Detective Pikachu: The 5 Best Pokémon Cameos (& 5 We Need In The Next Movie)

Many lifelong Pokémon fans consider Detective Pikachu a dream they thought would never happen. The idea of a live-action movie featuring realistic depictions of fan favorites and series staples was a pipe dream. In 2019 fans aren't only being treated to this dream becoming a reality, it's done so well that Legendary has all but confirmed another movie is in the works.

Whether it's a direct sequel or a spinoff there are plenty of pokémon cameos people would love to see. It's time to take a look at Detective Pikachu's 5 best pokémon cameos, and 5 we need in the next movie.

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10 Need: Lapras

Lapras is often considered majestic and sought after by fans across the globe. The resemblance to the long-rumored and speculated Loch Ness Monster also makes it mysterious and interesting. In many of the Pokémon games, Lapras is used as the default sprite whenever the player decides to use the Hidden Machine Surf.

This made players really familiar with the silhouette which is a wonderful coincidence that also pays homage to the Loch Ness Monster. In a sequel or follow-up adventure, the inclusion of Lapras as an active participant or a mysterious background cameo could go a long way.

9 Best: Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is often the center of jokes by people who consider it to be the 3rd best starter in the Kanto region. Players often argue that Squirtle and Charmander are far better choices and they'd never understand why someone would choose Bulbasaur.

This is likely due to the fact that it has the worst final evolution design, and the West didn't get Pokémon Green until the remakes years later. The herd of Bulbasaur in the movie play a key part in not only helping Tim rescue Pikachu, but they're key in solving the mystery of what happened to Tim's father.

8 Need: Ursaring

Though Detective Pikachu did well at the box office, people aren't sure what direction the next movie in the franchise will go. Rumors have stated that it likely won't be a direct sequel, but rather be a retelling of Red's adventures through Kanto.

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Either way, there will eventually be another film and considering the first one focused on an urban setting, it wouldn't be surprising if the follow-up looked towards nature. If the wild is really a focus it seems like a cameo from Teddiursa or Ursaring would make the most sense. They're the most iconic bear pokémon, so it would make so much sense.

7 Best: Charizard

There's an argument to be had that Charizard's trainer in Detective Pikachu is off-putting and cringy at times. Despite all of this, the pokémon does a great job of demonstrating why dragons, fire-breathing, and Charizard are so cool.

The translation over to live-action does a solid job of representing how terrifying and overwhelming a Charizard would be in real life. There also was a bit of size manipulation as the PokéDex states that Charizard grows to around 6 ft. tall and the one featured in the movie is clearly much taller. They had to make sure the fan favorite has a presence on the big screen.

6 Need: Togepi

When it comes to cuteness, there seemed to be a good number of pokémon that were featured to accomplish exactly that. Between Pikachu, Psyduck, and Bulbasaur there were a good number of cute creatures on screen. Detective Pikachu didn't include a single baby pokémon, though, which is an easy way to win people over.

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Togepi is one of the cutest pokémon in existence and sits near the top in popularity thanks to its adorable design and the fact that Misty used to carry it around for a long time in the anime. Maybe they'll include the cute colorful egg in the next entry.

5 Best: Machamp

Ryme City is special because it successfully merged the lives of humans and pokémon alike. The introduction showcased how the two worked together in various ways throughout the city. Machamp was seen directing traffic which is a brilliant job for a creature with four arms.

It was great to see these creatures be able to contribute to society in a meaningful way that made sense for their individual abilities. Given Machamp is in great shape it wouldn't have been too surprising to see it running its own gym or dojo in Ryme City as well.

4 Need: Dragonite

In the world of Pokémon, there are many different types of creatures with varying personalities and looks. Detective Pikachu did a great job at including pokémon that look fierce and/or translate to live-action in a good way, as well as some of the goofy looking guys that were included for comedic relief.

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Dragonite is a very goofy looking pokémon that would make a great addition to the next movie. Making him a mail messenger or giant in size could hit fans with a dose of nostalgia from the original animated films.

3 Best: Snorlax

When viewers are introduced to Ryme City there's so much going on in the streets that it's hard to pick up on every pokémon cameo that happens in this introductory phase of the film. One of the hardest to miss cameos is of a slumbering Snorlax laying in the middle of the road.

This is a callback to the first generation of Pokémon games where players encounter a sleeping Snorlax that impedes their progress. Unlike the game, however, viewers don't get to see someone come by with a poké-flute and wake it from its nap.

2 Need: Legendary Kanto Birds

The Detective Pikachu movie featured plenty of cameos from pokémon many people thought would never make the cut for a Hollywood film. That being said, fans weren't too surprised at the inclusion of Mewtwo considering the lab creation is such a pillar of the franchise. If rumors hold true and the next film is based on the adventures of Red it seems like the 3 legendary birds of the Kanto region would be a welcome cameo.

They're majestically designed creatures that could transfer over to live-action in an awe-inspiring way.

1 Best: Psyduck

Psyduck is one of the most iconic pokémon largely due to its prominent role in the long-running anime. It was Misty's lovable, but a frustrating partner and the same type of relationship managed to make its way over to the big screen.

When Tim meets Lucy and the audience is introduced to her Psyduck, there was an immediate shot of nostalgia for lifelong fans of the franchise. Considering Psyduck has a simplistic design, it's lifelike adaptation wasn't jarring by any means and its interactions with Detective Pikachu felt true to its anime inspiration.

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