23 Things About Destiny That Make No Sense

Destiny might be a great game, but there are a lot of things about it that don't really add up. Here are some we couldn't overlook any longer.

Destiny is an amazing game and series, especially when it comes to Destiny 2. But there are some moments in the game that might have you tilting your head and scratching your chin in confusion. We totally understand that this game series might not be for everyone. But if you love space and exploration mixed with beautiful design and graphics, overall the game will suit you.

But some fans out there have a much more critical eye, even if they love the game the most they possibly could. Sometimes things just don’t fall into place because of how the game was built and organized. Some things about the series simply just don’t make sense and they stand out quite harshly against the beautiful background of the universe in this game. We want to explore that these little glitches in the system might possibly be.

We want to pull them out and really examine them so maybe we can all have a deeper understanding as to why the game didn’t turn out the way many people expected. Maybe even future game devs out there who might be reading this, maybe they’ll be able to take something away from this article to grow as a better designer in the future, (hopefully with far fewer plot holes and strange game mechanics). We can only hope that this friendly constructive criticism actually makes a difference in the community so we can all reap the benefits of a game that can stay above the market instead of just fading off the horizons of the game industry.

23 Why Did PC Players Have A Disadvantage?

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Why would the devs choose to disadvantage players because they play on PC, by not letting them enjoy the game the same exact ways the individuals on Xbox or PlayStation do?

Can you imagine the same exact game not having the same mechanics just because it’s on a different game platform?

Well, it doesn’t make sense and it’s what they decided to do when they took away the transportation of Sparrows away from PC players until they beat the story.

22 Why Is There No Incentive For Return Players?

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It’s no fun whatsoever to go through the very same story you just beat on another character without some kind of reward that would make the process more fun and exciting again. Otherwise, what even is the point if you really think about it?

When you can’t quickly get to one point to the next on a game when you’ve already played it once, why would you put up with that?

Maybe it won’t be like this next time and they will make it more enjoyable for the player.

21 Why Didn't They Make All Missions Like The First One?

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When you first start playing the game, you’re introduced to dramatic music, intense atmosphere, and everything you could ever dream about in a game placed in this strange universe of space with so much to explore and fight for. But after the first mission, it never really feels like that again. Maybe if they could introduce more cinematic missions along the way throughout the game, maybe people would be way more impressed and it won’t just feel like one big repetitive grind session.

20 Where Did All The Story Go?

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Like we mentioned before, if only they could have introduced more story driven elements into the game, instead of just having a big impressive show at the beginning and the end, leaving the middle to feel bland and almost boring besides the loot. But even in the middle throughout the rest of the main story, the game almost just feels like you’re doing the same exact thing just for a cooler looking piece of armor that you ONLY have a CHANCE at.

19 What's The Point Of Power Level?

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Power level and light level don’t even really play a part other than being able to brag about it. We thought it would actually make a difference to those who are leveling up and in a sense, it does matter a tiny bit with defense, but overall, your attacks and health are virtually the same.

Power level is nothing in the game, just some stats that don’t matter.

If they actually made the game mechanic matter, it would be so much more engaging for the player in the long run, in turn motivating them to play.

18 Why Does Character Build Not Really Matter?

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When you’re playing a fast-paced action game that looks stunning and moves naturally, wouldn’t it be a shame if your strength in the game didn’t even really matter? Because there is an illusion of strength at play here. What point is there when there is no advancement in a game that actually feels satisfying and fun to play? Why can’t they just find a balance that actually works for the player base and that actually gives an experience that will reward properly?

17 Why Are All The Enemies Scaled?

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The number one rule of most action-packed video games is that they need to be challenging and they need to make you feel like you’re accomplishing something when you finally beat the boss or level.

When all the enemies in the game scale down to your level, what’s the challenge in that?

But when everything scales to you and there isn’t any variety when it comes to overall difficulty, then you might find yourself fighting mobs and mobs, all the while not feeling like you’re achieving anything. It will just feel tedious.

16 Everything Is Easy No Matter What Level

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It doesn't matter if you're the best player with the best gear and loot or if you're just starting the game for the first time, you basically have an equal chance of being good at the game. As long as you have experience and understand basic game mechanics it is a game that seems to mostly rely on skill, nothing else. This can be problematic because there should be some reward to earn that improves your base skill, but it doesn't.

15 What’s The Point Of Gearing Up?

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If rewards don't really even make a difference in enhancing your skill, what is even the point of gearing up other than the way the armor looks? Which can of course matter to some, but to most it's the actual act of the gameplay that is the most important aspect of the game as a whole. When gear doesn't benefit you other than the way it looks, how does that offer any challenge to the players whatsoever? A game should offer a challenge to the player, not just cosmetics.

14 How Hard It Is To Talk To People

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For a game that has prided itself on creating a community with its players, it sure does make the game impossible for players to meet new people within the game. Sometimes you even have to have separate apps to be able to find people to play with that aren't already your friends. It's seriously frustrating there isn't a group finder within the game when some content can't even be played without a group. Maybe they can change this in the future.

