20 Destiny Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Memes are like oxygen. Memes are a many splendored thing. Memes lift us up where we belong. All you need is memes!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I have finally made it and am officially writing about my passions: video games and memes, so sit back and get ready to chuckle quietly to yourself. Today we have a fresh batch of top notch Destiny memes for all ages and all tastes. Hate Asher Mir? This list is for you. Want to bag on the cryptarch? This list. Do you think Hunters are the best class? Stop reading my words and don't even look at me! How could you say such nonsense? I'm just kidding, Hunter fans, you know I love you.

Everyone likes to laugh. Everyone likes Destiny. If you don't like Destiny, then I'm not sure why you clicked this, but welcome. And if you don't like to laugh then seek medical attention because you could be a robot. OR AN EXO! Am I right? *wink wink nudge nudge* Whether it be the monotony of the game or the specific quirks that are small enough to not get brought up in conversation, but we nevertheless notice, this list covers a varying range Destiny topics. Please enjoy these crisp memes and share the joy you find in them with all you friends. Happy memeing guardians!

20 The Circle Of Life

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It all started 14 billion years ago when Bungie started development on Destiny. They wanted to create a game that could never end until you did every possible mission 15 times over and they succeeded. We crawl from the primordial ooze as a four legged fish monster, who after completing the story mission, turns into a small chimpanzee. Do you want to be a slightly larger chimpanzee? Well, you better start grinding for that armor that is going to be irrelevant in a week! Now, in order to become a hairy guy, you must hit that oh-so-sweet 305 power, then subsequently never ever play again until the DLC is released and we get dumped back into our native ooze, which we love to marinade in.

19 Shoot, Loot, Riot

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How upsetting to be addicted to a game that does not even show you some love. Grind in Diablo? Get blessed. Grind in Borderlands and it hails loot! Play 3 strikes, 7 world events, 6 patrols and a level of the raid in Destiny??? Get a shader and some rare boots... I feel this pain all too much as I approach the level cap of 305... There used to be a time in the first Destiny where I would be excited to get legendary engrams. Boy have those days passed. Legendary engrams look prettier on the ground then they do decrypted into some weak gear, so I just leave them on the ground. If it ain't a gold dodecahedron, I don't even bat an eye.

18 Can He Kill You? Yes! He! Can!

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Killed by the architects. As a terrible jump puzzler and tower-jumper-offer, I am quite familiar with the homicidal Bob and his crew of psychotic talking wrenches, hammers and screwdrivers. The architects killed me, they killed my brother, they killed my fireteam and they killed my dreams. So, it would seem the question has been answered and that it was not even close. The architect always wins. The system is rigged against us so big construction can do as they please and run the Tower. Why do you think there are so many missing walls? The game designers (the architects) want us to kill ourselves in game and steal our light to power Bungie's headquarters. Grab your spinfoil hats boys and girls, because I got a story for you!

17 Adulthood Skill Tree: Upgrade Time Management

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I can totally relate. When you're grinding heroic world events, it is impossible not to be struck by this wave of optimism, or perhaps wishful thinking that you can easily solo the Ether Resupply at Firebase Hades in 3 minutes and still have enough time to get over to the Sunken Isles to do the Injection Rig. It's not the most entertaining way, but it is the best way to get those juicy gold engrams so you gotta do it. Legend once had it that the fabled Fallen Knights of Round clan once did every EDZ Heroic world event in a row, with perfect timing, in under 12 minutes and got exotic drops from each chest. No one knows if that has happened again since...

16 Got His Arm Around Yo Girl...

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"Hey girl, come on over here, so I can show you some magic. I don't need to score three goals in tower soccer to make sparks fly. We'll always raid wipe together, so you'll never be alone girl" -this Warlock, probably. No, delusional tangent aside, this meme is for the Year One Destiny vets who knew the pain of getting slapped by a Warlock from miles away. Melee abilities have no been so unjust since Commando Pro in Call of Duty. You got a scout rifle and you think you have the range advantage? Nope, the Warlock melee does. You got a sniper rifle and think you have range advantage? Nope, Warlock melee. You think you're safe because there are no Warlocks in your lobby? Nope, you're gonna get slapped from a Warlock in some other lobby, in a different game mode on a different planet. Every. Time.

15 It's Just EDZ Coins Bro, Chill...

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The cliffhanger ending of Destiny 2 made me SCREAM! How are you going to do this to me, Bungie? Is this going to be addressed in Destiny 3? Will the DLC address this? Please be the DLC because I must know! I mean, the scary dark triangles were at the edge of the galaxy, so it's hard to know how fast they will be here, but let's hope they have light speed and get here by the time the first DLC drops. The ending of Destiny 2 for me, was one of the more exciting endings to a video game since Call of Duty: Ghosts. SPINFOIL HAT ALERT: The triangles are illuminati and are gonna destroy the last city and then deactivate everyone's game disc. Bungie, why you evil?

