5 Things We Loved About Destiny 2 Shadowkeep (& 5 Things We Don’t)

For years, fans of Destiny 2 have waited for a follow up to the expansion campaign, Forsaken, and, on October 1st, gamers got their wish with the release of Destiny 2's Shadowkeep.

This story is a bit of a departure from the past in that it is shaping up to not only be an action-filled experience, but also one infusing a bit of terror and psychological horror. Players will make their way back to the Moon to face the "nightmarish" memories of Eris Morn, a Hunter with some questionable ties to the Hive.

So, what can you expect for this new journey that is going to be the prelude to Year 3? Take a look at the stellar and not-so-stellar aspects of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

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10 Good: It's on Steam

For those who have always wanted to play the PC version of Destiny 2 on your computer, the wait is over. After their split with Activision, Bungie abandoned Battle.net and is now offering the PC version of this expansion on Steam.

Also, don't worry about all those goodies you accumulated; they will all be seamlessly transferred within the next few months. So, no more having to go to some other website to play your favorite game while having to switch between that platform and Steam. Today, life just got a little easier for Destiny 2 fans.

9 Bad: There Aren't Really Any New Enemies

Unfortunately, if you were looking forward to new monsters and enemies to be intimidated by, you might be out of luck. The new enemies, touted as "Nightmares," are just past enemies that are covered in a red mist. While this may not be a big deal for some, if you were looking for some new ideas or variety, this aspect of Shadowkeep may not be it. Hopefully, the game will be expanded upon to add in some unique problematic individuals because right now, it looks like Bungie is recycling old enemies.

8 Good: Make Enemies Pay with the New Leviathan's Breath

When it comes to new weapons, Destiny 2 knows how to make a statement. Shadowkeep has come with its own premier set of exotics up for grabs, and the one that is raising everyone's eyebrows is Leviathan's Breath.

The quest for this bow is set to be opened on October 22, 2019, and those who can stand up to the challenge will acquire a bow that is incredibly high on impact as well as accuracy. These are two elements that are crucial to any stellar bow. This thing can knock down even crazy powerful enemies. So, look forward to the addition of this bow to your artillery.

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7 Bad: Strict Armor Mod Rules

While the exotics are impressive, there are some new standards that some gamers are not that excited about. With Shadowkeep, developers have decided to include "elemental affinity." This process is the act of having access to armor that limits the type of mods you can use with it.

This situation requires you to remember which mods can work with specific pieces of armor, and having to work harder to find the armor that matches the mod you want to use. Some rules can make gaming experiences more entertaining and enjoyable. Unfortunately, anything that adds more complexity to grabbing "goodies" is not one of them.

6 Good: The Setting Of The Moon Is Awe-Inspiring

Ever wondered what it felt like to be the first astronaut to walk on the moon's surface? Well, Shadowkeep offers a glimpse into this moment. The exceptional lunar surface, the overhanging brightness of the stars, and the detailed bases will take you back to a real-world event that was a massive moment in world history.

This game looks great, and it will pull you into the environment. It is an excellent contrast to the nightmares and terror-inducing events that occurred on this celestial body. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy walking on the moon.

5 Bad: It Doesn't Stack Up to Forsaken

If you are hoping to see a campaign and expansion that is just as compelling as Forsaken, then you are likely going to be disappointed. While Shadowkeep has some excellent additions to the story, it may not match up to previous expansion experiences.

There are times where the experience can feel like a collection of busywork, and again the enemies are not as engaging as the Forsaken. You may feel differently when you take your turn to sit down with this game, but know that some of Forsaken's mechanics are absent with this campaign.

4 Good: A Stellar New Gear System

When it comes to Destiny, one thing's for sure: the developers go all out when it comes to creating excellent armor and gear. This time, Shadowkeep is no exception. During this campaign, players can interact with a new system known as Destiny Armor 2.0.

This system allows gamers to access more detailed weapons stats and provides a more straightforward process for matching mods with specific gear. So, this system offers an expanded advantage for those who like to delve deeper into their weapons and armor strategies.

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3 Bad: Microtransactions Are Still A Thing

We get it—gaming studios have to make money. However, microtransactions will always be a source of contention among gamers (as they should be). While there is nothing illegal about it, we still have to discuss the negative impact constant microtransactions have on the gaming experience.

Eververse looks as if it is here to say, and the developers have said that gamers will only need to pay for cosmetic items instead of those associated with gameplay. However, what if players deem the cosmetic items to be just as pivotal to the experience? There is a lot to still take into account here, and this conversation will continue to evolve in the years to come.

2 Good: Take A Walk Back Down Memory Lane

Hey, who says nostalgia isn't a good reason to buy something? Well, if you enjoy the feeling of fondly looking back on an enjoyable gameplay experience with the first Destiny, then Shadowkeep is worth a playthrough.

If you had a fantastic time playing through the first Destiny, then this experience will indeed mean something. You will get the chance to fight many past foes and see some sites that are crucial to the original story. Sometimes, sticking with what you know is a great call, and Shadowkeep is an experience that will provide this.

1 Bad: It May Feel Like An Incomplete Story

The purpose of Shadowkeep isn't to bring anything new to the table. Unlike the Armor 2.0 settings, new exotics, and introduction to Steam, Shadowkeep isn't bringing anything we haven't already seen to the Destiny 2 universe.

Ultimately, the purpose of this expansion is really to set up the new narrative of Year 3. So, the story can feel short and unsatisfactory, primarily upon its conclusion. Again, the feeling that you got upon signing off from Forsaken will likely not be the same experience as this game. So, keep that in mind as you pick up the controller or keyboard.

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