Destiny 2: 10 Brand New Things To Try First In Shadowkeep

Destiny 2's next big update is finally live and there's a lot of new content for Guardians new and old to enjoy. With a new campaign, an expanded armor system, new weapons, new armor, and several new activities, Shadwokeep can be daunting at first, but the expansion is chock full of content that players can focus on with plenty more to come as the game goes on.

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Bungie has, of course, laid out a roadmap for players, but as users are jumping in and finally getting their hands on Shadowkeep, it would be smart for us to focus on what's available right now. As a point of reference, here are 10 new things to try first in Shadowkeep. 

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10 The Campaign

While story missions have never been Destiny's strong point, you'd be wrong to think that the universe isn't filled with lore. Shadowkeep's story sees the past come back to haunt us. Ghosts (literal ghosts, mind you) hover around Eris as the story progresses and make their home floating above, watching as you gun your way through hordes of the hive and try to solve the riddle of the mysterious black pyramid that seems to be the cause of everything - including prominent figures of your past coming back to give you a serious run for your money.

For those Guardians that are less invested in the story, you're likely very aware that Destiny focuses mainly on endgame content anyway, so this still applies. Get through the campaign as quickly as you'd like so you can get to the goodies that will truly help you take advantage of the new RPG systems.

9 Explore The Moon

The new area for Guardians to explore is a returning one from the first Destiny game. Luna, a veritable Hive breeding ground, is back and creepier than ever. As with any new Destiny locale, there's probably plenty to explore, little bits of lore to pursue, and secrets galore for Guardians to discover.

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This one sometimes gets away from Guardians that may not be so interested in lore so much as they are other things, but it never hurts to know where things are for when you're grinding your way through Shadowkeep content. We already know that it's haunted, so we might as well go poking around and see what we can find.

8 Armor 2.0

This is a phrase that Guardians have been hearing for a long time leading up to Shadowkeep and now its finally live. This is Destiny's attempt at developing a more authentic RPG experience. The mods system has changed to allow for much more specificity than the original Destiny 2 mod system or the updated Forsaken system. The way it works is a little bit more involved than just finding a mod and slapping it onto your armor. Oh, and you'll need to get Shadowkeep armor pieces in order to make it happen.

The good news for Guardians that completed their Solstice sets during the "Solstice of Heros" event, though, is that you can actually grab an alternate version of this set as your first armor 2.0 set. All that work wasn't for nothing!

7 Crucible

Destiny's PvP community is huge. In fact, some players exclusively play PvP content. Good news for sweats and casuals alike, The Crucible in Shadowkeep has undergone some changes. The maps have been rotated, with three new maps being available, including Twilight Gap and Widow's Court; two favorites from the previous game.

Armor 2.0 is certainly going to make things interesting with a variety of builds allowing players to switch up their playstyle. On top of that Crucible Labs, a playlist featuring different game modes. Jump in and see if there's anything enjoyable if Crucible is your cup of tea.

6 Ritual Weapons

This new season brings a change in the weapon tier system. Pinnacle Weapons have been replaced with Ritual Weapons that are supposed to roll with synergistic perk combinations. Like Pinnacle Weapons of late, there's one for each primary game type: Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit.

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For the collector, this might be where your eyes go first as you set out to add each of these new weapons to your collection. Even if you don't end up using them, it still shows an impressive amount of dedication. Ritual Weapons have a less involved grind than Pinnacle Weapons did, but all that means is after grabbing them, you'll have more time to do the other things on this list.

5 Reconsider Your Weapon Loadout

With Shadowkeep, there have been some changes to certain weapon perks that have been considered tried and true fan favorites. Yes, this includes perks like Rampage, Kill Clip, Swashbuckler, and so on. What does this mean for guardians? It means that it may be time to reconsider your loadout. In a lot of ways, this is a boon to players as maybe we'll be more inclined to give other perks a try instead of chasing after yet another legendary god-roll hand cannon with Outlaw and Kill Clip.

This also works in tandem with Armor 2.0 allowing players to really reconsider their playstyles. Of course, it's entirely likely that the nerf to these perks is more about balancing and they probably haven't been nerfed into the ground. Players may find that they still like the way they feel in which case you'll know what you want to start infusing as you get deeper into Shadowkeep. 

4 Clean Up Your Vault

This is a procedural thing every time a new expansion drops and is usually better done after the update rather than before. The reason being, of course, is that things can change. Scout Rifles have been the red-headed stepchild for a very long time when it comes to the Destiny armory of weapons players can choose from, but most veteran guardians have probably been sitting on a roll or two that looked worth holding on to.

Now would be the time to test those rolls and see if they're worth it or not. Additionally, a little spring cleaning never hurt anyone; a lot of us are probably guilty of sitting on weapons that we know we just aren't ever going to use. Do yourself a favor and make some room for all the new loot you're going to be hoarding. It'll be worth it!

3 Visit Xur

Veteran Guardians are very familiar with Xur, our weekly alien Santa Claus who touches down in some location ready to shell out exotics to good Guardians...and by good, we mean willing to fork over the legendary shards.

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Now, Xur obviously isn't new to the game by any means but what is new about him is his inventory. Xur's Fated Engram now drops with the possibility of gifting any world drop year two exotic. Basically, the Fated Engram can help round out your exotic collection if you know your RNG isn't exactly favorable, and it's nice to know that this is available going into Shadowkeep.

2 New Strikes

Shadowkeep brings in two new Strikes for players to enjoy in the Strike Playlist. This may not seem entirely too appealing to a lot of veteran Guardians since strikes have been relatively unimpressive in Destiny 2 for a very long time. Word around is that the new strikes are enjoyable which is a good thing at the very least.

It doesn't look like Strikes have gotten the examination that they really need just yet, but hey, a new something is better than nothing. Grinding out the Vanguard Ritual Weapon could have been a lot less enjoyable if we had to trudge through the same old tired strikes again.

1 Check Your Subclass

Certain subclasses have also gotten reworked, so it might be time to reexamine that as well. For example, Bubble Titans have Weapons of Light, a buff that gives all allies that step into the bubble an increase in dealt damage.

The rarely used Nightstalker Way of the Pathfinder has been retooled to be more useful as well, and these updates along with Armor 2.0 can make it not only viable, but fun to play too. Seeing subclasses getting upgraded means more ways to get creative when determining the playstyle you want to follow, and we're hopeful that more such tweaks will come as the game goes on.

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