13 Never Finding Groups

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Like we mentioned before, the fact that these games have content where you can't play it unless you have five people in a group but you can't even search for other people to join you. This game is not meant to work well for a solo player, especially when you finally work hard to reach endgame status. If you’re a solo player we guarantee that you won’t play past the end game content after the story campaign ends. You rather would play something that caters to solo and teams.

12 The Side Apps That Are Confusing

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Sometimes if you want to find a clan or even just a group to play with you have to use an app on your phone or other fan-made sites that have built this system to better help those who don't always have 5 people to play with so they can actually play half of the endgame content they would have normally missed out on. It’s actually pretty surprising that most of the end game content is surrounding the idea that everyone has a group of 5 people ready at all times.

11 Difficult To Get To The Map

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When you’re in the middle of battle, the last thing you want to do is just stop, break the immersion, to simply check the map to see if you’re even headed in the right way. Sometimes you might even have to go out of your way to change your button layout just so you can open your map much easier, the way it should be.

The quick access map is anything but quick.

No one should have to struggle with directions right in the middle of the heat of battle!

10 Using The Ghost For Chests

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The fact that you have to use your ghost UI for treasure hunting and you can’t just use your map or even markers on a minimap, makes the whole process boring, tedious, and just a bit too much to even bother with most of the time. We would suggest just having the treasure maps trigger a minimap that works for a timed duration so people can go on their way and find treasure at a more reasonable pace, no one has time to constantly open the menu.

9 Low Level Gear Is Fine

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Even though it doesn’t make any sense, it’s always a good idea to hold onto any of your favorite low-level gear. Whether you like it because of the stats it gives you or you just like the way it looks. It doesn’t matter what the light level is, it’s perfectly fine to wear or use as a weapon in PVP, plus if it looks cool, why would it be so bad to wear it because you like it when it doesn’t really change the way you play the game anyway?

8 You Can Even Compete With This Low Level Gear

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Plus, if you hold on to low-level gear, especially weapons that you really enjoy, you’ll find that you can use them in PVP and the power level/light level doesn’t even matter in PVP, just the stats that it gives you. So if you feel super comfortable with an assault rifle that you got at the start of the game, hold onto it, because later on, you’ll regret not keeping it longer and seeing if it really works for you at any level.

7 Tons Of Weak Spots For Enemies

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Many parts of this game don’t really seem to come off that obvious. Such as the weak spots when it comes to enemies. There are actually many weak spots that you can find for similar enemies, especially the harder ones you come across during public events. Try your luck and see what works for you, it’s most likely best to aim for the back, head, or center of shields! Also just talk to people if you have any questions, you might make a friend.

6 Too Many Subclasses

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When you have many options to customize your character, that’s fantastic, but when there are so many different subclasses you can unlock, it can become daunting and even can turn away people from even trying since people have already mastered them.

There is a thing known as having too many choices and it can ruin a game.

It can be a big benefit to keep things simple in a game so people can understand and excel within those mechanics as they play the game.

5 Only Focusing On Loot?

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When you beat the main game, after going through all that action and intense story, you would imagine that there would be more of that throughout the world as you explore. While there are public events, there are no other strong stories in other areas of the game, which honestly just seems like a bit of a waste since what really is the point if you’re just grinding to get loot. What are you going to use the loot for, other than collecting OTHER loot?

4 Complicated Fusion System

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Basically, you can take a low-level weapon you love and infuse in to have a higher light level by infusing a high-level weapon of the same class but it will be destroyed for the weapon you like. But if you really love your favorite assault rifle and want it to level with you, this is the best option for you! Just make sure that it’s the same weapon class because you can’t infuse an assault rifle with a sniper or vice versa! What is your favorite weapon in the game? Has it leveled up with you throughout the weeks of leveling your character?

3 Nothing To Do After The Main Story

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How can you expect a fanbase to grow when there is nothing really to do besides grinding the game for hours doing the same tasks, after you beat the main story?

Why couldn’t there be more of an objective for the long term that’s interesting?

This isn’t a way to get people excited about the game, it’s pushing people away that can’t spend hours upon hours to get a chance at an armor piece they want. Doesn’t make sense whatsoever!

2 What Is The Point Of Loot After The Campaign?

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After you beat the campaign of the game, you have PVP and the loot grind. Both can be very fun, but when that’s the ONLY two objectives in a fictional universe that’s so beautiful and fun to explore, it just feels a bit empty, shallow, and a waste of design. There could have been so many more interactive stages of the games that get you out there and engaging in the community, but it’s difficult at this point because it’s not even easy to communicate with people in the game to make new friends and find team members for your squad.

1 Just A PVP Game?

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At the end of the day with the way the game mechanics work and how the game plays, it just feels like once you overcome the fun of playing the story of the game once, you’re left with the PVP being the only real attraction, which most of the PVP is a pain to engage in because if you don’t have people to play with you’re basically just playing the basic modes without any community. It needs totally revamped for it to work next time.

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