Destiny Podcasters Thought It Was Safe To Say They'd Tattoo Their Butts If They Raised $50,000 For Charity In 30 Minutes

If there's one rule about being a personality on the internet, it's this: don't make any outlandish promises. Chances are people will do everything in their power to hold you to them. This lesson was taken to an extreme during the recent "Charity Blitz" livestream, when two Destiny 2 streamers promised to get matching tattoos on their butts if their viewers donated $50,000 in 30 minutes. The thing is, the fans actually did it.

Charity Blitz is a week-long livestream meant to raise money for charity and build up hype for GuardianCon. The 2018 version just happened, and raised $2.1 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This money was raised largely due to viewers' generosity, but also because the streamers involved made increasingly wild claims if certain donation milestones were met. These antics hit a fever pitch during the Destiny Community Podcast segment when the hosts, Pope Bear and Patrick "Holtzmann" Casey, promised to get matching heart tattoos on their behinds if they reached their goal of $100,000.

They only had an hour to hit this goal, and they weren't even halfway there as the stream hit its 30-minute mark. With only a half-hour to go and so much money to raise, all hope seemed lost. They wouldn't raise the cash, but also would be spared getting those tattoos. Then came CCkun91.

CCkun91 is a Destiny 2 streamer as well, one known in the community for donating large amounts during these events. So it was fitting for him to be the one to answer Pope Bear and Holtzmann's challenge. His contribution? $25,000.

This big donation started a downpour as fans raced to gather the remaining amount to get to that $100,000 mark. They succeeded in raising $50,000 in 30 minutes, meeting the goal and dooming Pope Bear and Holtzmann to a life of matching marks on their bottoms.

"The 25k donation was epic and made the possibility of reaching 100k very real," Pope Bear told PC Gamer. "I knew that the Destiny community was going to step up in a huge way but that last 20 mins was an absolute blur."

He also said that this will be his first tattoo, and that he will wear it with pride. PC Gamer also asked how his wife felt about the event. Apparently "she could not be happier" that her husband will share such a strategically-placed tattoo with another man.

Promising things to strangers on the internet is usually a recipe for bad things. Fortunately, the stunt was all in the name of a great cause. Even if Pope Bear and Holtzmann aren't too eager to get inked on their behinds, they can do so with with a good feeling and an even better story.

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