14 Anti Supremacy Supremacist

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I hate Supremacy with a burning passion of a million solar grenades. Every time I see myself load into Supremacy, I contemplate turning the game in to GameStop. Why do I have to pick up the crests? Rick says it better than ever in this meme! I already killed the guy, so why do I have to prove it with the crest?! It's not even like this is even different enough from Clash to justify including it in the game. Half of the time, this game mode just turns into a bunch of crests lying in the middle of the map that I am never able to get because they are being heavily camped by their entire team and I'm just going to get lit up. Give me anything other than Supremacy RNGesus... please.

13 Talk It, Get Hit

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I have been here before... this is a theme that transcends Destiny and disperses through most if not all of the gaming community. What a better way to show a jerk that you won't take their horribleness. This makes me recall a time in Overwatch I was playing competitive and filled as the healer and started getting viciously flamed by Mei and their premade. Next game after that I get the same dude in my game. Suddenly very quiet... Yeah, not so keen on being a jerk when others are gonna call you on it... Anyway, my point is that there is no better feeling then taking flamers down a peg and watching them squirm. Kids, the moral of the story is: don't be mean online.

12 Mr. Steal Yo Loot

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Deep doth the probe of the cryptarch Rahool travel. Destiny players old and new alike will surely know the despair of the cryptarch and his injustices. Whether it is Tyra Karn giving you the crappiest gear in the game or perhaps Master Rahool giving you your ninth Sunshot/Coldheart, sometimes it almost seems like the more exotics you get, your chances of getting it again go up tenfold. I've gotten 3 or 4 sunshots, 3 Starfire Protocols, and like 7 Nezarec's Sins, but I have only seen 2 Sweet Businesses after playing every day since release and neither of the two were mine. I'm not asking for a miracle, Bungie, but I don't even have half the exotics, so I don't think it's a huge deal deal to want a Winter's Guile or Hard Light thrown my way every now and then...

11 Disa... Wait For It...

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-ppointing! Disappointing. Now, this is a pain only Destiny year one veterans will know. Back in the day when Master Rahool was at his peak evil, he would have the audacity to decrypt legendary engrams into rare items, or sometimes even worse, he would decrypt exotics into legendaries. This truly unforgivable transgression was later patched by Bungie, but I cannot help but mourn and wonder what could have become of my poor legendaries turned insta-scrapped rares. Perhaps some reparations are in order for all those affected by the terrible thievery that plagued 2014. Nevertheless, this meme almost perfectly nails the feeling of disappointing decryptions with the Barney Stinson set up and Rahool's vicious appropriation of what should have been YOUR exotic items. It doesn't capture the crippling torment and sleepless nights that follow though... nothing can emulate that...

10 Boy, Bye!

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Too true. I would most definitely be lying if I did not admit that every time I put down a Hunter in the middle of arcstrider or golden gun, a Titan mid-Panic Fist or Purple Captain America, or a Warlock unleashing the spaghetti fingers, I shout "Yeeeeeee boi! Where'd yo head go?" I like to think back to the time I was playing on Legion's Gulch and had a Sentinel Titan running at me and then I pull out my sniper rifle (mind you, this is Destiny 2, so snipers are absolutely meh unless you hit them right between the eyebrows) and jump over the shield throw, scope in and send that dude to the Destiny equivalent of the shadow realm. My exact reaction? Reference the meme above.

9 Do You Feel In (Shoulder) Charge?

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Another one for those Destiny veterans. The Destiny hierarchy in year one was basically: Gjallarhorn = top tier and anyone without Gjallarhorn = utter trash dirt scum who no one wants to play with. IT WASN'T MY FAULT! I played every day, every week, and I never got it until after it was nerfed and Xur sold it... painful memories aside, it is actually insane how necessary Gjallarhorn was to be competitive in the game's PVE sphere. When going on LFG sites for the raid, players would actually list having Gjallarhorn as a requirement to raid with them. It's either Will of Crota (if you were lucky) or Gjallarhorn. If you responded with "b-b-but I have Dragon's Breath," then you would be raiding that sucker ALL ALONE.

