Detective Pikachu Has A Home Alone Easter Egg

*Warning for all those who have not seen Detective Pikachu, the following Easter Egg contains mild spoilers*

The film has opened up to decent reviews overall, with praise coming from longtime fans of the series. So far, a number of secrets, cameos, and interesting points have been made that appeared in the movie. Here is one more that was recently noticed.

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When Tim enters into his father's apartment for the first time, some people may have noticed a familiar scene playing on the television. If it seemed like maybe you had seen this somewhere before, but were unable to pinpoint exactly what the show or movie was, that would be because the movie itself is fake, and only exists in only one other film.

Angels with Filthy Souls is the name of the black and white film shown on the screen, and it was created specifically for Home Alone. A second fake sequel was made for Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Why that choice for a film? Maybe it was simply the parallel of two people (well, one person and one Pikachu) entering into a home uninvited, as in Home Alone.

It still is not totally clear how well the film is going to do in the long run, but its opening weekend looks quite promising. More importantly, this may be a turning point for movie adaptations of video games, at least for Nintendo.

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Since the terrible fiasco that was the first Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993, Nintendo has been wary of allowing anyone access to their precious franchises. In that example, everything began smoothly with all the right conditions in place to create a blockbuster film. The budget was $48 million, which was impressive for the time, and the release date of May 28th was prime for summer audiences. After numerous script problems and production issues, the movie released to scathing reviews, and the rest is history.

Admittedly, Detective Pikachu seems to be aimed at families and die-hard fans of the Pokémon franchise, but that might be the perfect demographic to target in the first place. The same is likely true of the rumored next attempt to make another Super Mario film. In any case, we hope to keep finding more surprises in Detective Pikachu as time goes on.

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