Detective Pikachu Coming To Pokémon GO, Sadly Without Ryan Reynolds' Voice

Detective Pikachu will soon be available during a special event coming to Pokémon GO through a movie tie-in that heavily features the many characters seen in the film.

Coinciding with the film Detective Pikachu, starring Justice Smith and Ryan Reynolds, there will be a special event in-game from Tuesday, May 7th to Friday, May 17th. Unfortunately, there will be no special voice lines added from the film. While Detective Pikachu is exciting enough to warrant an entire event, there a number of other events going on during this time as well. That overlap is sure to grant players plenty of action this month.

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During the event, select Pokémon from the movie will be appearing in raids, and they will also be available more often in the while, giving players a great chance to stock up on certain candies they may be needing. There is also a chance that players will be photobombed by a Pikachu in a detective hat, with the added possibility of catching one for themselves.

There will be themed Field Research for a limited time during the event, as well as themed avatar items for purchase in the Style Shop. Finally, double XP will be granted for catching Pokémon for the duration of the event, so now is the perfect time to grind.

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The event runs concurrently with an event that goes from May 2th to 27th, where Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf will be available in regional Legendary Raids. Truly lucky players may even encounter these rare Legendary Pokémon in the wild after the event.

In addition, there are recent changes to Research Breakthrough rewards and Eggs. As of May 1st, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Latias, and Latios will be eligible as Research Breakthrough encounters until the end of June. Eggs, meanwhile, will offer different Pokémon through hatching. Trainers can find Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Bonsly, and others from 2 km Eggs; Cubone, Combee, Buizel, Glameow, Bronzor, Skorupi, Croagunk, and others from 5 km Eggs; Mawile, Absol, Shinx, Cranidos, Shieldon, Riolu, and others from 10 km Eggs.

The final event that will happen in May, though it will come a couple of days after the conclusion of the Detective Pikachu event, is the Pokémon Go Community Day on Sunday, May 19th. Torchic, the fire starter from gen 3, will be the focus for this month's event.

In the lead up to the Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago in June, May is looking to be packed with events, which hopefully should both attract new players, reward existing ones, and maybe entice some previous players to revisit the game.

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