8 Bone-Chilling Amounts Of Relatability

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Any taken gamer can surely relate to this meme. I can't simply imagine my light levels and think of the perfect mod to armor match without my girl assuming stuff like this! Can you not see my intentions are pure? I am simply a man trying to make my Warlock the best dang warlock since Dumbledore! However, such is the nature of Destiny 2; it pulls us in and gets us addicted to where we can think of nothing else and often it lands us in hot water. So, girlfriends of gamers everywhere, I beg of you to hear me out. Your man loves you, but one wrong mod going into the wrong slot spells certain doom for the fireteam, the Tower, and the galaxy, so we just need some time to think it through. Stay patient <3

7 You've Heard Of Elf On The Shelf, Now Get Ready For...

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Get it? Dinklebot on hot bread! Solid meme, I applaud whoever converged the newer Elf on a Shelf meme with our beloved Destiny. It always makes my day to see mainstream memes specific to my interests. It's times like these where my ineptitude in photo editing makes me just a little sad. Because let me tell you, I got IDEAS, but no way to bring my precious thought children to the internet. Shaxx on racks on stacks on Macs! Hunter on a punter! Titan (character) on a Titan (the moon) (work in progress...) Arach Jalaal on a hot cabal! (Someone please shoop that last one). If both of my readers could please share these kinds of memes with me, I would be forever grateful because they are my absolute favorite a the moment. I haven't felt this way since Dat Boi...

6 You're Not Gonna Trick Me That Easily

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You know, this one is really less of a meme and it is more of just a cool little name generator. I was always a fan of these as a kid and do them every time they pop up on my Facebook feed and I am just super interested in what names you guys get! Post YOUR Exo name in the comments section and share with the gaming community. Some people may try to discourage you if you post it by saying "Wow, r u stoopid? Delete the comment!" Just ignore those haters! They don't want your cool Exo name to be shared with the world. If you are not of age and don't have a credit card, your social security number will work fine too! Have fun and make sure to deposit all your cash!

5 This Isn't Even A Meme, It's Just True

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There's really not much explanation needed for this one. The meme is even funny as much as it is true. Servers have been pretty suspect for Destiny since its release. It has gotten a little better in Destiny 2, but I guess server overload is a price you pay when you release a hyped game. In conclusion, I would like to share a bad disconnection memory. Scene: me circa one month ago. Heroic world event. Io. I open the loot chest. Good golly me, the RNG gods have bestowed upon me this nifty exotic engram. OoWee! Scene: Bungie server room. Bungie server: Nah lol. *disconnects* Me: *tears as I remember my poor lost exotic and what could have been were it no deleted into the abyss.*

4 Are You Team Ikora Or Team Zavala?

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I regrettably must respond to this meme with a hearty, "PREACH!" Do not get it twisted, my readers, I played Destiny a lot, but I think fans and critics alike can agree that my house has more stories than Destiny. Aside from the existing, but limited story being either too hard or too uninteresting to follow, the content was simply not there. One of Destiny's main complaints against it was that it lacked story, so this older meme that rags on Twilight for being story deprived takes a wild turn. Twilight has a little more going for it than Destiny in the narrative sense, but I'll forgive them because they gave me a Wardcliff Coil out of an engram. Then again, they were selling it with Xur three days later, so I'm actually still salty.

3 Who Kermitted This Act Of Cruelty?

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Bungie dev (good guy): oh lets make the biggest playing environment to date.Other bungie dev (bad guy): yeah let's make them walk all over it, don't give them sparrows.Bungie dev (was good guy now is bad): K.

Those monsters! Those sick Bungie execs sit in their ivory towers while we just fight for their scraps and walk on foot everywhere. When I started to play through again on my Hunter alt account, you can bet one of the very first things I did was transfer a sparrow and save my dude a few hours in travel time. I went from having to walk everywhere to buying the Hastilude Exotic sparrow and riding laughably small distances JUST to show off my whip. "Started from the bottom. Now we here." -Drake (the rapper, not the dragon from LoL). Speaking of Drake...

2 This Is Where Asher Would Put His Arm... If He Had One!

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Sorry for mixing universes folks, but you know i get excited. If you can't tell, I am pretty stoked on Rick Sanchez right now. But you know who I have NEVER been stoked on? Asher Mir!!! This crotchety old jerk rubs everyone the wrong way the second he is introduced into the game and has almost no redeeming qualities, as far as I'm concerned. Oh you lost your arm? My boy Rick grew a new bionic arm just 3 weeks ago and didn't even wince, while you're over here looking like Azog the Defiler from The Hobbit with your dollar store dumpster prosthesis. I save my Io tokens so I don't have to interact with this dude. I got like 130 at this point.

1 Dominus Ghaul, Lover Of The Light

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This meme closes the list nicely as it so succinctly wraps up the story of Destiny 2 in one picture. Dominus Ghaul lusts after the Traveler's light, but the Traveler is trying to get at Zavala. If this isn't the most accurate portrayal of the story in the form of a current meme then I don't k--- man, there's no way that anyone is still reading this. Y'all came for memes, saw the memes and left. If you read the aimless ramblings that served as my commentary on all these memes, then you are truly one of a kind. If you are still reading this, I applaud you and am glad I have fan(s). P.S. How nightmare provokingly terrifying is Zavala's face? When I close my eyes I see that disturbing expression. *shutters*

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