives these audio staples a fresh coat of paint that's bound to make any Destiny fan giddy.

These full size headphones boast 50mm drivers, a fully retractable microphone, and an in-line remote for volume and mute. Not to mention that they just look absolutely incredible. The Razer Destiny 2 ManO'War Tournament Edition headphones are available on Razer's website, where you can learn more about them, and on Amazon.

1 Honorable Mention: Pre-Order The Destiny: The Official Cookbook

The Official Destiny Cookbook won't be available this holiday season unfortunately, but you will be able to pre-order it, and there's always another holiday right around the corner, right?

This cookbook is completely inspired by characters and locations throughout the world of Destiny. In-universe, the cook book is a collection of recipes for Destiny Mom and Festival of the Lost representative Eva Levante and contains dozen of step-by-step instructions and beautiful full-color images for each recipe. Whether you're an avid cook, a Destiny fan, or both, the Official Destiny Cookbook is going to fill a lot of hearts and bellies when it becomes available on the Bungie Store and Amazon next year.

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